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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


From you salvation radiates
with gifts beyond all meansure,
given and returned. (wbp357)

i smile and wave at the thoughts
of "not enough"
and "not worthy".

we used to be good friends
and spent a lot of time together.

now i smile and wave.

we needn't get into it any more

we've agreed to disagree

now i'm free
to go out and live

she is not dangerous
she is no longer threatening
no longer holds attraction
though sometimes she dresses up
and invites me to spend the night

i have new friends now
i have Truth and Majesty
and Radiance and Joy
and Beauty
and Glory!
and Wholeness

i have Rest now
and Suppleness--
a supple mind,
not rigid
stuck and attached

my thoughts can flow
and radiate out into the world
bringing healing peace
and reminding us of our Godness

junior high was fun,
but its not a place for adults

we would manuver the Universe
flying freely from star to star

from joyous moment to joyous moment

on beams of light

and delighted

at our Innocence!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

radical honesty

"rescue invites recognition that the assumptions
we so stubbornly cling to
are in fact
decisions we made (long long ago)
about what should be true". Brad Blanton from Radical Honesty

we took a "picture" of "Jack" doing something once
a million years ago
and that's what we assume he should be doing forever...
that's who he is for us...

that's who we are for us
because we did something one time
and took a picture of it
forever to be shining in our mind.....

what an infantile
operating system

we truly don't know anyone

the past is gone!!!

"roles and rules are just thoughts
which when grasped as principles,
are hard for people to get over, get beyond,
or let change...." bb

when we call them principles
somehow we think they are different--
more true, solid...
yada yada yada...

like Katie says,
it's gossip!

would you repeat it?
live by it?
be defined by it?
encourage the mind to see you that way?

is there one joyful reason to keep that thought?

"People choke the life out of themselves by
tying themselves to a chosen "self-image"--
any self image whatsoever." bb

today we remember
"we see only the past." (L7 acim)

and now are we radically honest!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

the perfect plan

the perfect plan for unhappiness
is to expect someone else
to give happiness to you!

it's an absolutely ridiculous plan

we sit passively and expect someone else
to come stock our cupboards

it's the craziest thing i ever heard of

is there something wrong with us
that we can't see our cupboards are
already full and overflowing?!@

today we get off our butts
stand up
and stretch our mind

we peek over the fence
of our beliefs

we are it!

full time radiators of Joy

we need to get nothing

Our only function
is the one God gave us.

no black holes

thought is power

it is something

it cannot be a black hole

if a thought/idea/circumstance

doesn't seem loving

it is simply must be misunderstood

only Love is possible


Truth is soothing

we let it soak in


to the deepest places

where we have never gone

we let them relax

those hidden knots

the darkest moments

we let them open

nothing left hidden

that's truth: everything out in the open

i see what is

as far as i can see

i see myself
as i am

without a past

without a body

without one speck unrevealed


no fear of the unknown

a soothing

what a gift!

Friday, July 24, 2009

doubt your mind

your ego mind is exactly like your digital camera
with a full memory card

it's already taken all the pictures
there is no more room for new information

it can only show you the past
it tells you the past is true

it can only show you an image of the past in the present
it can only show you an image of the past in the future

it's a mechanical device

you are the viewer
remember this!

are you looking through the lens of the ego/past

or are you seeing present reality?

if you are not seeing Joy,
doubt your mind.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Joy asks absolutely nothing of me!

She wills but to shine

and i love Her dearly for it!

simply drop everything else

and who wouldn't drop everything

for astonishing overwhelming Joy?!@


leave all roads behind
all paths
all goals
all plans




if it feels easier with another person

why wouldn't you be with another person?

there is no right or wrong

there is only guidance in this moment

what are you moved to do?

if you need stillness

be it

light, peace and joy
ask nothing of me

they but give themselves to me
in the stillness

all else gone

it is but they
Who live




Wednesday, July 22, 2009


the ego thought system is robotic

it reacts
the same way

it is very predictable

it will never have an original response


the program is already written and closed

it likes you to believe it is free

nothing is farther from the truth

it is a broken record

i'm a victim
i'm a sinner
i deserve to be punished
you are a victim
you are a sinner
you are the problem
if something outside me were
different i would be happy

it is never happy...
never satisfied....

like Chatty Cathy (the old talking doll)
it has a few basic lines

they never change

new doll: same exact lines

from the same factory

consider the source!

we watch Chatty Cathy
in our mind

we condemn no one for her
we watch her in others in the same
way we watch her in ourselves

we give no reaction
in either place
for they are
the same thing

we simply watch her

now is the pattern broken

in this is freedom found

now we can remember
that though we push this baby doll
all over the world with us
in her special little stroller....

