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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Saturday, December 28, 2013



the end of the inner and outer,

no separation
without a wall,

without enclosure,

all endings but openings of spaciousness,

new airways open

beyond the stars,
beyond the perimeter
of these words

beyond any edge you can imagine

i am closer than close
to all that i am

no thing
at all,
no infinitesimal crumb between
myself and I

oh how i ran away from this lack of boundaries
oh how frightened
i imagined
complete dilation to be

God only gives

God only gives

and there is no more contraction,
no more contractual agreements
to tighten up and limit dilation

no more  penny pinching,
when all that is and isn't,
is already completely
yours, mine and ours

dearest love,
my deepest apology
for any thought of smallness
i ever breathed life into

expands every material object to its rightful infinity,
given back to Source,

another name for God,
for reality

for This

no "past" or "future",
only continuous dilation


every imagined particle

giving greater and greater space
to itself,
the Unknowable,


what are you?

I ask I

dilation is my experience

even as a contraction
appears to shut off the blood
in its vessel
and a throbbing headache
seems to build from the pressure
of the damning...

even here
as i so tenderly caress
this infant in my hands,
dilation gifts the deepest intimacy:
i with I

at last,
not to a little house of childhood,
but of Dilation,
where only That
beyond the concept of Infinity
can ever hold me



Friday, December 27, 2013


there is nothing anyone
can ever do or say
to make "you" feel better

be cause
that is not You.

You are not lack.

You are Overflowing

Your very nature is


the scent of Heaven
is strong
among us

and smell the roses,
we say

and take in
the scent
of your brother...
it was given him
for you

where are you running to
so fast,
you would leave this gift unopened?
and feel but emptiness
rushing toward the next and the next and the next...

leaving This

breathe in
your brother

let him
enter you

allow the Joy
of his heart
to be


the most beautiful flower
in all the universe,


your brother's heart,

be slow now

listen deeply
to the silence

the silence

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Christ showed up as my door today,

not at my door,
but, yes, as my "door"

stopped in my tracks
by its beauty

holy altar

infinite shades and shapes
of white

sunlight reflecting up
off the floor

i can't take my eyes
off of you


for such incredible beauty

ever present
every where

every where
every miniscule and gargantuan
in space
or not space

the "hinges"
stacked curves

like incoming waves
continuously changing reflections

as viewer shifts one micron in space
or time
never to be seen again

not even in memory

at last,
where Only Beauty exists

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

get out of jail free card :-)

The Path,
your path,
any path,
The Way of It,
this moment,

isn't pathological

what a pathological interpretation
that Reality,
what is,
is pathological

that's an insane perspective:

the sun (you fill in your word, worry, idol, criticism)
shouldn't be there

can you see the disaster
you make
of Heaven,
maximal Love,
the best it can ever be,

the simplest thing in all the world,
what is

only the intellect,
would complicate
the present moment

with an abstract past,
an abstract future,
an abstract, distant "foreign country",
an abstract "other",
abstract borders and boundaries
where there are none

aren't you always awareness?

watching thoughts/images/words
and "sensations"?

awareness is not hierarchy nor categorization,

awareness is not effort,

it just is

here is the kiss
of you
to you
to wake you

a get out of jail free card :-)

awareness has no cost...ever

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


are the stuff
of play

stirring the bowl of water
to watch the leaf spin around

soaping the bathtub
to slide down
and around

sledding hill,
ice skating,

packing snow,
crunching ice,

twisting up the swing
to let go and spin around

shaking pop
to watch it fizz

remember the stuff
of childhood?
mud between toes

what's your earliest memory?
lilies of the valley,

green plastic plate,
music man record,
brushing hair,
pink tufty bedspread

the stuff of childhood,

not one thing serious about it,

 it comes
and goes

 never stops,

no matter what we call it...

there is not one thing
you have control over

have you noticed?

someone told you once
that what you see
isn't supposed to be there,

it isn't so

it just isn't so

awareness is not attack

without a dime

"It is not Christ that can be crucified." (acim lesson 303)

Egolessness cannot be "hurt",

Egolessness offers everything I want.

Without one need,
without a dime to my name,
to hold,
to carry,
to grasp tight to  my fingers...

without one dime,
I am free
to ask,
to not know (that money is necessary, how to survive...)
what I am here for

beyond mere survival,
what Gift
am i here to share,
to offer?

it is This that provides for me,
is provided
and given

i'm not a body,
here but to take up space,
suck up resources
and compete with others
to eat

no, babes,
I am Song!!!!

do you hear?

every infant a new note,
a melody
of the continuing Love Song,
serenading me

every voice,
another word of Love,
every eye,
a flower

tree: Love
grass: Love
fence: Love
you: Love
me: Love
coffee cup: Love Song

appreciation is the only appropriate response
to anything

Gifts beyond counting...
beyond measure,

without one dime
to my name!

what am i here to give
right now?

and the archaic idea of getting
but dissolves to dust,
like the ancient yellow paper
it was written on

Merry Christmas to all,
You are the gift
to you
and to every one.

