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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

pancakes or nightmare?

would you ask a waitress
to be the President?

she would not know where to start,
and bewildered

so it is when you give thought
the power of decision
to rule your life

it is in no position,
has no knowledge,
no experience,
no qualification

this moment,
this Virginity
is foreign soil
to thought

it has never been here,
nor can it ever be
"in the moment"

it is always delayed,
always an after thought

nothing happens
and thought says it did--
conceptualizes it

it never is experience,
only a story

it has no power to make decisions
she is NOT there,
she cannot rule when she is NOT there,
a "decision" is made, and she says "i did it"

she's only a reporter
and always gets it wrong,
beCause she wasn't there

thought and reality
never meet

thought is the absence
of reality

she can't enter the Oval Office,
it just isn't possible

simply let her serve up pancakes dripping with maple syrup,
but do not give her the job of Director or expert witness...
unless that is
you're in the mood for a nightmare...

Friday, November 28, 2014

not i

not i

take i out of the equation,
because i is always one too many,

i is the error in the math,
in navigation,

i makes haywire of all signals--
every signal gets hijacked,
directed at "me"

mass miscommunication,
talk about net neutrality...
take i out of it,
and just see what happens

i, the cause of all war,
i against i,
this thought
against that thought,
fighting fighting fighting,
to seem to have a life,
to extend it's illusion of time...

not i,
and the birds are free again,
the migration of a million geese
isn't halted
in "my" interest

the motor isn't silenced,
the face isn't slapped,
the the tied tongue
is loosened
in the Space,
no need to talk

not i,
what would you like, dear?
how can i serve,
no i needs to notice

can i make someone's life easier?
can i just be a hearth
for their words and feelings?

not i

the medicine

that dissolves
all opposition

Saturday, November 15, 2014


a million
suddenly change direction,
dangle upward

never before
never again

no size
no shape
no speed
no location
nor predicted

no thing like
the moment before

dashing downward
sworling up

every one

from the finest particle
to the clumping collective,
perfect positioning

resting on the "roof",
piling on the pile

never born, She
never dies, She

names can never hold--
never ever delineate
the continual imperceptible

without any understanding at all,
what is there to know?

we say "snow flakes"
and there is no way
it can contain
this Infinite Wildness.


Friday, November 14, 2014


ok, so you think
the entire Universe
should be different

every man, woman,
and child should be
more loving

traffic should be faster,
the air cleaner,
he should look at you
like no other woman ever,
the grass should be green
every day of the year--
everyone should be happy
with all of your demands,

"your" politician should win
and the other crooks
should go to jail,

there is not one thing
in this Universe
you would not change...

and just what
are your credentials?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

without guilt

without guilt,
do you see
the distribution of wellness?

there is no lack
of Awareness,

there is no flower
without beauty

see how your mind
without fear...

see how there is no
that can ever kill

bombs may drop,
blood may flow,
but only
in the presence
of Awareness

no bomb
can kill awareness

no hate
has any power
to move

is the stable,

The Presence

guilt would try
to convince you
it alone is powerful

but just take a look
at any flower...
and you will see
it is not so

catch or release?

this con-trap-tion,
we call a mind,
eats, lives, nourishes itself
on contrarios,

give me your tired,
your poor, your sick...

i will mash them up
and put them in my bowl,
tasty treats,

the more color!
the greater the inflation
to mask its nothingness,
the better

O my
what emptiness it is
i seem to distract myself with...

this con-trap-tion
called the mind,
that makes no thing into something...

the emperor's new clothes

and we all stand around
at the story on the internet,
mouths open--
what vileness
this world holds

yes, dear one,

it's caught you,
the hook is in your mouth!

would you bite down harder now
release it?


grandpa smiled
at his grandson
as he told him
how he saw
a snake
THISsssssssss long...

as long as a....

really, Grandpa,
i swear!

and grandpa knew
it WAS true for the boy

He adored this child

there was not one thing
he could ever say or do
to make him see him
as anything but innocent

for grandpa's Heart
had seen it All,
and behold
it was All
very, very good

He, too, had been a boy once,
and he understood.