She is not us.

We are truly MotherLove
we are silent
we are still
we are very very very

we remain as God
created us


my Defenselessness

is my Teacher

i sit still in the classroom
giving Her the opportunity to enter

to speak wordlessly

to let Her Presence fill the room

this is my Home work
all day long


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

consider the source

it is never about what you should or shouldn't do

it is only the old biddy in you
the school marm

who is speaking

she is not a happy camper!!!
an unhappy outcome is inevitable
from either "choice"

consider the source!!!!

Spirit says always

i will be humble

i will to fly above the world of should and shouldn't

i will to transcend everything i have been taught

Spirit always says, I will

ego/old biddy speaks the ancient language of "should"

we are bilingual

but there is only one true Interpreter


i let go of concepts like helium balloons

i open my hand

and let them go

there is nothing else to do

no other work

i let go

i decide

i don't want the blues balloon
any longer

the red hot balloon of anger

the sour lemon yellow

the slimy green

nor the deadly black widow poison

all concepts that love could be something else

only openness

can ever experience freedom

nothing to fear

we no longer turn away from fear

but simply


we stand

perfectly still

we breathe

we watch

the illusion of fear


and dance

and scream at the top of its lungs

and tantrum

we watch the old performance

until she tires out

and lays down on the floor

and goes back to sleep

with a little less energy
than she had before

and each time we watch this performance
she grows a bit smaller

her clothes a bit duller

her bite a bit weaker

we no longer call for an encore

we still attend the show,
but now we recognize
we are always safely sitting in the audience

and there is no real threat ever

and never was

Monday, July 20, 2009

make love with everything

there is no inch of sidewalk that is the same as any other

nor any square inch of grass that doesn't hold it's own exciting design of growth
and connection

have you really looked lately?

have you given your full attention to your world?

the railroad tracks,
to the endless amazing design of rust ?

and the closer you look
the more you see

the gravel
the skin
the smile like no other

the bark
swirling in the motion of growth

the scars and broken irregular beauty

the bubbles the yeast formed in your bread
all different sizes

give it your full attention
it is amazing!

it is you!

make love with it

come from a bigger place

i have invented this situation as i see it (L32)

not love

Come from a bigger place

come from Infinite Space

open up

back away
back off

further still

See the tiny crumb
you were focused on
in the midst of Infinity

it's not all there is!!!

only the Allness
is true

mind is not in your head!

Spirit is not form

Joy is in everything
and could never be contained
in a tiny scrap

think not your happiness
is in any specific form

Come from a bigger place

a bigger plan

a Creation you
did not make up

Sunday, July 19, 2009

falling in love

the miracle is about falling in love with ourself!!!

we are Everything


as we let the ego illusional thoughts go

we deny nothing

we stop living out of old ideas
old books
ancient writing/language

love is not dusty

She doesn't come out of a book...

though She may live in the cracks
in the spaces
between the words

and She does!

the page is light
the background
the stage
upon which the words sit

is owned by Joy

behind the words
the Source remains
forever lit

She shines through it all
the transparency of everything is seen at last
as light shines through
every possible idea/form

Here is all Joy

we do fall
head over heels
in love
Our One True Self

as we see
there really is
nothing else at all

Monday, July 13, 2009


i stole something from me,
hid something from me

i hid my Joy
my truth
my true Self
my freedom to be me with wild abandon
to laugh at what is funny
to not take seriously what i think

i tried to steal my ability to laugh

i inhibited my Self
by fear of disapproval
and abandonment

i turned against my own inner Joy

i left her

i did not support her,
value her

i pretended not to have her,
that she did not exist

i've been pretending that my wings are clipped

i've been pretending
to fit in
to be "normal"
to have "friends"

how funny and deathly ill is this at the same time
what kind of "friends" could these possibly be,
but fellow death walkers,
also in denial of true Joy

today we would be abnormal,
by this world's standards

we would flaunt our Joy
hold it high above our head--
we would value it high above our thinking

we would love it
and give it all away
more and more and more and more and more...
we would feel the flow of Joy all day long....