Thank you

Thursday, December 19, 2013

lifting the body off your brother

lifting the body
off your brother

what is there?

what do you see now,
holding his hand,
without the physical hand?

where is he?

isn't it but your Heart,
where he lives?

where else could he be?

is there a space outside your heart,
a space where your heart isn't?

a space Love did not create,
and ooze endlessly
through every pore?

a space in the universe
your smile doesn't warm?

would you put your brother
in a vacuum?

can it be that radiance
is a vacuum?

can it be that "my brother"
is  not "me"?


the unnameable


lifting the body
off your brother,
what is there?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

flight of a "U"

can you find your unworthy self in the word "unworthy", in the letters...?

oh oh oh

noooooooooo...i cannot

this moment
i discovered, uncovered, revealed
only love
for "U"

the smoothness,
the flowing curve
of Her,
surely a She!

feel it
like driving on a straightaway
and then slowly curving
and as you round the curve,
just like when you were a kid sitting in the back seat,
you are pushed to the outside edge,
the wall of the car,
the others leaning against you,
squeezed and sandwiched by your friends and family
 on a carnival ride...

and then as you emerge from the bend
you are released,
weightless once again

your finger, your lips,
 on a smooth piece of driftwood,
the polished curve of a pebble,
the warm clay
being rolled into "worms"
and the ends joined to form an endlessly curving circle

the U
like a skateboard ramp,
the boarder dives off,
gains  momentum
to rush up the other side
and pop up into the air, like dotting an "i",
to land on the ledge

swivel in midair
to drop back down
and fountain up to where she first
off the

and blessed
by such a

an enclosure,
a cupped hand
in which to travel
every possibility

a sweet "I",
flexibly doing her yoga,
bending in the middle,
as her "two ends", extremes,
 draw close to each other
and say,
i am not rigid,
i am not fixed,
i am not separate

straight, but in this moment,
my range is infinite,
i am here but to serve,
sweetheart, to serve

all this,
and i have hardly begun
to express,
to share
the wonder of  U

the doors have been opened,
the castle is lit

no, i cannot find unworthy in
these "letters",
these "shapes",
this Beloved
design and beauty,
that a scared lost ragamuffin
once tried to hijack
and blanket
with the meaning
of "unworthy"

listen but to the sounds
as you slowly allow each full nuance to be,
play with it, slow and fast, hushed and booming,
the music of U, n, w, o,r, th,y...
the dance,
the yoga of the tongue,
as this song
is released
to invisibly vibrate
throughout the entire cosmos

isn't this really
your heart's endless

Friday, December 13, 2013

bucks the tide


bucks the tide:

feed me,
prove prove prove
i am,
"i" exist,
am worthy

above all
don't stop

don't rest for a moment
or you may see
the spinning wheel,
so fast
so constant
so never ending

you may see the pattern,
the repetition,
of just 
in many forms:

feelings of unfulfilled,

standing still
in just this moment
can be revolutionary

i'm not hungry
i don't need,

all there is




it's being done,

no need to struggle,


bucks the tide

of "danger"

in stillness
i watch her flail about
like rumplestiltskin,
and simply disappear
in a poof of smoke

just a bunch of steam,
 a moment of sleep, forgetfulness,
he was his own dad   :-)

ripple down effect

of a bucking

a tide...

the world,
she wakes,
and remembers
she is


Thursday, December 12, 2013

what are you doing here?

sometimes you have to go back,
be cause
you missed it
the first time...

"what are you doing here?"
he said

she heard a tone
she heard lack of love
she heard rejection
she heard failure
she heard inadequacy

did not hear 
the question

are you

in just this instant?

no idea

without a past,
without a future...

maybe i'm here
to hear
the question

to hear
the rushing sound
of the "heater",

to see,
to feel,
the curve of the arm of the rocking chair

to hear
the creaking in the ceiling

to feel
cold toes,
the smooth flow of ink as pen moves across paper

to breathe,
to feel
the rise and fall of the chest,
in and out of nose

to see
on deck outside window

to see #78 light up in yellow
on the cable box

isn't that everything?

there will never be more than 'this'

if i can't completely love
this little heater
in front of me now,
whooshing and purring

i will never be more fulfilled
than this moment

if i deny this moment
its repetoire,
its choir,
without a name...

i will forever be lonely,
for the next hit...
to  kill
my nightmare
of NOT

in this little heater
is all of Heaven

exclude nothing
from Love's arena...

that's what's i'm here for,
to experience what its like
to exclude nothing
from Love

thank you, Aaron,
from the bottom of my heart
for asking such a profound
and direct question...

you have to go back,
be cause
you missed it
the first time...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

without exclusion of reality

the Lord is my Shepherd

I shall not want

it is  not of you,
it is through you

there is nothing you can do
to make Love happen,
or not happen

Love is.

break earth's stupid sleep
break of day light
break the fast of denial of Love

the Keeper of the Home
is forever at Home,
feels at Home
with everything,
every situation,
every thought

the sheep are my thoughts

the Lord loves his sheep,
let's no "lost" sheep ever be lost,
under the Master's watchful eye,

there's only ever been one to watch,
the "stray":

you have never ever been alone
since you/time arose
in the hand of the Master,
a 'wild' idea,

remember but to laugh
at the arrogance of
believing that the sun(rain, snow, person, voice...)
shouldn't shine today...
that it's too hot!(or cold!)

it simply should
be exactly as it is,
because it is

herein lies the peace of God--
plain as day,
no secret,
no long lifetimes
of spiritual seeking

you need look no further
for the error,
for the light,
for sanity

seek no more for anything
more complicated,
or higher

Truth is obvious
and could not be plainer
or simpler

everything else is deception--

that is the cause of all pain

be grateful it is so simple
and no further moment
is required for perfect joy.


radical (no exclusion of reality)


Saturday, December 7, 2013

quiet joy

it's a quiet joy--

a secret.

