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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

not 2

Not 2
is all that has ever been said

sound and hearer,
not 2

mind would tell you otherwise,
but the truth is obvious
once you see it

laughter, sound, hearing,
is it possible to separate the sound
from the hearing?

the bulls are coming
over the hill,
trotting across the pasture,
their faces are before you now,
looking at you with those big brown eyes,
asking you,
just like the entire world,

what is your response?

shared identity

universal peace in the first,
eternal war in the latter,

what will you?

this is your entire world,
every detail,
every relationship,
your politics,
your religion

in all it's simplicity

the fact is
there are not 2,
the only war that can be
(against anyone, anything, any condition...)
is against this fact

is it possible to experience the color red
separate from the seeing?

or the "bulls"?


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


the vagrant hem of her skirt,
a few tatters hung yet on

to patch reality
where it had no hole,
no lack,
no gap

nothing but brilliance

the patch she thought was mending,
was but a bandage,
a bondage,
put across the face of the Sun!

can you imagine such a thing?!@
that this is our routine thought process?

rigor mortis

who can see death in the Source of Life,
darkness in the Source of Light?

this is no everyday chameleon

this is gross error
on a scale so vast
the only thing to do
is just
sit down
on the bench

yes, don't make one move.
you've done way more than enough.
lift not even your little finger

just sit there, dear,
can you do just
what you ask of your dog?

no more commands from you, sweetheart.
we did get a little confused for awhile

i'll let you know when its time to get up.
until then,
just sit,

i want it thus!

the open room invites the visitor,
the Gift

it's why the open road
is so much more inviting
than the traffic jam,
clogged artery

the only preparation 
is to make room,
be the child,
the student

it is not advice i need,
but silence,
the experience of silence,
(of "me" not talking)

the pause
from ranting,

prior to raucous,
prior to blacking out creation,
prior to the "news" service,
the report of the dire

prior to:
"of all that is,
i want what isn't!

i want that grain of sand!
only that one will do!"

but honey, there is a w h o l e  b e a c h . . .

"NO! i want that one!"

closed door
closed mind
closed heart
closed eyes
closed fingers
shuts out the Infinite forms of Love

and Mother simply smiles,
never worrying
for an instant
about what is not true

temporary insanity,
no wonder the wake up
is inevitable

it's not a cruel world
for goodness sake!

to want everything but what you have,
to throw away the sun, the moon, and the stars,
to throw a way the entire universe,
but for the one speck of sand you don't have
is simply the perfect plan for hell

maturity easily sees the folly,
the ridiculous,
and laughs that such a plan
could ever have been considered
and that people actually
invested everything they had
in it

there is no concern at all
for anyone
that they won't see this

for there is no way anyone could
ever really believe it
in the first place

So silly, sweetheart.
I know you don't really mean that.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

the falcon

the falcon flies so freely
when not tethered
to the hunter's hand

she is free as any star
without that little band

but once she's caught
and claimed by man
to help him find his prey

there is no hope
to soar the sky
and freely break away

the tether must be cut
and dropped
before the Sky to her
is returned,
and wind and storm
and shine
are hers to be and burn

the end of yearning
for far away places,
the end of a string no more

her freedom
of Being
without this master
is everything
she ever yearned for

so see the master
whose chain you have taken
and buckled to your wrist

what walloping detail
and realtime stress
have you tangled in your hair?

what poison have your drunk,
what trinket are you hiding,
deep within your heart?

what fear is keeping you
from kissing
the cheek of your neighbor
or washing his feet
with your tears?

the falcon flies so freely
when not tethered
to the hunter's hand

Sunday, May 18, 2014

breaking the ice

in time,
in a stuck position,
locked into,
into this tiny, tiny thought--
a belief is where you are stuck
in a thought,
stuck to
a thought

it's mind's/your identity

where it's
to ever question

to be a rogue...
driving off course,
shaking it all up,
driving backward down the highway,
the wrong way on a one-way street,
going toward Heaven on the road to hell

masterminding the master
of ceremonious corruption,
corrupt thinking

swing low, sweet chariot,
swing low

there is a frictionless path
where concrete is not solid,
but is play dough

and time is not for hurrying,
but for being

right in the middle of this racket,
perfect peace,
a perfect ripe juicy peach

the ice has melted,
it's early dawn
the taxi is waiting,
he's blowing his horn...


