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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Friday, February 28, 2014


when you wait

there is no squishing
Eternity into a box

no conniving,
knifing life,

stabbing God in the back,
like it's God's fault
for your faulty thinking,

like the sun could actually
be spattered with mud,
for Heaven's sake!

when you wait

it's clear
how silly that is,
how impossible

how huge
how extraordinary
all cells popped open...





even groceries...

who  needs a road@!#

when you are riding stars!!!

and flying?


when you wait

you are carried
by no effort
of your own

untying knots

my  Holiness blesses the world

turning egoic thinking around
from "me" to One
is like untying knots
in muscles

every joint now has a purpose
in Heaven

it's flow is graced
with God
of no two,
just sparkling radiance

sun's beams
are not conflicting,
each one but
lighting up the other
even more

as two musical notes
or two brushstrokes
intensifies the other

coming Home with you,
your hand
is my resonance

the trunk, the truth,
we never leaft,
in the arms of Heaven

ladling Spirit
into every dish,
tasty morsels

the only goal
of everything
that exists

Sunday, February 23, 2014

pure love

yes, everything

every moment is a meditation


a love affair with the self

pure love,
when you are not afraid,
or when you are,
and you watch it

let this dance,
this blown up
ruffled skirt
waltzing all around the room,
the fire in her breast,
steam train!

just watch her sparks
flying in the night air,
the smoke,
the fuming
watch her shoveling coal to fuel the fire
and fan the flames!

like the fireworks show
we look forward to,
going with family and friends
to ooh and ahhhhh

this visitor
in this moment
is for you

can you offer her the common courtesy
of listening to what she has to say?

of feeling her grasping hands
on your heart?

her grabbiness for your attention?
her gasping for air,
her last breath,
desperate to live
and afraid to die...

place but your  hand on her heart,
feel how hard it is working to survive

feel the gush,
the rush of rapids
coursing through her body

just watch,
and feel it,
until it ebbs
and slows
and finally the calm

serenity always there,
at ground level

a storm is never constant
though it will tell you it is

just notice

the pure peace
in which those words are heard

ever present

yes, every moment
is a meditation...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Joy is the Easy Way...

let the River flow

there is a natural way of it

the Universe knows

(simply do not inter-fere--
enter fear,
a me,
a person= all
separate self/will)

"you" do not know,
fear cannot know
fear = insanity,
see the flashing lights?
hear the siren?
and the racing cop cars...?
that pain in your chest?

to make any decision out of panic
is to prolong it,
to multiply it
to feed it

magnetism is natural
absorbing is natural

and so is repulsion,
oil and water

and i
do not know better than This....
(stepsister cramming her foot into the shoe that will never fit
 and would be ever painful
 every minute
of every day
to wear...)

some things seem impermeable,
but to another
it melts in her hand

alcohol and water
look like identical crystal clear liquids,
but one will dissolve plastic
and the other runs off...

so It Is

it's just for us to notice

rivers run easily and effortlessly
down hill

swimming upstream
will tire you quickly

that's how you know
if your thinking 
is against the Universe


uh huh,
i hear you...
just try it

sooner or later
when you are completely exhausted
to the bone
and pass out...
you'll turn around
or more truthfully,
the River will turn you around
when you completely
give up the fight

it's only a matter of time

be thankful for Joy!

She is Your Guide

Let Joy be your Guide Today...
only Joy

where else would you possibly
to be?

it's the easy way...

Friday, February 21, 2014

joy of seeing

the joy of seeing

of curves,
amorphous shifts,
slithers, big bell curves
far grander than the
solar plexus systematic

time clock
patterned geometric
straight line (is it true?)
a line, but a series of "points"
(is it true?)
find it...
find the point.
can you?
have you ever even looked?
has anyone yet
found the point
in space?

of space?

blow your mind!

every thought you have ever thought
can't be found,
without a point...
"you" don't even exist...

oh the joy
of seeing
no thing
at all

Sunday, February 16, 2014


is internal

the painted mind,
colored lights
reflecting into shadows,
brilliant pastels,
pink, violet, green
shards of glass,
transparent glowing


oh such delight!
caught by surprise...
pure joy

this never seen before loveliness,
spilling all over my "kitchen counter"--
the mirrored candle holder
reflecting the sun's light

colorful kisses of light

from the inside

it can happen any time

because it does
happen every time,
every moment

breath taking internal beauty

all beauty
is internal

no thought,
no effort

just pure deLight!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


you are a seed
of infinite capacity

first a seedling
a twig
a young tree
more mature
grand, ancient, huge

squirrels' homes
birds' nests
1000's of insects
and burrowing creatures

shelter from the storm
breaking the wind
clothes hanging to dry on the branches
shade from the sun,
for the toadstools
the moss
the child
the snow

leaves by the bushel drop every year to grow the soil
to feed, to feed, to feed...all that walk the earth

and mulch the ground,
hide the mouse,
feed the worms...
bark for beetles to hide
and lay eggs