nobody else needs to know

some will see it as attack,
comparing themselves

you're lying, they say,
no one can be that "happy"

f@#k you! don't point out my sores,
make my pain greater,
telling me,
that if i wanted
i could choose otherwise
or that i should be happy...

now i'm doubly damned!


the peace
that passeth understanding
is very very quiet

a space
to love
it all

the feeling
is for

Pop! ple!

some things in life are just freely given

like joy
like humor
and the color pink!!!

can you imagine this world without pink?!@

oh so sweet potatoes
sink bubble bath
cheeks warming
pickles ripening in the sun
just a hint of pink
to kno' when ripe
and juicy to pluck
the free flowing juices

of joy
running through me,
the river runs through it all,

plopped into this moment,
what sweetness this holds
"art teacher" it says on the IRS form,

(ha ha ha ha!)
...says nothing,
about the "job",

hanging out with fun loving open hearted "women",
students of beingness
and exuberance

called past timidity,
despite reservation
and all hesitation
to join,
to play with 'This'!

a sandbox of burnt wood,
 colored liquids,
to splash, dabble,
pour and mix
with glee and ink,
tearing paper
and gluing it back together,
crooked, upside over lapping, kissing..."the other"
allowing hearts
free range


spontaneous pop! ple!

where "we" can literally sing out!
the radiance multiplies
welcomed, welcoming  and lovely tenderly drippling and 
no wording,
 just running down the page...

i love that!!!

the warmth is tangible
the outer image
is felt

siblime magic of 
a "paint crackle"

did nothing

to be

this love
of seeing


some things in life
are just freely given

like joy
like humor
and the color pink!

(and turquoise :-)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

out and under

she built her house,

and then
she moved out

so it is
in every moment

what is?

the house
wasn't her

it dawned on her
to take off her jacket
and the one under that
and every jacket she had ever tried on...

her skin
her bones
her grandparents
her father and mother, sister, brother

until there was no thing left
to take off...

and she could not contain
her smile

Thursday, November 28, 2013

the end of time

you have to tend the fire, honey,
if you want the girl to stay warm

she likes a little nudging
and a hospitable hello
with a wink (very important)
and a joke is good, too

if you leave the hearth untended...

she certainly won't go out
being the blaze of glory
that she is,
the stardust Herself
can actually melt the rock,
the ice
the tentacles of fear

oh she can light up the darkest corners
of the forest
where the little "varmints"
simply eating supper,
like any other self loving family,
mama feeding her babies,
 daddy digging out the cave

isn't it glorious the stars need no help
to burn so brightly?
no sacrifice
no daily ladder climbing to wash and persuade
and thank and encourage

the sparkling

She is the light

what a really silly, absurd, (denigrating even)
to believe
she needs a "man"
to tend her fire

who needs
a future
when you are in love
with yourself right now?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

once upon a time...

what is it that craves "excitement"?

that says, "This" is not enough,

what is it that says "This" is boring,
though yesterday
it wasn't

it cannot be
the "external", is there such a thing?

what is it that says this sensation
needs to stop?

what is it
that argues so?

this commentator
author of a story that isn't happening

is it a "ghost"?
that pretends to exist,
pretends to be right,
but isn't

should we give her a name?
this "princess"
that professes to have the world in order
that doesn't exist

shall we humor her--
amused at such imaginings?

certainly we do not need to fight her

what danger is a ghost
that loves to tell stories?

isn't that what we pay for
and call entertainment?

crumpled fingers

crumpled fingers
hold tight
to the crumpled

the hidden note
from the teacher
you dread to show your parents
is still there

sitting right there
on the floor
of your heart

a weight
that ties you to the dark room,
ties your eyelids
laced with a past
that labelled innocence

and told a darling infant
she wasn't shaped quite right--
if only she would sit still
instead of jiggle,
she would be safe

and the world of wonderland
became in that moment
a very dangerous place

crumpled fingers
hold tight
to the crumpled

open now
your hand
to see the ink
was but a passing thought
and long ago washed away
in the rain

it never had a life
of its own

for that teacher's eyes, too,
were sewn shut--
and who can teach a child
about the sun
when they live in the dark?

crumpled fingers

the currency remains

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Open your door

"The stillness of the peace of God is mine" (acim lesson273)

open the door

stay open

 let love in


can you just listen?
just hear it...

all thoughts
are welcome

at the inn

kick no one,
no thing,

no thing,
no conclusion,
but Love,

winging it to you (in every thought)

what you leave out
will incomplete you,
perceive you: "not enough"

only what you exclude
from you
will be lacking

as far as the eye can see
and beyond
to imagination,

it's all you

seek the lost 
they are but starving
for your love

feed your hungriness,
heal your heart,
'til the morning beams

and so it is...

no choice.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


How can illusions (past and future) satisfy the Son of God(now)? (acim lesson 272)

don't you think it's amazing
that peas come right out of the ground?!

cherries fall off
right outside the window

right now,
just look in your refrigerator!

beautiful rich black earth
old coffee grounds
effortless megatonsunstarship

and peas!
for heaven's sake!


how can you really fear
when you see such wonder?

we walk right by it
and don't even say
thank you


it must be Spirit,
 that can watch
without attachment,
just looks 
with compassion

the same appreciation
as an artist
looks on a curve,
a color/image/thought

sees a whirlpool
 bubble surface
and float...
a particle of dust
floating in sunlight,
living under other values
than gravity

it hasn't surrendered yet
to mind's regulations,
undefiable boxes

where does the slippery fish
slip in
to the pond
wholly round
and rolling,
in the silence of a tiny silver box?