1/2 cup blender

just try
to be happy
while you are sad

can't do it
in the same moment

it's capacity is finite,

it can't allow anything else
in that moment to exist

it's like a little mini blender
from Target;
it can only hold
a 1/2 cup of Reality

while God plays His Fiddle,
while the Orchestra roars,
the cascades fall,
the Sky takes us up and up and up,
clear blue,
clear through
restful lilies of the valley
filling our entire being

which is
the Universe

my tiny 1/2 cup blender of a mind
holds on to only what isn't--
all the things that never came to pass.

thought is but this,
a tiny picture
of the Limitless.

that selfie
is not you :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

add nothing

at the feet,
of pure awareness

at the feet,
of silence

at the feet,
of tranquility,

the willingness
to look,
through complete stillness,
of stillness,

to add nothing,
to know nothing,

to simply be the space
of looking,

completely empty
of all past learning.

yes, the willingness
to do so very, very little

direct looking,
adding no past,
adding no future

add nothing
upon Her Virginity

this completely new,
ever fresh

this Virgin Moment
(and even the word "moment"
but eclipses her Limitlessness)

add not one dot.

it is yours but to see.

to add
is to act,
to re-act,
to re-peat,
the old
the familiar
the missed take,
again and again and again

Joy is whole.
Nature is whole.
It needs not one thing added,
nor any conditions
to be what it already is

just taste it,
never before
means no past.

this moment has never been known before,
is literally,

add nothing

you need carry nothing with you

no pipe dream can possibly give you
more than Everything

Perfection is.
To add is to blind yourself to Perfection.

so gloriously simple,
so gloriously simple,
see but the Gift before your eyes.

Add nothing.

when you realize this is all of it--
to end suffering.
so close,
so immediate,
so ever present

simply this,
add nothing

your beautiful innocent newborn
is all there ever is

without the activity of mind of constructing,
you can see it's already constructed

add nothing
or you've left the temple,
the altar
of what is,
the whole ground,
for des pair,
for de spar ate explanations...

add nothing,
and i return to no conflict,
the path of no effort

as soon as you stop efforting,
all Joy, all peace, all Love, relaxation, rest--
everything you've ever wanted,
is to stop efforting

add nothing
or you bind you

it's an impossible fit--
all that is
plus something else;
you'll never squeeze this
into the shoe,

thank God!

here is where reality
begins to dawn
upon the mind

add nothing.

what could possibly be
than to simply receive
what is already
given you?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

lots of addresses

"like i keep tellin' you,
if you live in the moment,
you've got lots of addresses,"

(jojo to his female companion
along the bike path on my walk)

jojo, young man,
red pony tail
pushing a bike loaded with two huge
and a big framed painting wrapped in
a blanket
picked up from behind a store going out
of business,
a gift for his mom

bottom teeth missing,
full of wisdom

"in my working days
i was really good at inventing things--
fixing things...managed properties"

i can see it

"if you live in the moment
you've got lots of addresses."

are you this rich?

every footstep, home.
every move you make, home.
every piece of cement, home.
every view, home.
the sky, the clouds, the breeze, home.
this person next to me, home.
never away from home,
can't leave home

a million, billion addresses
when you live
in the moment

each blade of grass
my dearest home,
the wind song,
bird radio,
who needs an ipod?
the rushing creek,
the spotlighted unnameable
stunning beauty

jojo's smile, home

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

the whole truth

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help me, God

the pus,
the infectious sneer,
the angry tourniquet,
the distilled vinegar,
the fermented savage language
that languors
in the acid pit of your stomach,
the stench of hatred,
the flare of nostrils,

the desire to kill


must be looked at,
given it's voice,
it's space,
to be heard,

there is no way
you can possibly be tender with the baby,
no way you can truly love the daisy
this caged animal
paces your heart

the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help me, God,
must be attended to

prior to

a Clear Sky
in which to see

share to imbibe

i shall not want.