we are responsible....
and we would not live under false pretenses anymore


"what kills us is intense attachment to our interpretations
and failure to distinguish these interpretations
from sensate reality.

this process of learning to categorize experiences,
and then forgetting the distinction between
categories and experience itself,
is what i call learning how to lie."

(Brad Blanton in Radical Honesty)

lay not the past upon the present

all your past is a mental construct
it's an illusion
it's not happening right now
it's completely over

it has nothing to do with the present moment

the purpose of the present moment is only Joy

if you don't see it
if you aren't experiencing it

it's because you haven't dropped all your concepts

look again...


Joy is very clean

She always sparkles now

only Love
is true

this experience
is nothing you have ever experienced before

what is it?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


in the midst of chaos

God is

and quick

the sea can open wide in a moment

it is in the mud
that seeds are stored

it is from the mud
amazing new life
crisp and golden
literally eyepopping
arises naturally

we simply watch

it is happening all the time :-)))

where do your thoughts come from?
they come to you
and for you
and through you

but where to they actually originate?

out of chaos
God arises
and beautiful
so strong
His magnetism is irresistable

it pulls the flowers up and out of the soil toward Itself
we are drawn to the light just like the moths in this world

Love will arise out of chaos
the moment you really want it

peace is in the midst of violent self hatred

you cannot leave God

She lives in you
She lands without a sound
and so gracefully and lovingly waits
for us to look up and remember

spellbound by Her Kindness
It is She
that calls you forth
It is She that calls for every seed
and bulb
and every possibility to gleam in this instant

you are not weak, you are love
you are not tired, you are love
you are not afraid, you are love
you are not miserable! you are love!!!!!
you are not powerless, you are love

weakness could never have caused the big bang!
Weakness doesn't exist
It is power beyond this world that created it
and power beyond this world that will let it go!

There is absolutely no lack of power anywhere
in anything or anyone

There is no chaos in our vision anymore
God is!

there is no effort
we simply let be
what is so natural

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


if you knew without a doubt

that behind the fear

was Love

would you go toward it

or run away?


shoes are very different

the only way to find out what fits is to try them on

so every experience is a shoe

is it too big for us still?
have we not grown into it?
does it still feel beyond our capacity
to understand?

is it rubbing a sore spot somewhere
that calls for immediate attention and care?

do we need to give ourselves a bit more cushion
for every time we slap the pavement
and hit the hard stuff?

does it look fantastic
and feel like shit???@! :-))))))
(one of our most popular styles....)

is this situation so easy and relaxed
we forget we even have shoes on?

every situation is a shoe
we have decided to put on

and all it ever asks is

how does it feel?

do i keep this one on


leave it behind?

and as we leave all our choices behind

we find
the bare truth
is beyond compare

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

extreme friendship

did you hug all your friends at breakfast?

did you even see them?

think of them?

we are never alone

how many hands put just my coffee cup in front of me?


who dug the clay
found the clay
transported the clay
designed the clay
mined the glaze
learned about how to glaze
designed the machines
the kiln
the cardboard boxes
the trucks
the drivers
the rubber for the tires
the engines
all the parts
farmed the trees
worked the soil
found the gasoline
processed the oil
the electricity
who built the dam
the wires
the plastics
the clothes for the workers
who fed them
who raised their food
who raised them
who were their friends
and entertainment
who told them what time it was to go to work
who built their bicycles and their toys

who truly loved them?

it takes way more than a village to raise a child

it takes the Universe

and it has been given us

with literally Everyone working for us

who can possibly be against us?

the Universe is an extremely loving place!!!

did you ever even think to ask
for the mountains, sky, and rivers?

or were they ever present at the moment of your birth?

today we extend gobs and gobs and gobs
of Love
to Everyone and Everything we are

and our deepest gratitude
is given unto God
for this reminder

Monday, July 6, 2009


who are you
without my story?

what a gift to have this question?
this possibility
in our awareness

now is Joy made ready to jump into our lap!!!!!

this question alone
is all the light we ever need

we accept we are blinded by our own filter
we no longer insist it is reality

we do not have any idea of what we are looking at :-)

we must ask for help!

