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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Monday, March 31, 2014

don't know

i know nothing...

don't know

raspberry play tarts
are as real as barberry
smoke stakes

detroit cars
shrinking down to miniature ants

anything is possible
in imagination

but ours seems limited
by these "past" images

until we witness
Chagall's mind
we never put
houses on top of cars
and baseballs in soup
and tails on faces
that are all eyes
in the back that is the front
and where there is no upside
nor downside

there's only inside
and not that
besides that

i quiver

and know nothing

no one unthing

flowering fences
that reach out
and kiss you
in your sleep

and you don't even know it

LET this imagination run wild!

that every blade of grass
is your lover
adoring you the world over

why use it to enslave yourself,
a victim of your helpless neighbor

oh dear one,
dearest closest lover,
Self of This

is what it is for

enslave no more
the earthworm
or yourself
as victims of corporate greed

it is not so

You are everything, Love,
every single thought

the bird playing the fiddle
while swinging
on that gorgeous puffy cloud!

that's you, dear one

"there is nothing
my Holiness cannot do"

let the Mind open
to show you all of it

the circus is rinnging!

and stillness all around

Monday, March 24, 2014

Destination here

no one can give you more.

no person
no thing
no situation
can ever give you  more.

Here is the end of seeking.
Turn in.

You have reached the end of the road,
the Destination,
having looked everywhere else
and not found it.

You are Everything.
You are Infinite

Home is
where the Heart is.

No one can give you more
than What You Are,
Your Heart,
the Totality of all that is.

It is Your Heart that sees

the Totality

out of time,
everyone's best interest,
understanding for all

Throw not your Heart away,
your values,
your treasure,
the Seer

Value your Heart,
Listen to Her

there is nothing preferable,
nothing superior
to your Heart

no one can give you your Heart

how very empty a world is
without your heart,
without listening 
to your heart

living your life according to
a "newscaster"?!@
a "forecaster""--
of "doom"?

yes, that is a dark night
of the soul
to leave your very own heart
out in the muddy corn field

while you listen to
tales of a drunk
who tells you to get
in the car with him
and go for a drive
and take a toke
on his story
that clouds
the lies
that block the sun
that shows you
exactly where your Heart is
and how good it feels
to own it

no one can possibly give you more.

there is no one kinder, more loving, stronger, freer
more powerful, more whole, holier, more pure,
more healed, safer, saner, nor more radiant
in all the Universe
than You

There is no one else but You,
every where you look.

Give  Everything away,
for It has been given You
to give away.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Can you imagine
such a thing--
and gratitude
for everything
every moment
every feeling,
right now,

Do you see
it's already happening,
zero resistance?

you can't stop a feeling
or a thought from entering

there is no friction
with which a thought appears,
or the colors appear when you open your eyes
in the morning,
or the sound of the bird or the car or the man next to you
as it "enters" your hearing--
the hearing and "it" are one

in making "the world" separate from You

the images are already here

all thought looks backwards,
after thoughts
even if it wears the costume of "future"
it's nothing but an after thought,
judging a "past"

thought has nothing to do with what happens,
with Source...
that is its funny claim,

 mind(ego) only pretends,
resists only itself

You have never resisted anything.
Love is not resistance.
Love is Hostess but to Herself,
impossible for Love to judge Love

She is not fooled,
nor deceived.
She has no doubt,
no flinching.
She never sees anything but Herself
and rejoices

no correction called for,
no problem

There is no friction in the continuous flow,
seamless experience

just sweet wild seasonings,
spices whirling

violet velvet,
pungent cumin,
golden turmeric,
juicy fresh cut grass in the breeze,
lush moist moss
trickling from cracks in rocks
to fully gushing
roaring falls



there is no resistance to the flow
of this mirage

only a jokester,
screaming at the top of his lungs
at the edge of the canyon rim
but echoes
again and again and again,
but never for a moment
was true:

"i" have control

all the while
the million billion
twinkling stars
laugh and laugh and laugh

Friday, March 21, 2014


the world is but a silent movie

you supply the entire sound track

mirrors don't breathe

you cannot change the reflection
in the mirror

the only way to see
anything different
is to look inward
to the Source

here is the only Sanity to be found

the mirror can never reflect
two versions of yourself

beCause there are not two versions

the reflection cannot be separate from its Source

the reflection has no separate existence

to mistake yourself for the reflection
is to temporarily lose your Self

the reflection has no life of its own
it cannot see
has no dimension
was never born and cannot die
cannot feel pain or love
it cannot fail or succeed

be not fooled by an image--
you are not the image

Alice in the looking glass,
Lost in space,
cut off from Source...

unable to communicate,
to make a sound even,
to breathe
or love,
completely superficial--cardboard cutout
to come out of the glass

where you are not

you cannot return
to What You Have Never Left

you can wake up
from a nightmare, though

Psycho is a movie.
You are not in it,
you are watching it.
You cannot BE hurt.