my cup runneth over.

the only way to be filled
is to give away
all you are

every bit

or it is stale bread
on the shelf,
no good for you--
this decaying nourishment

you must share it
to imbibe

verily, i say unto you,
do, give to all,
that which you desire

and it is yours
in the instant
of sharing

hold yourself hostage
no longer
to the selfishness,
the aloneness,
to a separate existence,
a separate identity
from your brother

there is none, Love,
Love is not broken into pieces

there is no not-Love

see that the very lowest of you
you condemn
holds the acceptance
of your very own heart
by you

pass no man on the street
without blessing
and thanksgiving
for this gift
to have
by giving

see the news on tv/internet,
every tug on your heart,
every resentment and anger
that screams within you
as the place to give
your love

it is only here it is called for,
and only here where it can be

all i give is given to myself

be you blessed now
and give all the Love you are
to keep it

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


are you receiving the baby you've been given
right now?

completely receiving
every downy hair

not pushing it away
not comparing
not analyzing
not evaluating
not resenting
not warring

just receiving
exactly as she is

the thought
the feeling
the emotion
the sensation in your chest or stomach or throat
right now

do you see it's all ok as is?

allowed full bloom,
full expression

just try to restrain,
a thunderstorm!
for goodness sake!

no wonder there is war!
nervous breakdowns,
heart attacks

are you listening
to this baby you are raising?

the baby in man's clothes

she has waited so long
for your love,
to come out of hiding,
to be told she never did anything wrong in the first place

cruelty: to tell a three month old she should be six months old--
that the innocent perfection she is,
is off, flawed, abnormal, behind, or ahead

that her hand should not be in the cookie jar--
when, of course, it should!
why else would cookies be there?
in a world where there is no tomorrow
nor yesterday?

if you find gold on the sidewalk,
don't you pick it up?
isn't that $5 bill in the parking lot
for you?
isn't that what wet paint is for?
to stick your fingers in

crayons are for melting on lightbulbs,
screws for putting in your nose...:-)
rubber bands are for shooting
and only a rubber banded mind
would strangle off reality
for a lie.

a loving mother does not expect her baby to be
ahead of her time

deadlines are for the dead

a watched pot never boils
because you are looking
 in the wrong direction

inside, Love,
look inside--
no time
no comparison
no other

take off the armor,

tenderness is all I've ever really wanted

are you receiving completely
the baby you have been given
right  now?

Monday, May 12, 2014

I love you with all my heart

only the relaxed eye
can see


to fit into the lens,
when you are already there
in the mirror

you can not change the reflection

you can
love it

when you realize
trying to change the mirror
is absolutely hopeless

fingers on glass
can not ever find a person
to touch

images in mind can not
find a person to touch

how can such a non-entity,
what isn't, change?!

do you see the insanity
and why it hurts
to identify
with a "life"
that literally runs
on this confusion,
believing what is impossible?

Only Love is your Power--
All of It

the mirror can not be changed, Loves.
this work you look upon
is a weapon,
poison to your heart,
if for one moment 
you believe
your joy lies in its change

how long will you suffer, little one?

i love you more than i can tell,
and will but you see now
the simplest, most obvious fact.

you can not change the mirror

All joy lies in but your Love of It.

Rest, darling, your weary, weary
from this game of death--
complete refusal
to see the simplest truth.