in other words,
where do the children play?!@ ay ay ay ay...ay ay ay ay?

that is the question,
Mr. Adult Serious World:
at what moment did you forget to laugh?

the children haven't left!
and neither has laughter!

but those boxers
bit too tight!


some days 
there's a chattanooga choo choo
just waiting for you when you wake up

sitting on the sofa
the steam rises
through you,

there's no holding back
the surge
the coalshine
the floweasy

whistlin' dixie

shine those shoes
like daddy did

the smell of polish
the soft flannel
the waxy rubbing,
'til the sun hits it
and you feel it 
all the way through

they just come,
when you finally
give it all up

that's the joke, friend


multiplying zero

the mind is like a forest and a gas pump at the same time

you can be standing by the stove,
so far away in time and space,
last year
in california
on the phone
with an imagined voice

and before you know it
you are eating something

your mind is in the subway,
somewhere dark,
it traveled
at light speed

you didn't even know you were gone,
dreaming while "awake",
lost in thought,
but you can't even say where

you just feel the emotions and know it must
have shown you another world,
a fantasy,
where what is, isn't
and what isn't, should be

there is an uncomfortable knowing
that you left the baby out in her car seat,
but you can't quite put your finger on it

there's just something wrong with you,
and now that is wrong, too,
and like a layer cake
the mind pours forth
to jump on you
and deeper and deeper and deeper
is the original fantasy submerged

even a minor
couldn't find it
if he went in for surgery

cuz how do you actually find
and prove
what isn't there
in the first place?

and that's how the mind is like
a forest and a gas pump,
dark and prolific,
the unending multiplication
of what is not there

shedding our skin

we've shed our skin now,
those slippery black pants,
the sequined dress
and high heeled shoes

who needs to tower now?

a bridge isn't about height,
it's about connection,
not vertical reaches
to higher ground
to places i'm not

just a touching,
so very tenderly,
right here,
right now,
exactly where i am--
not one particle off reality

just touch 
and the separation
is gone
that never was,
but seemed to bear
a life of its own

what a glorious surprise
that death is not loss,
but connection with all that is...

without a note?

gray hairs are like notes on a scale

wouldn't music be incomplete without them?

is there such a thing
as a bad note?
a bad C#?

i heard an improv guy
once say a "wrong" note
is the beginning of a new song,
a new path,
a new direction

why isn't a gray hair seen so?
a soaring bird!!

a new path!

a letting go
of childhood?

the two yellow leaves
should be there
on the philodendron--
just right--
in tune with the hundred other green leaves
lavishing the end table
like curls of a magazine model

it's the two yellow ones
that catch my eye,
that invite me over,
to sashay down and around and up
with the rest

all green--how restful;
and yellow brings a wink
of caution,
slow down,
to the unstoppable
gift of motioning
to places unknown,
spaces unseen,
while in the crib
no gray hair...

Friday, November 22, 2013


" Your safety lies in truth, not in lies" acim p425 (wb)

Truth: What is 

no choice
no decision
no other
no opposite

no past 
no future

just "this"

fear requires "a future"--a nanosecond ahead of this one and therefore does not exist 

now is all there is,
in reality, truth

guilt requires a past--a nanosecond behind this one--in order to look back on/imagine and judge it, and therefore does not exist

can never exist now

which is all there is 
in reality, truth

Identify with love/now
and you are safe

Identify with love, and you are Home/now,
the only place you can ever be

Identify with love
and find your Self

there is no where else it can possibly be
but now

Your safety lies in truth/now
not in lies--imagined past, imagined future

Grace always now

you can never leave the now(God)
no matter what you think
what you do 
how much you protest

safe forever
in reality

very kind

herein lies the end of all suffering/ the Peace of God--What Is

the "death" of anything, but Love

all "wishes" that anything be different that It Is,
is the fear of God/Love,
"your" death.

Oneness: (very simply) What Is


Friday, November 15, 2013

tick tick tick


like sand paintings,
a child's sand castle,
and there is joy!
 in it's "destruction!"

 the little boy kicks it up
and jumps on it and
scoops it up to build something new

 (it's destruction. is it true?)


was it ever really a castle?
or was it always just "sand"?

is it "sand"?
or bits of a huge "rock"?
a "mountain"?

all ground up
that once flowed
as lava,
liquid rock.
is it possible--liquid, rock--
that opposites
be one?

life and death.

could they be one?

not opposites?


i have given myself everything
i have ever experienced

the sleigh
the slaying
of goods piled high
toppling over

yes, i have given me
every interpretation
of every moment
of every "person"
(that's a "person". is it true?)

every loving kiss
every promise...
every sin
every rejection
every sparkle
every miracle
every "death"


the story told
that seems to unfold
before my eyes,

but created these "eyes"

behind these "eyes"
all concepts

the untold
the unspeakable...

un speak able

un judge able

absolute absence of the ability to judge

to distinguish

Itself from Itself

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


and I am back into the correct perspective,
receiver of all that is,
given this "life',
a baby
not knowing

respecting something much bigger

Wisdom caring for me
ever watchful
experience pre-seen,
nothing new

'my' future,
It's "past"

long ago outgrown

holding here my hand
the bridge
"seen it all..."
seen it through to the complete fall
of the temptation
to believe there are two

