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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Monday, June 30, 2014


without the thought "i need"

i just do what i want,

i see ideas just come,

life keeps lifing
light keeps lighting

i never need to figure it out,
if i don't have it, if i don't know,
i don't need to

so grateful

there's always ever a dance going on,
a flow,
continuous flow happens,
thought is superimposed, but never makes it so

"waiting broke the pattern"
be still and watch--awareness

you have never been the thing thought told you,
a girl, a cup--same thing--subject, object,
house, tree, me

only awareness
flowing flowing flowing

taking it to the streets,
voluptuously expounding,
playing out her chastity

beholding the absence of form,
the inverse of space into no thing
dis appearing even as she appears--
it's never there

gone before you can name it,
define it,
it never has any existence
'til after the "fact"
when mind ropes it,
corrals it,
and shelves it
in la la land
that never was,
nor is
nor ever will be

truthfully, what has ever existed,
except the watching of it--the liquid stream?

Eternity, the portal out of the "time" lie/illusion

no thing but This,

so lovely
so gentle
so effortless

so amazing

impossible to put into words
impossible to share

complete and utter intimacy

just watch
for a moment
without the narrator

it will blow your mind
that the mind
was always just blocking the view,
grinding up such a totality
into little unrelated bits and  pieces

without the thought "i need"
they put humpty dumpty back together again

and the bird with the broken wing
can fly again

Thursday, June 26, 2014


love letter

open heart

everyone's knocking on your door
to come in?

do you hear them?

all those children,
those thoughts

yours, mine and ours

those are the visitors just waiting for your welcome

oh loveliness!
your joy is in their welcome

every word you hear today
is for you--
for your blessing of your self
back within
the marriage bed,
the room of loveliness,
of divine union

let welcome
be your word today,
your way,
your response to every sound
every touch
every space
and thought of emptiness

oh love
the silence is for you

the space is for you

the friend is for you

the parking ticket is for you

the taxman
the illness
the sunshine and bike ride
the waiting for the repairman
the three hours on the phone waiting
waiting waiting

is the invitation
to make love with your Self

it's been given you today
by your holy Self

It cleared the way
just for This,
a gift from God
for your redemption

to welcome you home
not an instant more delay
from Union

I will
I will
I will
be done

at every moment
is inviting you
inviting you
inviting you
to get in bed
with It

you know in your heart
what to do...

for it is done already

the union
was consummated
in Eternity
and never ever
is there
any thing

sweet dreams, love

love letter: open heart

what am I
without the thought
"i am a thing"?

end of compulsions/guilt,

not solid

I spread out and be all of it,
not a thing, 
but everything

All of It
never become "it" (a separate thing)
can't become any thing else,
still This

without a name "joy schultz",
no anchor
the strings are cut,
nothing to hold "me" in,
to "locate" me,
to "time" me
no separation

I am not a body. I am free.
I am All there Is.
all possibilities
conflict free

the pyramids
Mona Lisa
the Beatles

they come and they go
amazing grace

every sound
every bird
every fish
every whale
bomb and bullet
police, fire, security guard
field of corn

I Am All This

it's not in me,
it is me

conciousness pictured

mind boggling--
mind cannot comprehend,
beyond physical laws,
it says impossible

but I
under no laws but Limitlessness,
not "scientists",
laws of illusion

is Everything

mind is another matter,
it lies

what am i
without the thought
that 'i am a thing'?

Love is not a thing.
Love has no borders,
no differences
no distinctions
no time
no space
no container
no limits
no conditions
no form

and all forms

All of It
no thing excluded

doesn't that feel truer?

I am not a thing?
I Am All there is


So much love to all of "you", sweethearts,
my dearest Self

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

black hole

without gravitational pull,
binding straps, limits, borders

I implode endlessly

for ever and ever and ever
filling every thing every where,

no thing to hold it in,
no thing to keep it out,
no container,
no end...