Be saved now
from all future pain
in this one simple fact.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


names but bastardize God,

attempt to steal
from Innocence Itself,
and turn it into
some kind of
marked territory--

naught but blasphemy
to denounce the
as broken,
deserving punishment,
a crime
against humanity

holy moly!
whose the insane one here,
minister of justice?

it was you who called the kettle black!
but never did it make it so--
your dinner is NOT your poison

to begrudge a flower,
can never find redemption,
when a crime
never was

the loony bird
would but untie the noose
you've made for yourself

and use it to hoist you
out of the pit you've fallen into

names but bastardize God,
What can never be,
but What It Is

the cleaners

The only way to have open space
is to clean out the closet,
those old outfits
that really aren't you

i've got to look at each one
and consider,
is this still me,
or not?
will i ever be that person again?
do i still want to participate
in that activity?

which hat would i wear?

or would i truly go naked?

without this body
what am i?

this will take us to the cleaners

without the physical
what is?

without my dogma,
any history,
any past learning,
without the Course...?

wholly empty...

ode to the comma

de compression

the pause
allows the spring
to unwind

thoughts get down off the shelf
and lolligog all over the floor

s-t-r-e-t-c-h      o-u-t,
and be the big fat juicy worms
they are

not a hard tight wad,
a lump in the throat,
the chest,
the heart attack,
clogged artery

no, she can hang upside down
on the monkey bars,
lay spread out on the sofa
with her head in your lap
and tell you tales of her childhood

far wider than convention,
perhaps 30 days
between one word and the next

a comma
means rest

there's a point to it

without the pause,
the pressure hides
all these different positions

it hides the headstand,
the handstand,
the cartwheel,
jumping up and down on the bed,
diving off the high dive
and flopping down in the middle
of a mud puddle

all the joy,
the delight of
not carrying on as usual

all of
in this endless pause

in this pause
his familiar shoe
slips in the back screen door

welcome home, Love
It's all yours,


Saturday, May 10, 2014

stay tuned

doesn't it make sense
that if you really want to hear
you've got to

stay tuned?

the station,
of listening

this is the frequency
for continuous reception

the dial has got to be
wholly open
wholly empty
wholly willing

100% listening...
not 99%
not half
not sorta
not "i'll see"
not "if it fits"
not "if it's exciting"
not "if its aligned with my vision board!"

clear sailing
no other boat
at all
in sight

free to go in any direction
at any time
at any speed

to fly
to zip
to soar
to remain
perfectly 100% carried
by the Wind

stay tuned

stop gap

pathway to the barn,
hand reaches for a bite,

put some thing in you,
some thing in your hand,
your mouth,
your body
to fill the gap

pathway to the barn...
except it doesn't take you Home

there is no fulfillment
at the end of this hand

there is no fulfillment 
at the end of this hand

it is the stop-gap
that but maintains
the gap

if you keep stuffing
something in your wound
it will never close up

everything you stuff in it
is but a weapon
to hold it open

a pathway to the barn,
so ancient
so childish
so familiar,
we haul our family members along,
to this dark
temporary garage

a parking space
for nought

where now
that even the barn falls short?

only this,
stop in your tracks,

be still,

perfectly still

so still
even a downy feather
drifting on the breeze
three hundred miles away
can be felt

so still
your blinking eye
is thunder

so still
every sparkle
of light
lands softly
in every point
of no space


no pathway
no barn

just Heaven

ha ha ha!

Pitch black,
not one sound,
and then
the sun rises!
Pure Potency!
shines and shines and shines and shines...
and laughs and laughs and laughs
at the idea
of an "energy shortage"!