Monday, November 11, 2013

apple, apple on the tree

without the thought "i created myself"

i see i am the apple on the tree

i've done nothing for  this juiciness
no one can stop the process of ripening
nor stop the bees from buzzing and pollinating
nor my scent from wafting
nor the sun from warming me
nor the moon's gentle gravitation from tiding even me...

the storm
the lightening
the rummble of thunder
is all undeniably part of me

and bonk!
just in time
dropping to the earth,
not in charge,
i start to melt
to ooze and liquify
and pour back into that which i came from

the seeds within
and sprout and sprout,
it is done

"i" can claim no credit,
no ownership,
for any thought
any idea
any Love

"i" did not create myself,
here is found the end of guilt--
for it alone would attempt to prove,
to convince "you"
that "you" did
it all

take no credit for anything--good or bad--
and you are free
for there is no good or bad
and only guilt would pray it so.

without constriction

this moment,
     no need to leave
     no desire to leave

gratitude opens fully to see
to receive
all that is

without gratitude,
eyes shut tight,
vessels  squeezed --no flow of blood, oxygen

suicidal microscopic vision
cannot even see
the sun!
blazing everywhere,
but inside the shut eye

gratitude is
but an open eye

only look!
you cannot  miss it!
oh oh oh the wafting gentle touch
so tender

without constriction,
your prey lives,

dances merrily about,
see the dresses
petticoats sway and furl
deliciously to the
rhythm of your heart!

let your heart
as big at the sun,
bigger still
and see
what is!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

take it off

a leaf

you lay these words
on the unnameable
the wild
the free
the un born

how dare you rip the life away
from that yet to be

oh don't you see?
don't you see?

the unspeakable
the impossible

"a leaf"
you say,
and fail to look,
the end of the search,
the end of "it".

dead end: "leaf"
"i know"

no no no you don't
know the splendor
the infinity
as long as you name it

you stop opening opening opening
to Divinity

that leaf is you.
if it is small and dead and boring,
unworthy of awe,
then so are you, brother.

that dirt,
that rock--
you, sweetheart, you.

is it separate from you?
then oh how lonesome,
how very heartsick
you must be,
and to proclaim anything else
is but denial

you are incomplete
if you leave one leaf

take off the name!
and begin again
to wonder...

how wonderful
a world of wonder

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank Youniverse

Thank Youniverse
for this house, roof, walls, windows, light
jade plant, keyboard, washer, rug, floor, kitty
warm lap, blanket, heater, lamp, pen, hand that writes
ink, paper, ice, water, couch, legs!

have you given thanks for your legs today!!!
your foot
every toe

do you see the care?
every detail,

to drink out of
carry across the room
Christmas cactus overlapping joining
painting of treeish shapes drizzles and drips

whispering pine branch catches eye
so gentle
it dances
and the surrounding branches a bit wilder

waving crispy "leaves"
continuous flow of shifting shapes
so light
most of the others
have fallen
this cluster remains
for me
such grace,
this detail

nothing too great
fuschia blossoms still shining

yoga mat
2! blankets
pillows on the floor
yes, far far far more to be grateful for
than i can ever say

all the letters
in just one book!

lack is only 
complete denial
complete blindness
to what is
right here
right now

pure grace

death: (of "me", ego--the only death possible) realization that it's not possible that anything could be different than it is right here right now

if I believe/conceive this thought/dream, i miss everything that is.  (insane perspective of ego/"me": "i miss everything".)

thank you for being!
love, joy

Friday, November 1, 2013

sipping raindrops!!!

open meadow
fields of gold
mile after mile after mile of corn
farms, soil burgeoning dairy
ice cream cherry trees laden

morning has broken
for the first dawn

ever This

there is sunshine in your coffee!!

the very hottest rays burned through the atmosphere
right in these beans

this water fell right out of the sky!

sipping rain!
ooh... and warm sunlight

the sweetness!

what must i be now?
but also this fiery warmth
simply radiating
in all directions
without any effort at all--
nothing i can do to stop
the warmth i share

and rain,
yes raindrops!
flowing through,
watering my mouth
skin, nose,
even falling down my cheeks
right out of my eyes,

watering my heart

oh what shared gifts

i, just a raindrop
i, a swoosh of sunlight
i, a handful of ground up beans,
earthworms, too--
can't survive, not one breath,
without the earthworms

so sweet, so humble
to crawl,
to slither
in the home i am,
not one quarter inch above it

what gargantuan effort it must take
to try to convince myself i am separate...what a story!!!
and why!?

what is there at all to be gained?
what is this "you" claim to be that is greater than the sunshine,
a raindrop, and a worm?
Can you make coffee out of thin air?

so all else you claim
as a separate entity
is nothing but
thin air...

a crock
of nothing...

the sparkling raindrop remains...ever freely falling to you, through you, as you and out up into the sky

just One

Good Morning!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

behold his single eyelash

behold his single eyelash,
so tender

in his eyes

what spirits him?
lives him?
lifes him?

not at his "body birth,"
but in this moment,
what incarnates him,
moves his lips,
drives his life?

his single eyelash,
the glory
the splendor
the miraculous curve
unquestioning service

can you really find sin

where in this miraculous being
can you find
that is not love?

even his toenails
are spectacular,
tortoise shells,
so steadfast
so kind

doesn't the call move him, too
in every detail?

the call
to realize
the lie,
the dream,

to wake up,
to see only Love,
bursting Heart!
welcome home to family, friends,
re-union of Self

lost puppy forgotten

tell him he is safe!
no words necessary
you know
you walk together

tell every person you meet or think about today,
you are safe,
in Spirit
Your Identity, beyond question

or perhaps you think
the sin
is in his thoughts

travel inward now
in to his "brain",
where in this moment
does the "sin"

he's a member of the republican party, you say...



so obtuse...
he loves ideas!

he's a lover of certain ideas!
is that the crime?

he's just like you!

what is the idea you love
that would make him
your enemy?

his eyelid now,
so very very tender...

