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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Thursday, April 30, 2009


we let go of all concepts of space

of backwards and forwards
up and down
left and right

and the All
fills us

we FEEL it

Peace has no dimensions


the only way 
to know it

is to FEEL it

 we do that by letting go
of everything we think
we know

 we FEEL God 

and God enters the room 
as us

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


the party continues...


God is in my mind

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

quiet gold

in quiet

in defenselessness

is Heaven 

i spread  my arms
hands cupped
ready to receive

i open wide  the cupboard doors of my chest

in defenselessness
in quiet mind
 all things seen and heard
all words, all thoughts

are trans-formed

what were once 
sharp pointed darts
speedily piercing the target
in my cupboard

are now
 soft kisses
warmly received
 landing so gently 
and lovingly

and remaining forever
in this quiet space

i listen for the gold
in every word

honesty gives me everything
i want

i would not defend against it
but welcome it 
with relief

mating call

all calls for love

are calling for their mate thought--

a mating call

how beautiful is this

a call to make love
in our mind
with our thought

to put Love back together

to truly join

to see love
in the other thought

to see love
deep within
every thought

in this vision

the Ultimate Completion of Thought

the mating season
is here now and always

no protection needed.....:-)

mother's love

hush little baby,
don't you cry,
mama's gonna sing
you a lullabye...

we watch 
our thoughts

we listen
to our thoughts

like a mama
who loves her baby

we listen to the infant

we play with the baby
showing her different possibilities
trying things out playfully 
and so gently

we watch her miss
and try again and again
and we laugh

all the while
loving the relationship

with no doubt of success

mama knows her baby learns 
and will pick it up 
when the time is exactly right

there is no forcing
no pushing
no frustration
just the gentle joy 
of watching the beauty  of each moment

it doesn't matter when

the only thing that really matters
is the Love between them now

the cherishing of every moment

the intense Love she feels for her baby

the baby is perfect right where she is

and she knows that she is not really
a baby at all,
but only Herself
shining back at Her

All Joy

the Mother's Joy is complete
right now

Monday, April 27, 2009

true love

perhaps the most deeply loving thing anyone, anything, any situation, our body, the world.... can ever do for us

is to not give us what we want

so we can find out

 that what we thought we wanted

wasn't what we really deeply wanted

we were attached to a lie
and we didn't know it

and that
is what we really wanted: 

 to find out 
the truth


she eats breakfast
she goes running

she finds new exciting ideas
with passion
to share
and connects/communicates with others

fire IS in her belly

she is not hurt

no, she is alive
and burning with love
and desire
and light 
and truth

her passion IS UNSTOPPABLE
impossible to extinguish

it is but gaining momentum

fusion of all ideas
melting all distinctions

far far more than adequate

Joy burns day and night

once hidden from our sight
now we see the flames in the window

our House is lit up like never before

we care not for the old timbers
the old structure

its purpose done
we let it go

to the light
that is all we now can see

newborn babies
seeing the world for the first time

Friday, April 24, 2009


wisdom is efficient

it's the short road
the shortcut

you need go nowhere

wisdom says
you are all Joy

we sing and we sing and we sing and we sing
right here and now

there is nowhere else to go

 nothing else to do

only Love
all the time


Thursday, April 23, 2009


clear out the mailbox

all the hate letters you've been sending to yourself

oh dear child
look at the nonsense

hatemail from me to me

i love the light on this!

now i would only send myself love letters!
odes to Joy

 a new world

i would send letters of Innocence

rebirth announcements

restoration agreements


the carpet cleaners have come

and are asking us in this moment

would you love the earth beneath your feet

or curse the ground, the premise
from which all your thinking originates?

where do you stand?

only Kindness 
is possible


isn't gratitude the means for joy?