Friday, May 9, 2014

him and Her

"stuck" is a funny concept for mind to believe
given that nothing is

her slender curves,
his broad back,

her leafy gently swaying,
his steady motionless support

her transparent sky holes,
breezing through,
branching over here,
over there,
way down low for the children,
and way up high for the Heavens

her skirt of fallen leaves
a cushion,
a pillow for the weary,
a resting place

his steady square windows,
right angles
precisely measured,
attic vent,
pressure release valve,
a sloping roof
for the rain, snow and ice
to simply slide off,
pipes to carry the sewage out,
the garbage out,
a system
for the fresh to come in,

for her girlish leaves
to peak in,
to tap on the window pane
in the middle of the storm
or just on a lazy afternoon
and say, "hey, guy,
look up for a minute,
take a break from all that mastery"

i've got some cool shade,
a wild scented breeze,
i'd like to kiss that lock of hair
on your forehead,
sweep your cheeks
and lift your sweat

i would but remind you
of the Song, Love,
work is beautiful,
just remember the Ocean
you ride,
this Wave you surf
carries you

remember, Love, always
you are carried,
dear one,

not one nail you pound
is your own

Thursday, May 8, 2014

day break

yeah though i walk through
the valley of cornflakes,

i will hear
the dawn's pure silence

no snap
no crackle
no pop

more real than any thing

completely invisible
to the eyes,
yet Her Beauty is everywhere,
shining in every single speck

closer than your body
closer than any thought

Absolute Stillness
can be known--
can only be known

the mind is speechless

a break in the mind,
day break,
is literally the dawning,
the breaking open
of the routine spin
to reveal the breathless
exalted parameters
beyond crusted eyes

the break down of the body,
to hold the mind
in a headlock

Sunshine is everywhere.

the obvious is no longer a seeming mystery,
no longer obscured,
or a struggle to see

Sunshine is everywhere.
It is that simple.
When we finally see
how simple it is,
all we can ask is
how could we ever have not seen it?

Everything is light.
There is nothing anywhere
that is not this brilliance.

yeah though i walk through the valley
of cornflakes, cornballs, and corny jokes
i will never be conned again

the dawn's pure silence,
Absolute Stillness
holds me

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


what is?

all names
are post dated

everything named
(learned from or given by somebody else)

what is
prior to names/labels?

prior to what names?

language IS the world

what if dictionary definitions
are WRONG?

what is
this authority,
the power
to define our reality
we so freely give away,

our entire existence?

Who is this source,
that makes it so...
grounded on the flimsy statement
that the whole world agrees?

um...have you noticed...
they've been wrong before?

like um, the world is flat!
not a little error...

so the current truth is
tomorrow's joke!

would you still rely
on the exact same source
that is so blatantly nearsighted?

what gives anyone
any authority to name anything?

it might be convenient,
but to make it true...
is one hell of a jump!

it's a tree.
is it true?

What is it without 
any name at all?

have you ever really really
truly looked,
seen the "infinity"/unnameability

of anything
including yourself,

without a name?

your whole world might just
fall apart

and you won't need
Noah Webster
to put you back
in a tiny little box

prior to Noah,

what's your reference,
your own reality
or Noah's?

Monday, May 5, 2014

take it in

Don't throw it out (resist) judgment,

Take it in,

consider it.

There are no accidents.

It is for you,
get close,
look into every crack, cranny, crevice

this is you
you are looking at,
bringing the light to

enlightenment is precisely for
the dark places,
the mold,
the dirt,
the scum

just like a dirty floor
in the dark
is hard to clean

only light will show you
where the dirt is

now it is much easier
to clean up your act

trying to clean in the dark
could take a very,

take it in,
could it be right?


prior to this thought,
prior to any thought

prior to this world,

perfect purity,

prior to the first sunbeam,
prior to time,
prior to the most ancient story,
the most ancient people,

prior to Genesis

prior to One

prior to zero

prior to all words

that's where you are

Sunday, May 4, 2014

hell or high water...

do you see
how "i don't know"
your whole world?!

anything is possible now,
including nothing

without the label
of "death",
perhaps its "hell or high water..."

good place to float a boat,
plenty of room for the fish to swim,
water to drink,
build a new town,
be a river boat queen,
a mermaid fair,
great irrigation, this flood of the Nile,
the baptism of every mighty monument,
a monumental cleansing,
the flood down this street...