Friday, October 25, 2013


Love can never come.

It's here already.

Thursday, October 24, 2013


"all illusions are threatened by truth" (acim t508)

from getting
to having--
holding the space
no lack

no demands=fusion

fused: powered, empowered

confusion=making demands of another

to demand of you,
i must make a "you",
who has more
than "i",

without demanding you have something i don't
we are fused

to ask for nothing from you
we are equal
in the asking

we ask together of our One Self
knowing it is there

by our asking we affirm
the Answer is

we simply state we are ready,
to listen

asking is not demanding,
asking is invitation,
my door is open

isn't it quite funny
I assign to everyone else in the world
"they hold more",
something I want,
my joy

do you see the extra lump in the sleeve of their sweater? :-)))

and here,
my safety lies?!@

how futile a plan!

how is it even possible...
how much obfuscation we must manufacture
to not see 
the absolute
nonsense of this plan

the clarity of the nonsense
is plain

there is no sanity
to be found here,
seek no more to study it
and come up with an answer

nonsense only produces nonsense

how very very simple the return of sense--

All life
All love
is me

i am the holder of all possible joy

the only place

without a demand on anyone
i am wholeness
the entire universe
infinite intelligence

no enemy anywhere

deprivation and insanity are one

without demands,
my brothers are but fountains,
ever flowing fountains
of surprise

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


the man without any words
drew a picture

leaning this way



unable to describe the infinite
the invisible

starting here
She threw a word up into the sky

and someone one found it
the next day
laying on the ground

it became "a duck"
carried with her

in her favorite pocket
to pull out
and point to
with anyone she met

she pointed to the card,
is what i am

and her eyes
now glued to the card
could not shift back
to enter
her very own kingdom

wordless splendor
endless hallways
bottomless living rooms

born now
no name
no fence yet
corraling the Unknowable Mystery




no clanking
to mutilate
the unformed

prior to saw

like rock paper scissors

no weapon of any kind
is not a pistol that can hurt,
nor could it shoot at one
except to pierce open the heart with love

smiles rise on hilltops
roosters not ever the first to crow
no one first
no one last
no one future

just one simultaneous smooch with Itself

invisible between the seeming visible

inner to outer
outer to inner
no place where it stops
no river crossing border

one continuous epiphany,
every word, label,
a lie

oh to be whole,
feel the wood on your chest

isn't it so sweet
this kiss
this wink
the gentlest almost imperceptible twittering of "a leaf"


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

all points

"i", mouse, did not create my Self/Joy

and "i" cannot uncreate it

all "i" can do is tell a lie about it,
that it doesn't exist,
and that hurts

pain is kind
to correct,
to notify
me of such an error

Lady Grace
welcoming to all,
All encompassing

Joy is the Father of all that is,
there's nothing you can do to change that--
to change who your Father is,
and so your nature

no loss is possible in Joy
that Joy=loss

She so easily spreads her wings,
can light from bridge to rooftop to treetop, steeple

high in the sky
grazing the surface of the sea
swooping up
in circles
carried on the breeze

all directions equal

all points home--that's it, friend

do you want to know the secret of eternal Joy?

all points, Home

She never leaves What She Is,
it's not possible

All Points

paint by number,
every color
every nuance: Joy

the fire, Life

Sunday, October 20, 2013

something's happening?

something's happening.

is it true?

electrical excursions
seem to sway and gyrate

perpetual motion...

it is true?


i "call" it...
from the past,
someone told me...
called "it" that.

was that "it"?

 calls for space

is there space in the mind?

what's three inches to the left of that thought?

isn't that a joke?

a thought takes up space?

how much does it weigh?

where's the scale to place it on?

how do you ever place the thought
on the scale?


does the reflection in the mirror
weigh as much as "you"?
or are you fooling yourself
all the time?
you have any weight at all...
this image,
this set of beliefs...?

prior to believing it to be a "tree"(a body)
were you lighter?

a scoop of this,
a dash of that,
is there any reality at all to "your thought"?

like you even think there's a "you" who owns
and came up with them--

then how come everyone else
has the identical thoughts?

just maybe they all came from the same bank, Source,
or maybe it's all just a bunch of mirrors

are there 250 yous
if you look into 250 mirrors?
proof you exist x's 250!


a war  of thougths?!@
do you see the joke?

this no thing attacking this no thing= no thing happening

ashes, ashes, we all fall down


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


"who can attack his savior
and cut him down,
yet recognize his strong support?" (p502 acim)

I forgive me, Love,
for I have been mistaken
and knew not what I did.