Just try to kill a reflection...
let me know how it goes  :-)

and has that reflection EVER
spoken first?
Has she ever even made a sound?

What would you be
without that reflection in the mirror?

What would you be without any image of yourself?

you will never ever be the reflection in the mirror

Look in, dear One, in,
where all safety
all sanity

mirrors don't even breathe,
just notice...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


"the world exists only when we think about it.
creation stories are for children.
in reality, the world is created every moment (now)" Jean Klein

of love
at play

nothing serious,
if you want to leave the party, go

rest for a while

you can never leave the play land

cookie dough you are,
made of the same stuff
as everything else

there is nothing else

no body home,
just pure love

whirling around
(as "snow flakes")
used to be "Atlantic Ocean"
isn't that funny?
and you say you feel "stuck"!

just hold on for the ride, brother!

that's a hilarious idea,
that you are stuck
in something where change
is the only constant! :-))

at play,

you are not
what you thought up
you were

you, too,
are Atlantic Ocean,
my skirt,
my blood,
the only Love there is
and ALL of It

welcome Home, Love,


Monday, March 17, 2014

Not Seeable

what does the image/symbol stand for?

danger, guilt, harm, loss
abundance, life, harmlessness,
rest, peace, nature, innocence
a song...
a pulsing beat...

a come and you go
in and out
up and down
soft and loud
busy and still
rest and activity
together and alone
shallow and deep
paisley and plaid
soft and hard
bright and dull
soft and sharp

watch the milky way
chocolate swirl into the vanilla night

dist solving
the creaming sparkles
into jellied
just before they ooze into
but not gone

not seen

not seen doesn't mean
it's not there!

stop here.

there is something so profound,
so life affirming,
little crystals
have to reveal to us

it is this.
please put down all your other distractions,
just for a moment.

this is why you came--
what all of life
is about:

you have ever wanted
is already here
right now
as you

reread that.

what is unseen
does not mean
it is not here

there is no where
else to look,
no thing else
you need to do

this is a love letter
to you

this is
the now,
ever now,
for you to receive it

here is
and was
your first departure
from truth

What you are 
is Not Seeable.

"You cannot perceive yourself
correctly. You have no image
to be perceived." (acim p44)

the occupy movement

perfect happiness = zero resistance,
disgruntled employees
backstabbing gossip
you got arrested?
snoopy neighbors
peeking in the window
did you hear about?
i've got to know...

pre occupy  me please

so this empty nest
i've left
gets drowned out

louder, faster, more please

i can still feel the pain

barrage! please

yes, let's join a cause to fix them
or fix me

now I'm right

and this cause must never actually 
find a cure...
or i'll feel
that emptiness again

i want to have an enemy
to be better than

enemies are for "me"
problems are for "me"
to pre occupy "my" mind

so Reality,
ever present,
is kept hidden from my awareness
and "me" exists

perfect happiness = zero resistance
= no enemies = love = embracing = intimacy with all there is

there is no where you can look
that is not you

you are Fully Occupied
there is no thing at all but You

Glory is ALL
Appreciation is the only appropriate response
 to any thing,
 to every thing

Perfect happiness=intimacy
You are it.
You can't get any closer than that.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

"to have, give"

Neediness is Intelligence

it tells you
you are misinformed

the way to have,
to fill your neediness,
is not to get--
but to give

to fill yourself,
share all you are

what is unexpressed?
in you

where are you
depending on someone else
to give you
what you aren't giving
of yourself?

"the only thing ever lacking (in any situation, relationship, or yourself)
is what you are not giving" (acim)

give your Self away
and your self
is no where to be found

Pure Joy!

every cell dances,

you cannot find your Self
you simply are not ever alone

when you can see no separate interest in anyone
you have found your Self

Shared Identity
is the only Identity there is


You are the Sun

to find out you are the Sun
after all

after all these tears,

isn't it amazing?

dark planets can pass the Sun
and around
and around
not for an instant dimming It's Light

not for one instant

"shower the people you love with love
show them the way that you feel
things are gonna be much better
if you only will" (jt)

you are the Sun!

every single bit of it
and more

kissing dew drops
with your light

just watch how the mist rises
of its own accord
as it is touched
by your shine

your unstoppable

the Love of God is shining
in me
as This


ever Now

there is no darkness
at all
in the Sun

Peace to my brothers,
all Rays,
all Great Rays
the One

Saturday, March 15, 2014

hide and seek

singing bowls,
the heart grows brighter,
spinning like a top,
never to stop

perpetual motion,
perpetual ocean
of goodness
rushing out
to be received again
by Itself

what a party is this, honey!