Monday, November 10, 2014

the Apostles

the Apostles held their sway
the moment
they could see no other

the bygones were

revelers hold clairvoyance
in their Hearts,
see with Eyes
unblocked by learning

there's only ever been

the constancy of this
Unspeakable Reverence

even the most

all things
shall pass

in quiet

there is no pull,
no string
that could ever
waste God,
the Horizon,

the Depth
is Endless,

that's All
i know

time to vomit

the price of peace
is materialism

is this what you really want?

fabric by the yard sale,
old worn out washing machines
in the land filled
over the brim stone
with stuff?

stuffed to the max
with stuffing
on Thanksgiving?

will the stuffed belly
really ever make you full?

isn't it about time to vomit?

to throw up your hands,
your cash cows
into the air?

that Emptiness
can once more
be Open
to the wind?

that breath isn't seized,
but free
to be
what it is
where it is
when it is?

isn't it time to see
that no box
can ever hold
outside it,
and the more
you try
to collect the stars
the less light
you will shine?

for there is
only One
pure Source
of Illumination

and that lantern
is You

to lay down
everything you own
is HOW
the light gets out
into the world,
that you
can actually SEE
and FEEL
the Radiance

a light
locked in a closet
beneath a thousand
shopping sprees
is not gone out,

but it is


it simply hovered there
in the dimensionless place
like a silent helicopter

waiting for permission
to enter,
to infiltrate
this body,
and pretend
to be  it

this morning,
doing the dishes,
it appeared
and i saw the thought
literally hovering,
"you should get started"

and i saw clearly it wasn't true

i saw clearly it had no authority,
no back up,
no proof,
it wore no badge,
and had not been
elected to office

it was really so sparse,
so harmless,
so innocent,
a question...hanging in the air
like an old familiar bird
on his route south

i didn't collapse/contract/shrink
into her

i didn't go there,
become it

i just watched her
as the Vast Space

and she went away

settle in

in ward

can you feel it?

relax INto
the Space you are

settle in

there is no colonizing
that will ever
clear this Space
that is You

the Heaven,
the fragrance,
the Epitome
You are

you can't grab
another's experience
and call it your own

no matter how many books you read,
and awakenings...

not one
will give you
what you

tasting space

the deeper Guide,
the Heart,
the truth

until the crows are actually silent
how could one
the space
of a million silent birds

where once raucous cries
filled the sky
day and night,
calm is palpable,

the heavy pressure,
the sick feeling,
the anxious gnawing static
now resting
quietly in the shade
by the river

with only an occasional
and guffaw
at the once
impenetrable blanket
laid over the Sun!

can you imagine
what a feat for a two-year-old!
what an amazing feat!

to see the silliness
of such a prankster

gone in an instant,
a flash of smoke
one cinder left
to mark its passing

the silent killer: belief

to bite the apple
is to believe the thought,
the story,
to fall for it

(it's so quiet,
so unseen,
so unnoticed)

i am
the only one
that can bite it,
and in that bite
a entire world,



a whole different
cast of characters,

are born

to bite the apple,
the moment i believe,
"you should get started",
a character: 'you' is born
right there

good and evil

IF you believe it

i need
do nothing

is everything


do you see
how unnecessary that coffee is?
that chocolate?
that should...?

the end of the rainbow
is here,
this is
the pot of gold--
the absence of belief
literally shines
so brightly--

nothing should be different.

should be different

you wanted to meet God:
this is It.

no story will ever make it different

the Inquisition is over.
burning at the stake
is over!

i see the apple
and it has no appeal.

guilt has lost its luster

i see
i am
so very very fine
without it


Sunday, November 9, 2014

the fairy light touch

the fairy light touch

the wand
has turned the straw into gold,
the pumpkin into a coach,

it is
but this,
only this
fairy stuff
that tells of the true,
the Heart
that is married
to every Rapunzel,
every cornstalk,
every hurricane,
and sugar cane

there is NO EVIL
in this world

it is but the wand
of forgiveness
that removes the blinders
from your eyes,
the black soot
your guilt laid upon
every loving star,
every innocent frog

Prince of Peace
is the only
that beats
in every Son set

the table has never
ever ever
been empty

oh, for Heaven's sakes,

what in the world was i thinking?@!

it's shining!
Just shining!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


the creator/perceiver
of a problem
can hold no answer

its purpose,
its life
its motto
is simply
"there is a problem,
there is always a problem
and always will be a problem"

i am the one who interprets
as a problem
to solve

problem: a narrow point of view,
limited vantage point,
simply cannot see the whole,
infinite points of view

raised by
educated by
a narrow point of view--
a bias: problems are real,
abundant and unending

educated to study problems,
the history of problems,
to study wars and famines,
not the absence of...

taught by the same mind that worships problems,
we were told to look to this creator of problems
for "advice"

no class
on the absence of problems,
the Spaceless Space

no, it was the joker's show

the Openness,
the free
the ever merciful

the clear sky
the clean water
the fresh air
the space between the words,
between thoughts,
the gaps in the system

the ease
and laughter,

no one ever taught you

the Eternal Laughter,
ever laughing...

there was no class
on This

isn't it funny
we paid tuition,
thousands and thousands
of dollars

to teach us
every moment of the day
that problems
are real?


what could possibly be "off"
about a river?