"how can he live
with all your sins upon him?" (p501 acim)

resurrect Him now,
let him breathe,

see the sparkle in his eyes

he owes you nothing,
but is only God
to behold

your brother
without one demand 
upon him

and see
has always been
right here

Saturday, October 12, 2013


just landed

on earth
on the sofa

no idea what why how
i'm here

all books
transparent pages
past is gone
concepts dead

what now?

ask now?

seeing through every object--transparent

where can the answer lie

perhaps "nothing"
is the answer
you've been seeking

always seeking for something--
you couldn't see
the no thing

surrounding you,

i missed it,
being everywhere
and couldn't be
more obvious!

seeking something--having already decided...conceptualized

i couldn't see
the answer was not to "get" anything--
but only to let go
what i was holding on to...

i was holding


no thing


open land

the Frontier,

where all you can do is fall--
in Love

no control
no knowing

just falling forever

wonder what that would be like?

brand new

thank you re turns now

Friday, October 4, 2013

flood of Love

right in this moment

without the thought
there's anything wrong

the gushing of God
the flood
cannot be stopped

no damn can hold back
the Power
the Force
the Flow

no spot of dry ground
no spot untouched by the floodwaters
no holdouts

all arguments drowned out,
the illusion of control
seen for what it is--

c'mon little stick, really?

you are water
you are Love

you are not something separate
no blockage possible in reality
Nature is Love

no nail
can hold Love
to the cross,
though she doesn't mind--
she doesn't object...

Her Place is everyWhere

Shoot Me!
if that is what you need
to wake up

i understand
i cannot be

the flood of Love closes in in in

every hole filled in
and overflowing

only this is true

Monday, September 30, 2013

Surprise! Surprise!

every name a word for God

1,000 names for Joy
every word, every thing...God

human design


infinite words to describe the infinite

without light
you can't see any of it

not one stone

there must be some light
some where


in this (now),
the only possible
place/time to see

if it exists at all
it must be here now

without a name,
prior knowledge
let go of all names
and the Unity is obvious

my Heart right outside the window!

so i can see it

my Heart, right in my brother's

oh Heart oh Heart!
that surrounds

Surprise! Surprise!  I live inside you!
forever encased
in supply
forever wombed

Oh Heart
Oh green leafy Heart

would you reject your very own Heart?!

the very beat, words, he says?

would you miss the whisper
the laughter 
of your very own Heart

its you "out there"
you, that comfy home
where your neighbors sleep

that kitchen
that supermarket

oh, the rain of Heart
how sweet the tears
that wash and clear
and quench our thirst
for our very own

every  name
a word
for Heart!

hiking through Joy

there's an inner landscape

just like out there

emotional gravel,
cool damp caves
with water trickling down,
there's moss
and marsh

just like music
there's thunder
and lightening sometimes
that shocks you
and wakes you up
in the middle of the night,
the sound of rain drenching your roof

it's just like that.
i didn't know

mom taught me to be sunny

i failed
to be sunny
year round

you know, sometimes
night just happens,

sometimes there's barely a crescent,
though it never disappears completely

sometimes there's actually a harvest!
and all the corn comes in
and we feast on fresh corn on the cob
and peaches
for two weeks...

but even that gets old
and a new landscape
arrives just in time

for a long time
i dreaded the depth of the ocean.
i thought it was the end of the world,
the land of no return

i'm so glad to finally see
it's all
just me

it's all
just me

Hello, Joy

Feel the Texture
just feel the landscape

on this stroll...
this inner hike through the gorge

thanks, Mama

without a name

without a name...(looking at "chair", "rug", "blanket", "sofa", "plant"....)

Amazing Grace

by what i've been "missing"
from my awareness


absolutely graced
by assistance

so interconnected
"a pair of glasses"
we say
oh so much more
SO MUCH more


gravitationless pulse
im pulsing

ex plosion

shakes it up
all ways

the down up
the up town
the north west
and best of all

no body cares
if her dress flew off
over her head
and reached up
into the sky
passing the sun,
the clouds,
the moon

the flying ruffles,
faces looking up from their work, efforting,
to marvel
at the breaking of all laws
they thought kept their belts
buckled reliably
and comfortably

only now
to see the brazen red fluff
on her own
above it all
outside all confines

freely be tossed
to where ever she is carried

no strings tied
no speck of atmosphere
off limits

thank you, doris (why not, doris?)
for your complete abandon
of all laws
of gravity

i love you/me

fly, peeps, fly!
just notice,
you are

Saturday, September 28, 2013

You are an American. Is it true?

This is the link to Byron Katie's September Newsletter.
There is a powerful video of Katie doing The Work with a "Palestinian" who has been suffering so much he is suicidal. Really worth watching.

You are a Palestinian. Is it true?

oh, to be wrong!

I want to be wrong!

 about limits
 about smallness
 about time
 about separation

and the whole whirled
melts into me

borders dissolve
boundaries disappear

your face is mine
your eyes
your heart
no gap

i see you roll in like an ocean wave
on to the shore

i want to be wrong!
and all my friends return

the Son shines brighter

I want to be wrong!
about my mother being an adult
and see but the innocent child
she still is
and so my innocence is returned

I want to be wrong!
about air  pollution
and see there is no problem ever
but a belief
that "i am small and separate
and cannot afford clean air"

it's just a "thought"

oh so blessed
so very blessed
to be wrong
and clear the way
for what is unbelievable
to the "believer"

Thursday, September 26, 2013

warm oranges


warm oranges still hanging on the branch
something so right
so fresh

it won't "keep" another instant
it's not meant to

here's another 
brand new

a whiff 
of fresh cut grass
exploding caps
on the sidewalk
with a hammer


daddy long legs
can't hold still forever

why would i?