gestures of grace
against the sky,
a swing for the child

1000 years of this and more
then one day
a saw comes
and your towering ton falls heaving
to the ground
and they take you apart and apart and apart
and even grind you into dust

you become tables and chairs and beds and crutches
for soldiers who've just lost a leg,
and houses that shelter
new born babies
in your crib
on your floor,
your cradle

your toys, your blocks, your sandbox
and spoons in the kitchen to mix the oatmeal

you fuel the fire to warm the toes and light the night
and share your golden flames
and turn to smoke that floats up and out to the sky, the clouds, my breath

as eyes that watch
sing  songs with friends in a circle
holding hands
 all around

the ashes made into soap
to wash the pots and child's clothes
and hands
that rinse into the river and flow and join
the Spaciousness,
the Love,
the Seed
that Is
that ever Is

are a seed
of Infinite Capacity



and everything you see


Friday, February 14, 2014


we've got it all backwards.
The bank isn't where you keep your money/love;
it's where you give it away.
That's how we grow richer.
That's where we find out what we really are--
infinite, limitless, bottomless giver,
not a bottomless pit.

Our storehouse
is all of our giving.
Our poorhouse is all of our keeping.
There's no flow in it.
It's impossible for Love to flow
with the door shut tight.

What you give increases
as you give it away.
Everyone gains
as Love is shared.
Happy Valentine's Day to Me!
I give Everything first to myself
and then I am overflowing for all.
All my love to you sweethearts. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

i am

i am
the bird
that sings
in this play

in all the birds,
every voice is mine

i am
the main character,
every face,

every word
every sensation
every image
every sound
every fruit on every tree,
my juice,
for me

sweet tree of life,
amazing grace,
what comes
to pass

the light is on
to see
(the show)

the light that illumines
from within
each child

light sees
but itself

modulation of light
remains forever light

there is no darkness
in light

i am
every single bird
that sings
in this show

and only the sky, 
the wide open sky,

completely empty
of all birds

Sunday, February 9, 2014


isn't Joy what you really treasure?

so why not sit with Her
as soon as you wake?
in every spare moment,
all your spare change,
spare nothing,
to be with Joy

give no object
this false title

it is not theirs 
to give you

is there anywhere the wings of joy won't reach?
the softest feathers in all the world,
the most subtle touch in your heart,
skipping the beat

the space where no heartbeat is needed,
it's the skip over of all "laws"

joy needs no permission
no past
no education
no training
no recommendation
no friends even
no approval (that's hilarious)
to open the doors and all the shutters and windows
and let the sun shine fully in,
to dance on air
while folding clothes
or scrubbing floors
or even sick in bed

she doesn't need a penny
to laugh out loud,

nor a book,
nor glasses,
nor even eyes to see

she doesn't need lips to smile
nor ears to hear
nor sleep to rest

she doesn't need legs to travel
nor a car
nor even a home
or a roof over her head

the wide open outdoors,
nor a chair
to sit upon

what is it
you think you need
to experience your birthright,

pure joy

"There is one thought in particular
that should be remembered
throughout the day.
It is a thought of pure joy..." acim

who in the heck knows
what joy is going to do!
how joy will show up
or express!

what color

to be a bloke,

1000 names for Joy
and more!

a dictionary,
a set of encyclopedias,
a library,
in one language,
6909 languages
 and counting...

how many languages
to say,
to point,
to the wordless,

here are the rules
for Joy,
you say,

all Joy can do is laugh

what child is this
that makes rules
for her Mother?

"joy...a thought of limitless release,
limitless because all things
are freed in it."

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Absolute zero

God: Absolute zero friction

the cleanest spot on earth

she fell right through
the space
the hole

like a gleaming white swan

she fell

no thing to stop her

i am no thing

clarity: when "things" don't block the view

there is no place where seeing stops
 and a thing begins

Loving eyes hold Herself

to be hold
is but to see Love

Absolute zero friction

lighter than air, friend
even lighter
than air

thank you is the only appropriate response

salvation: nothing should be different

absolute perfection
praise God

Absolute surrender


hell: something should be different

"to the illumined mind
the whole world burns
and sparkles with light" (emerson?)

without resistance,
the white stallions charge,
the lilies remain
in perfect stillness,
yet all ways face the sun

it's but the sun
the entire world
that revolves
around the lilies


stillness is central

nothing should be different

this point of reference
is sanity--
the only point of reference
that can include and agree with
all other points of reference

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

technicolor boys

technicolor boys sloshing through the mud

i still see his face,
the fire in his eyes,
that blood flushed and sweaty skin,

the rush,
the task,
he gushed with

we've got to change the world!
we've got to change their mind!
we've got to stop them,
turn them to our own way,
the only way

i go to my death with this task,
i've no other reason to live--
a meaningless life
without this

to just sit
in stillness
and watch
the snowflakes
and float
and swirl
with no purpose(?)

no damnation upon anything

carried by the air
in every direction
no choice at all

just carried 100%

can i really live this way?

you do, dear one, you do

all the rest is but a dream,
a lie

have you ever taken even one breath
on your own?

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