Heaven gates have opened oh so wide!


we play with interpretation!

not as work,
but at fun

what is a joke

but playing with interpretation?

a new perception is fun

we would see our "work"

as play and joy and joking around!

now that's what our brothers are really for

"God, help me to see this differently"

is not serious!

we but ask to leave seriousness behind!

don't you get it? :-))))


if God is our father

Live this moment as if it matters!
Live this moment as God!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

holy cow!

more adventures in the word "stop" :-) (i love the how infinitely playful the Voice for God is!)

shapes have rhythm

we flow smoothly
slinking and swaying through the "s"

then abruptly halt and pause
for space and stillness
at the "t"
the vertical
the wall

we hit the "t"

we see the cross

what does this mean to us?

here at this "t"
this crossroads

of vertical and horizontal

at the four directions
at this birthplace of choice

do we choose to see death/crucifixion

or get off?

do we stay here awhile

or move on with grace
to the pool of clarity below?
the "o"

it invites
this pool of clarity

it is wide open

or is it a steel band?

the ring
of eternity?

so many choices

and yet only One

for what is false
does not exist

so only Truth remains

well, what can the "p" show/reflect to us

to remind us to be present?

that round and straight are not opposites
but work together
as one

the circle
simply a bending line....

no difference at all
from this perspective of Truth

fully engaged

fully engaged

i look at the letter "s"

the way it curves,
the little round things at each end,
how curvy it looks next to the tall straight "t"

and then i notice
the joyful fullness of the "o"

so round
like an egg
holding life
holding this amazing potential

and then i see how it has been
attached to a stick to form "p"

just like the old hobo sacks
we used to make as kids--
tying a filled bandana to a stick
and hanging it over our shoulder

what a gift of joy

all this in the word "stop"

how funny "stop" could hold infinity....:-)

only being fully engaged
will we see all there is to see...



look at what is right in front of you

see what is

the colors grow richer
and deeper

they draw me in

everyday this is in front of me

i've never seen it like this before

i've never had this experience

i've never appreciated
these colors
the beauty
like this

i love this is me!

it glows in the sunlight

it is brand new!

beauty is continually blooming

when we stop
to see what is

Saturday, July 4, 2009


my carpet bloomed!!!!

what a beautiful thought as i came down the stairs

my beautiful new rosy carpet bloomed right in front of my eyes

out of the ashes of the fire.

the old colorless carpet has vanished
and in its place

new life

everything is alive

because it's our thought

and thought is life!

All Power!
for crying out loud!

watch it!

it's amazing!

keep blooming!

(boy am i having fun today....:-)

new song

old song made new....

"...with two cats in the yard,

life used to be so hard,

but now everything is easy

'cuz of meeeeeeee!"

true freedom

i look around my living room

and the meaning is given

coffee table, rug, the room itself


of God

of Fire in the belly


space in mind made available
by letting go of old relationships to myself
to my self concept

so a new space was reflected in the world
the new rushes in

to fill the gap
made available by willingness/trust

the coffee table rushes in! :-)
the carpet rushes in!:-)
to this brand new space!

of mind

the Holy Spirit rushes in
at the tiniest crack of willingness

Love rushes into our mind
to greet us

you darling little child
give Mommy a hug and a kiss

i love you with all of my heart
you, Love of my life

today, let's go play
all cares left behind

it's mom and baby
falling in love all over again...


what do you see?



we seek not to attract

but to let go

(of any faulty self concepts)

we seek nothing
but to be who we are
without anything else
(without thoughts of attracting anything!!!!)

to let go of everything we are not

We are God
We are God
We are God!!!

the Universe sparkles inside of us

inner electricity is its own reward

like the fireworks
and pops

we burst forth
thoughts explode

love and joy abound
and burst forth
into the fresh night air
for the JOYOFALLcreation!

only this is true!

a firework has no thought of attraction
She is completely in the moment

She simply LOVES
is ecstatic
to be Herself

to fly fly fly fly
through space
and squealing :-))))))
with Joy and

(we see but ourselves....everywhere we look!)

sending all of us
sparkling squealing delight!