where else could we get so much water for this?

spring cleaning,
what is really important/valuable in my life?

not my records,
not my house,
not my file cabinet full of "important papers"

but This
right now.

to see
to see
to See
and feel


all for free,
for ever
come hell
or high water

do you see
how "i don't know"
removes your whole world
from you?

is possible


one cold and wintry night
in the dead
of winter

perfect stillness
all things frozen

no motion
needs no space


Absolute Stillness

Eternal Rest

where the mind can rest,

it's just looking for This Place
to rest,
to stop
running from guilt,
for cover,
to become,
to make up
for its shortcomings,
to be redeemed,

the world stood still,
in the dead
of winter,
no need to run

Stillness all around

the priceless
every lifetime
has sought

gypsies jingle,
the caravan is watched
from a far,
laughter and singing is heard,
passes through
Absolute Stillness
on silent wings,
not one grain of sand is touched,
not one trace to be found

Absolutely Frictionless

no "world"
ever intervened

Absolute Stillness


the dead
of winter

Saturday, May 3, 2014

prior to "birth"

prior to "birth"

oh happy day

how about a happy prior to birth day!@#

i remain
at Home
and sound

never left Joy,
no identity of such a fragile life
hanging on a thread,
in a constant state of
of working to protect itself,
every moment one step closer
to death

yes, let's celebrate
life prior to "birth" has not shifted,
not altered one bit

let's honor this creative space
out of which all arises and subsides

the wave ing

oh how i love light to shine
on the alleys,
the dark cracks
i thought bred germs and disease,
only to see
their loving existence is my own,
my merry feast
of delinquency
that never was!

dear momma cried and i believed,
but never for a moment
was there anything
but grace

oh Love Divine that shows me
such truth

i've never been my name.
how amazing is that!

this universe
did not stop
with any label
ever put on it

it remains forever
the great mystery,
forever unspoken

prior to "birth"


pre mortal

prior to temporary,

prior to "death" of eternity

prior to goof balls,
non sense,
putting fear into the heart/love?

is it possible
to live 
out of fear?

to love
out of fear?

prior to the story/label of mortal:


in glory,
glory rains upon me

surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of life--eternally

from the inside out...

no inside,
no outside,
just basking

all that is
in glory

without mortality...

isn't this truer
when you close your eyes to the world?

isn't it truer that the 5 year old and the 58 year old body
with the same name
is not these two completely different bodies,
but is the invisible and changeless?

that if you lost both arms and legs and vision and hearing
you remain whole
and unchanged?

prior to mortal
the honey flows

it remains in all there is,
this sweetness,
this wholeness
this release


the bees come and go
and I remain at Home

in the Love
of God

Friday, May 2, 2014

dancing eyes

she found herself
on top of a cloud one day,
and she watched as
all the ladders to the ground
fell away

there she was,
up so high,
from now on
she would have to fly,
to trust the wings
she came with,
wings of pure joy

what else ever held more power,
more fuel than this?

just look how many smiles
she keeps "producing" every day--
barrels and barrels
just shining
and flashing
in every moment,
one to another,
only giving increase

that's the way the world
really works

nothing else in the world
can light up another human being
like your smile,
your eyes dancing with glee!

it's ok,
they say,
it's really, really all

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I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1986. It has helped me tremendously to be a happier person by helping me change my perception of everything. I have found writing to be very helpful in the process of practicing, experiencing, and living the ideas in the Course. In 2006 I started sharing inspiration from the Course with a friend. Now it is a joy to share it with everyone. In 2009, The Work of Byron Katie found me at a woman's group. The Work is a way to identify and question your stressfuI beliefs. I dove right in and in April 2013 became a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. I work with people privately and offer online classes. Please visit for more information. I also still occasionally lead the 11am Sunday Gathering at the Rocky Mountain Miracles Center in Denver. For more information


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