it sees what is
and rejoices

it doesn't deny

gratitude is open eyes

ingratitude, our eyes are shut

oh, let us be awake today

let us open wide

stretch out

from under the lies
we've been holding in front of our face

vision knows there is so much  more

vision is our heart
looking outward to see itself

and gratitude 
is for the sparkling mirror
it lays its eyes upon


i love the cleanness

hold onto nothing

how light this must be
to hold no thought apart from God
apart from Truth

to hold no thought at all

to hold absolutely
no thing
no value
no idea
no concept

simply openness

no constriction
no construction
no manufacturing
no cities and skyscrapers intruding on Heaven

nothing man-made

only Natural Material:



is restoration

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

breathing space

breathing space is health

silence is full

we open to all that lies within

always ready
always waiting
with intense desire to spill into our awareness

silent burning love

so respectful
so honoring
our meaningless silly wishes
our deaf ears
our parties and morning after fights

oh you dear dear dear angel
you dear reflection of all that I am

the most precious divine being
I love you
I love you
I love you

thank you for being

thank you for the Joy you bring Me

thank you for blessing my Life

Monday, April 20, 2009

take off the glasses

fire is not good or bad

nothing is good or bad

there is only Love

it's all loving

it's all helpful

it's all the same

God is


God is in the flames
the blackened walls
the broken toilet
the soggy wood
the wilted paintings

or I don't exist

an electrical fire
is as natural as a forest fire

there is no difference
form must change

the body must go
it is the purpose of time

fire clears the way
the old growth
the ancient forest
the thick heavy stands
that we thought would last forever
are going

making way for the new
for space
for the meadow 
for the sunshine
for the enriching nutrients
for new perception

good bye spinning fan that went nowhere but in circles
good bye toilet hero--who knew that you would end your life in such a glorious heroic
way of putting out a fire and saving the rest of the house...

good bye paintings...thank you for the experience of creating you

thank you God
for showing me that there is nothing to fear

we wash everything in the house
just like we do our laundry

standing face to face with our fear
is the gift we all desire more than anything

it is the moment we can be free of it

like a brother who jumps out from behind the door and tries to make us jump
we can simply remain at ease 
and see there is nothing to fear
we are no longer fooled
and we are so grateful it is so

now is the gift of conviction
expanded and strengthened

what else could i possibly want

you do not ask to much of life,
but far too little

you would give up Everything
for this one little thing

but only Everything will ever satisfy

no fire can ever take anything real away


Saturday, April 18, 2009


i will only the end of piracy

i would seek to rob no other ship of its treasure

i would not attack someone else
because i have attacked myself

looking outward for treasure
because i believe i have none of my own

i return my focus to this ship
and see all the treasure is forever
in the hold

no treasure map needed
no X marks the spot
no desert island

only Home
right here
right now
upon the Sea of God

so much love and gratitude, 

no matter what....

without a stressful thought

about any situation

we can get playful

now inspiration and humor can enter

a fire can be the cause of tears....

or a  spiritual slumber party....

thank you, Universe, 
for slumber parties and friends

that help wake us up....

no matter what the situation

Friday, April 10, 2009

only be quiet

only be quiet

you need no rule but this (wb p226)

do not be fooled by old reruns
that flash upon the screen of your mind

they are not live

they are not happening

they were taped long long long ago

and made up

ancient images of littleness, lack, separateness, scarcity
we've watched so many times we came to identify with them

it's just a movie

it's not true

we are the watcherlistener

In quiet I receive God's Word today(L125)

quiet = receive

He is never judged, but only sanctified(wbp225)

we are sanctified
by grace

from these ancient images

we are not the movie

we are free

we are Love

we are pure Light


now is God in everything I see
all i look upon is sanctified
not judged

only be quiet
you need no rule but this

love, Joy

Thursday, April 9, 2009

love the storm

something seems to leave

now there is an open space

is it empty?


is it full?

fear sees nothing

Holy Spirit
sees only potential

jump on it!
or cringe?

i jump on it!

i look forward to correcting my thinking

can you be absolutely certain it's true that you are a body?

no, I am Spirit--soft and supple

i look forward to uncovering/discovering the Truth
i look forward to uncovering/discovering my strength
my invulnerability
my Light
my ReSourceFullness
my Humor
my  unstoppable flow
seeing God in All

what is behind this?

what surprises are in store?

oh my goodness,
i had no idea that was in me!!!

oh what Joy is behind every cloud!!!!

i greet the rain with open arms, open heart, and open mind!