Friday, July 3, 2009

happy 4th: freedom

art is noticing what is
writing is listening

it says thank you
for the dishes in the sink
the water
the pipes
the flow with a slight movement of hand

how supportive
of my happiness

"your every need will be met"
before you ask, it is given

yes, a cupboard of plates
a drawer of spoons
a heart of gold
a friend of softness
a light in the window
a bed of rest
a thought without effort
a word unannounced
a healing unspoken of
a freedom
just breezed in the door

wisdom ever present in the closets of our mind
ever watching
ever waiting
in silence
behind the shiny outfits

we are awakened before we ever awaken
watching from behind the scenes
a play we wrote so long ago

as kids we made it up
one rainy afternoon

as kids we built the blanket forts
camped out in the yard
and made signals with flashlights

all preparation for adulthood

all things
before you need them

ideas in our mind
forever there
are everything we've ever needed


all there is

what can possibly hide in light?

if Light is all there is
it must be
nothing can hide

there must be another explanation

and indeed, there is

it must be
you don't see Joy/Light as it is

it's a simple mistake in interpretation

because light must always remains what it is

today i would see the light in all things
i would see all things must be light
if that is all there is

no detail

no detail could be different

i am seeing my thoughts

every crumb
every scrap

jam on my face

is showing me mind

in stillness
i just look

to see the reflection
just as it is

without giving it any meaning

wholly open

in awe

just being

no names

simply looking

born in this instant

not knowing a thing

just waiting to be told

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Loveliness is always kept safe for you

Loveliness sings
to you

Loveliness was given to me
by God

it's my Identity

truly lovely

the Voice for God sings, of course

whispers such sweet, sweet, sweet
funny things

i am completely taken

what could possibly be more "charming"
more attractive
more desirable
than God?

the Master of Love

completely captivating

Total Harmlessness Herself

only Here
can All be known/seen

Loveliness is the highest wisdom

She sees only Loveliness
and so shines evermore lovely
in every moment


Love is here for you right now, Joy

She is sitting on your lap
She has her Arms around you
Her Lips on your face
She adores you
there is nowhere else She would rather be

She watches you
as you get up and walk away
around the room
to the kitchen
to the computer
to other worlds

She goes with you

where do you think you are going?
what else could you possibly want?

Love is you
Love is in your face
right now!

call and response

the world is a conversation

we asked an innocent God dead? is there something else besides Happiness?

and right now we are answering it

everything is a call and response to this question

guilt is always a call for the response of innocence/defenselessness


anything that causes
or is an attempt to cover guilt/discomfort

is there to show us the depth of our need for healing

it's helpful

is the mistake( not the behavior)

it calls for
the correct response/thought

of innocence

our responsibility
is simply to answer
the original question
as God would

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

break the loop

break the loop!

big time

don't do it!

you don't have to pull the trigger!

don't feed your guilt

pull back on the reins

you are the one in control

there is but one rider

in this moment
we break the ancient loop

we pause

we don't react

the way we always have

the way the world would teach us
where our safety lies--
in not being too trusting

in being wary...
don't let anyone take advantage of you,
rip you off

better safe than sorry...


we give our trust back to God
to our brother
to our Self
to the certainty of Happiness

today we break the loop
of attack
and completely trust
in the unseen
the unknown
the unfamiliar
the illogical
the scariest thing
we have ever done

all hands on deck

honesty is safety

when i repress, bury, hide, neglect, deny, refuse to look at my thoughts and feelings i suffer

we clear the decks
from all the clutter
we could trip over
in an emergency
in our rush to find safety

we but trip and fall over misplaced

that but lay scattered
in our mind
just waiting for us to light on one
for this instant
and hold up to the mirror
for us to suddenly fall in love with
in place of Reality

oh mighty mops of the Holy Spirit
we would bring you out of the closet now
and let you do your work

we would let "love blaze a pathway of itself"
that we might easily and effortlessly find
our freedom

honesty is clean

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