chase me,
catch me,
i'm yours forever

chase me,
catch me,
i'm yours forever...

a  lover's game
of hide and seek

popping up from behind...

just when you had given up
all hope of finding Love

She reared her lovely head
within you

Been here all along, sweetheart,
all along

Monday, March 10, 2014


the proper function
of the mind
is to listen,
not demand,
not command,

it doesn't know

it but repeats
(never really even believing)
ancient gossip

mass hysteria

the proper function
of the mind
is to listen,
to be directed,

"i know nothing"

to be in the state
of listening,
not for something in
no agenda

i do not even know what to ask

be very still an instant
and go Home

the Christ in you is very still

without the thought "I know..."

what am i, Father, I do  not know?

you are absolute stillness
prior to any movement


do not seek your Self in any form
the eyes cannot look upon what you are

if you seek you in form 
you will never find you

you are prior to all images,
prior to all thought,

you have been seeking all your life
things you can see
with the body's eyes
and that is what has blinded you

there is no thing visible you seek
beCause you are not visible

what you are is invisible to the eye

Love is invisible to the eye
yet It moves all eyes,
all things are dead,
no life of their own

it is but Love
that dances cars,
flashing lights,
sparkle in your eye

be not confused that the form 
is what brings you Joy

Only the invisible is real

be still and know

stop looking
with your eyes
to find what can never be seen

in the invisible

feel the invisible

doesn't it feel truer?
doesn't it make sense...

that no form ever has or ever will satisfy you?

what need of form does the invisible have?

no place the invisible isn't
or cannot go

ever present

the proper function
of the mind
is to listen

Saturday, March 8, 2014

so lovely

is an image
i have made

you "do death" alone,
mind says

is it true?

or is All there--(consciousness, awareness, without mind(ego)?)
so mind says
beCause it is not there: death...

doesn't make it so

no thing(mind) to be aware of
while mind sleeps, resting,
while not dreaming

without "mind"...


you are My Friend
so Lovely

in your Purity
abides My Own

there are no walls
to Integrity

being All.Of.It.
no thing portioned off

without mind,
map of borders and boundaries,
distances and destinations,
the Looker is equally close to all,
being all

while mind sleeps,


is all there is

no thing so lovely
was ever seen before

is but an image

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thou shalt not...

Thou shalt not kill 
does not mean
you should not kill.

You shall not/will not kill because
you CAN NOT.

What is Eternal knows no death.
Sadness is your proof 
you worship the concept of death,
in place of God.

You cannot kill God.
You cannot kill Life.
You cannot kill awareness.
Suicide is impossible.

To believe you or anyone else can kill 
or be killed is to be insane.
The concept of death is impossible--not BAD.

Loss is impossible.

To believe and see the impossible,
is to see a meaningless world.
How very different this world is 
without the concept of death.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

the Whole

the Whole
is the only truth
there is

what racist remark
have you made
to yourself

telling you
that you can't sit
at the counter
with the rest of the folk?

there is

to be run,

there is

between the "beginning"
and the "end"

the Whole

how can you possibly leave that?

where is outside
of Everything?

oh little rascal,
you can't fail this one,
no teacher can possibly
punish you for a nonexistent answer

You are the Teacher,
You are the student,
and there is no thing in between

no space AT ALL
in between

that's the Whole (Truth)


are cisterns

already there
full of the rich oil
that smoothes all movement

laying awake at night
she went to the window
and looked out
at the stars

so much space
for flight

so much space
to shine

so much air
to breathe

how far
 can you
reach your arms,
your mind...
outside this window,
this self built box?

can you reach out
and touch the paint
put there to hide
what's inside?

can you feel the rigidity
of its walls?

what stops you
 right now
from climbing out the window
on to the roof?

looking down on the city
and flying with the stars?

its all there
its all here
right now,
the Cistern
of Oil
that makes all motion
effortless and easy

are cisterns
already here

Saturday, March 1, 2014

in broad daylight

how could the worst
be the best?

the tightly bound
of life
kept hidden,
cut off flow
of rejuvenating

be you free
of tight fisted congestion
hanging on to glued together
mud + money=dirty money

it simply isn't so
that joy could possibly be dirty--
that sacrifice is a requirement of Love!

Love is gung ho
all doors open
all lids off
all steaming freely expanding
rain gushes
river torrents
of giving, giving, giving

and loss
is no where
to be found

your name, child,
is Light

Clarity is impossible
to tangle

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