Love the storm
it's where the lightning is!

love and gratitude,

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


sometimes i think the thought

that i am empty

i find out when i write

that i am not empty,

but full

of denial

full of defenses

fear is a defense

a shield

an illusion

to try to make you stop

going toward Love

and go in another seeming direction

the only way out

of fear

is to be with it

one way out of emptiness

is to write about it

it lets you look at it

in a new way

it slows the mind

way down

so you can see

where the errors are

you can see

the holes

in the argument

now there is space

for a new thought

we empty the mind

of the thought of emptiness

and the awareness

of wholeness returns

prior to thought

in the beginning


before time


before the thought of upset


we remain

prior to thought

we remain 


we remain Joy

we are not bodies
we are not form of any kind
nor limited in any way
by any thought

we are FREE

right now

only this is true


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

don't fight yourself

everything is easy

when you don't fight yourself

accept what you are

i am a bird
that loves to sing

i love to fly around
from one thing to another

i love to play
i love to experiment
to explore

to be still

to stop 

to wait

totally empty

i love to be open

so there's space 

for revelation

everything is easy

when you lay down your plan, 
your idea

and simply listen
to what comes through the receiver

Mind is infinite

we are all constantly connected

to all Joy
all Wisdom
all Light
that is

Heaven is now!

everything is easy
when you don't fight yourself

and goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the gift of nothing

the airlines but reflect back to us
the price we pay to carry our luggage

it does take a great deal of effort
it does take up a great deal of our attention

how much value do we place on our luggage?

i received the gift of nothing tonight

i thought i might like to bring back some old magazines
from my dad's house
to use in my art classes...

but i had no room left...

and then i got it

i received the brilliance
the lightness

the improvisation i get to live
holding on to nothing at all

completely free
completely unattached

simply an open channel

able in this moment
to fly in any direction
joy takes me


truth is so clear
completely transparent

there are no stumbling blocks
nothing that isn't true
no doubts
nothing to question
nothing to figure out
nothing to decide

light simply streams through
everything is wide wide wide open

there is no place where the light does not reach
no shadows

there are no degrees of light

we either see it
or we don't

my salvation comes from me
any other idea is complete darkness

Saturday, April 4, 2009

God's funeral

we stand before God's casket

the only place our self hatred could ever lead

the inevitable destination

of arrogance

separate interests

high school drama


we look at each other

and in this moment

we finally get the slap in the face

we finally get the hit we need to wake up

we finally see

where we have been headed

by following our own plan
our own ideas
our story
our idea of rightness

we look at each other
and in this one instant
of recognition
we see
it is done/over

let's get to the bottom of this

we need not rehash one moment of
hate, pettiness, remorse

it's done
we want it no more
we remember our
Father's Love
our Father's Face
our birthright
the Source from which we both came
and remain

we remember
we are one thing

we remember
all we really want

and we remember
most of all
there are no differences

the casket within us opens
the casket in front of us opens
and we see
only light
only love
only peace
only joy
only wholeness

the corpse of God
of us
of Love

remains forever
an impossibility

but a dream,
the logical conclusion,
of an impossible reality

what do you want in this moment?
eternal bliss
or death

we love how easy the decision is
and that in truth there is no decision
to be made.

in life,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

spontaneous combustion

Spirit is

there's nothing we do

it simply comes to our awareness

rises up from our memory

we find ourselves humming God

we are moved from within

we are sung into

our "efforts"

are a joke :-)

behind everything



what is home,

but Oneness,
totally surrounded
by that which we love

totally unthreatened
completely secure
in what we are

in place,
nothing itchy,
nor irritating
nor slightly off,

only the smoothest fit


i step back
and let openness
lead the way

let unknowingness
lead the way

i am not the thing
i thought i was

i am not the body
not the story
i identified with

nothing i thought
i was seeking
could ever satisfy

i am not the seeker

i am the never was lost

i am something wholly different
all thought

to my story

so vast

so open

so removed

and yet

only here
in this total absence of story/identity

is Presence



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