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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Monday, July 18, 2011

ferns grow in the shade

i want to stop justifying my existence

who would i be without judgement?

wings spread
by inspiration

from within see
to feel

a flower blooming on the sofa
right on time
not earlier than others
nor later than anyone else
no comparison at all

allowing the waves
to carry me

to rest
crest and fall
like each breath
allowing the rhythm to be
relaxed into what is

night and day
up and down
fast and slow
empty into full
active until resting
so the wheel
at the top
now under
it is
all perfect
all the same

the snail
the racehorse
the pace isn't made by me

the sun's light never dies
even darkness is just a shadow....a sign
of light

there are no shadows in absolute darkness

without judgment
i enjoy the shade
it's cool green moisture
the ferns and the moss grow here

it's kind
when i don't run away...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

no choice

no choice

the grass is growing

no choice

how fast or slow

no choice

it swoops and bends and swirls
and waves and drops its seeds

no choice
it ripens
and gets eaten by the birds

i can not see
where every strand of grass ends up
and ends its life

i cannot see the nutrients dismantle
and feed the next young tyke

no choice
i can not see
my son has gone,
his body laid down too

the leaf leaves the tree at a moment in time

no choice
by me

orchestrated by something
so much larger than myself

i can not see
where he has gone
i really can not see

an actual cause for tears,
i can not find

for what i can not see
is where i
am blind

a mystery
is but waiting
beyond the bend
in my mind

my son has gone walking

the corners
of my mind

no choice
the tune is playing
in the sunlight
throughout time

who thinks he holds the reins
to his life upon this earth
is misguided,
not the Guide,
that predates
and transcends
his little birth.

no choice

the beauty
of the raindrops
that fall
and fall
and fall

why why why
is there any difference
between my son

would you stop the earth from turning?
the seasons to reverse?
would you stay a man from dying
and lay on him

what on this planet
and will stay?

blessings to every single thing
as it passes

every moment
every moment
m o m e n t . . .

thank you

Friday, July 1, 2011

dream world

is an image
i have made

a fantasy

in some far off place
where she does not exist

a false image
an identity
and this one

doesn't match up to the one
i have also made up
sitting on the couch

dream world

comparing images
and suffering
oh woe
they do not match up

something is wrong...

and all the while
a waking flower
sleepy child yet,
but on the path,

and waking
as she does

not according to some ego plan/script/identity:
enlightened being
spiritual minister
without fault

this girl
still wears skin
and bones
and vomits even

she eats
and pees
and laughs
and cries
and hangs on
and clings

and sometimes
something opens wide her eyes

her mind
sees expansive horizons

beyond the bend
out of sight
of the ego's claws

she rests

flight arrives
on reality
on the unity
of Truth

but let her now see
she has fallen
into the trap
once again
of fantasizing
she were an image
different than she is

oh, to strangle
what she is now

to block the flow
of love to her
in anyway

is the very nail
the very mistake
that holds her
this skin

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I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1986. It has helped me tremendously to be a happier person by helping me change my perception of everything. I have found writing to be very helpful in the process of practicing, experiencing, and living the ideas in the Course. In 2006 I started sharing inspiration from the Course with a friend. Now it is a joy to share it with everyone. In 2009, The Work of Byron Katie found me at a woman's group. The Work is a way to identify and question your stressfuI beliefs. I dove right in and in April 2013 became a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. I work with people privately and offer online classes. Please visit for more information. I also still occasionally lead the 11am Sunday Gathering at the Rocky Mountain Miracles Center in Denver. For more information


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