only in the stillness
can i see
the shimmering fish

like a painting in a gallery
how else can you possibly
see it
inhale it
imbibe its juiciness
BEING with Her

complete stillness
to see
to experience
to feel the color RED!
piled upon violet
next to the sashay of "yellow"

there is no name for this,
the intravenous injection
of That
which can never be named

it's just for me
to be
and experience

what could possibly
be "off" about a river...?


you can't be "off"

Reality can't be
different than it is

BE with this...

if you have a thought
you are "off",
just notice
(this screamer!)

how old is she?
what she is wearing,
the lipstick,
the slinky black dress,
the coolness,
dangly earrings,

"you're off!"
she says,

this image,

do you see
it's make believe

a hallucination

she's not even here

her feet never touch the earth,
she lives in your head--
never breathes air,
never sees or feels
one thing you do

she doesn't know even know
any thing or any one

she's never met a real person!

she's not even as real as
a puff of smoke,
not for one instant

she has never been born
and can never die--
like a tape recorder,
she has no soul,
no heart,
no skin

she never sleeps
and never wakes,
just like a photograph,
she can't even walk
or drive a car...

or have a life!

would you really
look to her
as your guide?


you can't be "off"...

no matter what

can not
than it is

Friday, November 7, 2014

never land

it's never been true

an after thought (label, concept)
has NO relation
to reality,
what happened

a generalization
can never be


a label
can never
be what it refers to

it's always
looking back,
creating a "thing"
and boxes
out of what never was,
the seamless

without a capsule

isn't it plain to see
how extremely limited
your sight is?

what about the 270 degrees
behind you and on both sides,
not to mention
above your head
and below your feet
you are completely blind to

how could you possibly claim
to have context?

possibly claim to know what is going on
on the other side of the earth,
much less
in another head?

what in the world!!

how could any of us really think
we could BE inside
of another--know them?

and this is daily talk,
taken for granted--
like leaves on a tree--
this WILD ass(ed)umption!

just pause for




for one

lay down this one thought


do you see
the technicolor
that sleeps
beside you!

talk about exploring outer space--

oh oh ode to joy!

it is but this "inner space"


never ever ever ever


"it's" all over

"it's" never 
been true

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

natural brilliance

underlying brilliance
shone through,

all the way through!

i mean in every particle
there was no blocking the Source,
the Intelligence

think about it--
even a lie
is just sort of a backward way of talking,
a long way around the pond--

i wanted to say "i love you"
but it came out all garbled
and sounded like
screaming and crying,

but my heart was behind
the scene, Love

my Heart, was behind
even that scene

shining in
the "damn",
the limited view
was doing the very best
it could,
given it could only see
one particle
of the whole creation

so much compassion
is available
when we see this

you can't expect an ant
to know what life looks like
through the eyes of a bird, honey

at best i can imagine
a snakeskin
but i can never truly know
a snake's life

magic happens
when my eyes do attempt this though

i can see
how my foot
just stomped out
the life of an ant
and i didn't even know it

natural brilliance
is so ready
every where
as soon as you



is a lot of work

the costume
the face paint
the accent
the exaggerated gestures
and painstaking postures
held long enough (endlessly)
to convince another
a lie is true

how long will that take?
how long has it been attempted?

it's really a wonder
we're all still walking around,
good thing for humor--

the good Humor Man
that can laugh,
that can't be fooled
by a halloween costume

trick or treat?
i pose to myself
each moment

or integrity?

death or life?

poisoned candy, my darling?!
or would i place my fingers
gently on the buttons of
this costume,
and one by one
what's been hidden
this heavy layer of whitewashing

would i let the soil
show itself to the world/me?

am not what i have claimed to be, sir

let me wear nothing now
but a window,
a clear transparent window,
that the sun can penetrate
and  the dark cannot hide

let me do nothing
to convince you
i am what i am not

the fullerbrush salesman
would retire

your hair is already oh so naturally brilliant


rest now
in the Almighty Tabernacle

the bird will wait
outside the door

her wings close to her side,
eyes closing in the sun,
beak bowed to the ground

there is no hurry to flock,
no need to leave the ground

there is electricity
in the stillness

attraction of the poles

magnetic splinters abound,
yet all the same pull

is the feast

is the fullness

without that thought...
without any thought...

there is no effort
beCause you are not the doer,
you are done

it's such a simple, funny thing/realization

when you put down your tools...
you can rest

no one was ever making you do anything,
think anything,
believe anything

when you sit down...
oh my, oh my, oh my...

how incredibly (unbelievably) simple

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


why is speed revered? (speed is good...speed is God. is it true?)
have you ever wondered?

is it really
right now?
in this moment?

what if
i slow down
and notice
this is what I've always wanted

like the drug,
was a drug
to keep me speeding.

no wonder
i missed Everything

on the way
to no where

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