All It

All "things",
but Crystalization of Love,
of no thing

just look at those sparkling eyes!
it's undeniable!
that fuchsia zinnia in the sun,
that paper airplane sailing through the air...
through no thing

no matter,
without matter,
nothing the matter= Joy

taking off the 'atoms'
that are not there any way
(all space)

where are "you"?
no matter=every limit gone

the black hole,

the Infinite isn't found looking outward=>
it's the complete opposite,
the Complete Inversion

here is the Nature
of All that Is

unfindable by matter,
unseeable by the eye

no words can tell of it,
yet its truly
all there is


the vacuum of matter,
is the vacuum of all limits

prior to any "beginning",
during and after
any "end"...

without skin holding me "in"
there is no limit,
no border
to illude
there is anything different

dissolution of limits
is not

loss of limits
the Unspeakable

Sunday, June 22, 2014

oh how vast

how vast are you
that you
hold the entire universe
inside you,
that it
is but a speck
inside you?

and lit
with the crystal diamonds
You Are,
not one street light
is not lit
but by you

not one table lamp,
not one fish,
nor one loaf of bread
is baked,
but by you Love,
your light

there is no star in existence,
but by your recognition
and gratitude

there is no thing
that can come into existence
but through the gate
of Love

the sky that rises,
balloons out and out and out
'til no eye can see
is your birth,
your friend,
your mirror,
your accompaniment
of Love,
open open open
boundary less

the lambkin, your smile,
decked all in curls
that wrap 'round your fingers
caressing every cell
of Love

away in a manger,
no crib for his bed,
for he need no thing
on which to lay his head

the stars his own heart,
the ground teaming with life

oh dearest Me,
what a cradle
I am

what a cradle
I am

I see you Love,
oh yes,
I see you Love

Saturday, June 21, 2014

mind doesn't want to run

Earlier today I wrote a piece called, mind wants to run, after noticing
my frustration while on repeated calls with comcast.
I did some work on the internet and while out running,
considered the statement, mind wants to run.
I found out the opposite is much truer.
This is also revisiting the idea that suicide is bad, fearful,
or that only some people have suicidal thoughts.

Mind doesn't want to run
(turn around of "mind wants to run")

She is tired of running.

She wills to open wider,
to understand,
to see

She wills but to dissolve into Love,
to rest in Love
and never leave Home again

She wills the end of pain
that accompanies her
on every step away from Home/Truth

She does will
the end of her "self"

It  hurts too much to lie,
to be separate,
to manipulate,
to fret,
to coerce,
to pretend

it hurts to attack your very self,
to attack anything

it hurts to not love what is

She has seen the pain and chaos
she brought to her dearest children,
friends and family

She wills to be strident no more,
to capitalize on other's weaknesses
no more

She realizes there is no joy
in this separate "life", story, image

but it is not life
she would end,
only misery, pain and suffering

and isn't this simply sanity and kindness
at Home in Itself

the suicidal wish
is simply
a call for peace--
what is
without the identity of separation,
a thing

mind wants to stop running,

to stand still

to simply dissolve
as a "separate entity"


All resistance dissolved

mind wants to run

mind wants to run with it,

take the bull
by the horns,

but watch
look very closely,
how tender her eye

that feels,


the flow
turned ice,
rock solid

but for
no instant
in Eternity

melted snow,
not even a now,
in the flow...
when and where does the River
actually stop?

is it possible
water not be liquid?

her liquidity
is you....

her fish
don't mold her

it is her life support system
that holds, breathes, provides
every thing

where's the threat
in the lady on the phone?
the sixth helper
lined up by comcast
to serve,
to service Me

mind wants to tell a tale
of deprivation, loss,


it's got everything mixed up:
getting is having,
being is nothing,
time is everything,

God won't buy it.

Reality will never be finite,

the broad spectrum
is far beyond
the miniscule internet connection

how could i ever be
cut off from my Self?

mind wants to run with it

but why
would i?

it's so fine
right here

Friday, June 20, 2014


What is your currency?

What is your natural resource?


is infinite

your substrata
is artesian

there is nothing you have to do,
nor can do
to bring it to you

it's very nature
cannot be stopped

you cannot put the sun out!

you cannot squash your Eternal Nature
under a thumb,
for Heaven's sake

be still a moment,

Her Nature

she holds nothing back,
no thing

no one can hide joy,
even the clouds do not hide the sun--
they themselves are illuminated by it!
warmed by it,
evaporated by it,
brilliantly glistening in it's light

laughter is unstoppable,
and we don't want 
to stop it

that's the bottom line,
that clears away all confusion

Joy is
our Love,

joy of all we see,
our brother,
our town,
our clouds,
our birds gliding on air

rest easy now, love,
Joy is your life.
There is no other.

A life of death,
of constriction,
a tourniquet cutting off the flow
is not life

what a crazy cat idea
to think that holding on to
any thing
is Joy!

free falling!

where is the danger
in the Arms of Love?

where is the danger
when you are made of Joy?

nothing can take away
what you are

She just keeps surfacing,

be still
and see
what is the nature
of Joy

and then give all your currency away...
and just watch 
how rich
you are

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I, Adore

I, Adore,

speaks louder than 100 moons

I, adore,

wouldn't you throw away 1000 big full yellow moons,
the earth,
the stars,
the very feet you walk upon

to be

to be
the Fullness?

Christmas, but a speck on the screen
of Love

to Love,
to be

not one sinister thought
lurking in the background

just pure

oh oh oh
what a

divine mandates

Divine Mandates
are not laws of separation
and deprivation

what god of right mind
would chop off his fingers
and toss them over the hill?

divine mandates
are but through staffs--
all the way through

one size does fit all,
all categories,
all denominations,
all inseminations,
all recreations

one endless opening
of reception,

the gifts
are all
there is

you cannot look anywhere
and see an empty

not one crack,
this opening isn't

retribution is not distribution,
there is no retro

only contribution

every every every "thing"
contributes itSelf to you

there is nothing you see,
you aren't

divine mandates
are not laws of separation
or deprivation

the only divine mandate
is Joy

and so it is



Natural Brilliance

Natural brilliance,
shining pinafores,

the meadow grasses
waving, waving, waving
in the Sun

nothing to do
but wordless emancipation

all matter not,
no longer
strangling vines
about the neck,

no longer
parched lips,

no longer
a brother I do not know,
that is not my shining night,
my shining star,
come ‘round at last
to show me

Friday, June 6, 2014


old ruts,
wagon train across america,
wants to stay in the groove,

same old same old

"i" am that and that and that...

object is.

the dominoes all fall into place
in the same way

ground hog day

private joy
reporting for duty,
consigned to limits
and uniform and time
and regulations

to the refrigerator
you go,
hand to mouth,
salute, salute, salute

yes, i am ruled by mind--
subject to all commands,
conditioned responses,

i will be still an instant.

not slave,
for just an instant
and be Home

wise to the tape recorder--
no one there

no one there


at all

just a tape,
from "long ago" (it says)--
though in reality we see it only can say it "now"

impressed into clay

be slow now,
and simply look
as the tablet,
the 10 commandments,
on the screen

for an instant

thank you
for sharing
your entire existence

so sweet
to love
it all

kindness and generosity
behind absolutely

no ruts,
without clay

I, Love

I, Love,

when you look
straight at the Sun/Light,
you will die

it will burn you to a crisp,
not a shred of evidence left
to prove you ever were

it will fry your eyes
that you will no more
see the world through
physical eyes again

the death of "you"
is your salvation

when you look
straight at the truth/light,
there is no darkness/confusion

there is
nothing else to see

every scrap of you 

not one need left,
only light

what hope have you ever
really had
against the Sun?

I heard God laughing
and laughing
and laughing

there is really no way
you could ever take it seriously

you are not,
nor have you ever been,

"you" or the Sun,

is there really any question at all?

how long, little child,
oh how long, 
will you suffer?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Radiant Space Goddess

Radiant Space Goddess,
the stars through time
have danced,
yet none finer than you

being the Mother,
their mother
of all,

grass blades
standing so straight and tall
in the sunlight,

emerald leaves eternally
in the breeze,
slashing in the storm,

blazing gold
in the fire camping,
souls on the journey,
the sojourn of all lifetimes
to disclose
the inner fire
we all share,

every leaf,
every branch,
every heart,
every tooth

i lay "me" down to rest
as she is carried,
oh yes, 100% carried
on this seeing of inner stillness
that nothing,
no stick,
no stone,
no atomic bomb,
no corporate giant,
no warlord,
no amount of greed of any kind
can ever ever touch

Radiant Space Godess,
all the stars through time
have danced,
yet none finer than You

Sunday, June 1, 2014

she's ok

giving birth to myself
is the crock,
the crack in the system
of thought
that can never be

this image
i make up
is NOT
the Father

the baby is not the Father/Source,
nor can she Be

this loss of dream girl baby
is not a loss of Reality

it is but heartbreak over
a false image,
a never so,
never was,
never, never land

never was loss
nor harm
nor fragility
nor molestation,

the Wisedom
ever present

no problem
no loss
until a label is slapped on
and no one ever looks underneath it
to see what the real ingredients are

the Real Ingredients
can only be
the Original Ingredient

the Origin
the word "no!"
before "other"


just try to cut
the Invisible with a knife!

here is the error
of all confusion

"harm" is the idea
the invisible is divisible

can you really poke a hole in Love?

giving birth to my self
is the same crock

nor can Love ever be

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