Integrity is the fire
that burns through all else

releases back to carbon
the fallen leaves

back to source
back to elements
back to no thing

how beautiful to dissolve
to watch,
the dissolution
of a once hardened

i couldn't see you
from over there,

with eye cast down
i could not see the Son

could not see the far shore,
waving hands,
smiling faces

i couldn't see you, Father
with my crooked neck
locked to the left

and being right,

right hand man of "god"

i completely missed
my soft kindness
nestled just to the left,
just a bit higher,
just even a bit lower

Oh Father,
i am so sorry.
i missed you,
being stuck
looking looking looking outside

i missed seeing you
right here

This Sunday...

I'll be leading the 11am Gathering at The Rocky Mountain Miracles Center in Denver. Would love to see you there.  Love, Joy

birthed now

there is no need to try and swim

do you really think you can beat the current
be left

laying on your back,
on the surface

no steering wheel

nothing between
you and God

no separate "brain"
you are not smarter than the stars
nor the rocks
nor the fish

the Force that created you
is still creating you

you are only ever
being born

Mother is providing
Mother is moving you

where are you sourced from right now?
holds the answer to every problem
you think you might have

every problem you think you might have
is sourced by
where you are sourced from

there is no need to try
and swim

lay back
and notice
The Current

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


fingers of One Hand,

God has provided

we know
under it all

under the mountain of laundry,
under the sea of wasted time.
under the squashed hallways
and narrowed vision

no one needs eyes
to see

no one needs a nose
to love

no  one needs hands
to gently caress

no one needs words
to communicate

the light remains.

no one needs money
to provide,

the provision.

no one needs a body
to maintain
God exists,
that Love emPowers

has provided

we know

under it all

even all this--
hasn't silenced
The Call

they are at your gate


step forward
to the gate of departure
from the old face

the guests have arrived

they have been waiting
for so long
for just this moment
no mask

they need to see
what it is

that they too can see
it is not fear
under the mask,
but freedom

all those outfits

my goodness,
isn't it heavy to wear a whole closet full of clothes?

no wonder its hard to move, to shift, to breathe
anything really fresh

all those strings,
spider web

they are here now
at your gate

right in your eye

the mask can't cover everything

the window remains
forever transparent
that light can travel freely
all ways

open or shut
light remains streaming

they are at your gate

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grace Avenue

Without the "future"...

Grace Avenue

She rocks me

waves of asphalt

the once hardened,


juvenile playfulness
holds nothing to its form

crayons melt on lightbulbs,
don't  you know?

and bring brilliant colors,
solid into liquid,

transformation is normal

crusty earth into mudpies,
sandcastles built up all day long
only to be stomped and jumped upon joyfully
into ditches and waterways

in one wave,
melting all,
as the tide comes in

comes in, comes in
as it does

just like thoughts
and feelings feelings feelings
only to go,
you see,

ask any child

tears come and go
as the sun and moon follow each other
round and round and round
up and down and down
and up
goes the street, the scraper
to fall

it must
you know

the Way
The Way
the way
transformation is normal

holding on to any thing
is like trying to put brakes on the earth,
take your flagpole out of the ground
lift up your heels

and watch, honey,
as your skin
sheds itself

wonder full
is happening

hap pen ing

Grace Avenue,

without a "future"
i ride
a rising

what is

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Just be separate, honey...

connection rolls in
flows in
escondering high high higher up
to the atom most sphere...

the height,

pauses but for aninstant
to f a  l    l


crashing into itself


to land...


but onto,

no fear
no fear
no fear,

there is only you, only You
to crash into
to be up against
the wall
of you

it falls
in the crash

right there
upon meeting
upon impact

you meet you
and see

yes, see
you've never ever left

Safe at last
just to see

there is no way
you can ever
leave your Self

Spray! it,
sisters and bros,
Sing it out
loud and clear

there is no way
any where
any time
can leave

even a dark stormy drenching mud sliding gushing flooded night in the movie theater
is held
in Love's warm motherly Hand

sweet dreams, baby...

i love you
and the whole world is but
an echo

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Let it take you!


let this child's play be done...


but to melt the paved cemented road

of hardness
to follow the past

in to the Sky!

where freedom is not cemented
into place

making obstacles
for thoughts that stream

clouds are not hindered
by bridges
nor towers
no matter
how high,
no matter how big
the lie

have you noticed

when cold meets warm?

the ancient tear,
as warm melts
the iced,
the frozen
to beat

that the flow may
bring in the new,
carry out the old

wash through
wash through
washing through,
the Ocean,
of Wisdom

never ending

the flooding of the ancient Nile
but delivering nourishment
to every cell

no grain of sand
left outside
the Ocean,
the Ocean,
of Nourishment

how much Joy
are you willing
to experience?

let the Flood
take you!

break you!

and spit you out,
ground off edges
freshly exposed
lacy center

landing in a land unseen

without a past
without a face

just bare

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Teleclass: Ending The War on Death

Hi Friends,

At the end of August 9 years ago, my son Aaron killed himself.
The painting below was done as the crumbling walls of the old Joy allowed something truer to be revealed. 
Aaron was born on September 8, and it's quite a gift to me that I am just now giving birth to a brand new teleclass 
available to anyone on the globe
called Ending The War on Death.
Six 90 minute sessions starting in November. 
You can choose either Tuesday evening or Friday morning (Denver time).
Please visit 
for more information or to register.

Let those whose broken hearts, and black empty holes weigh them so heavily down to earth, the cross, the death of themselves, hear this invitation. I know your pain. I am here for you. You are not alone. There is a Way through this. And there is no hurry.

The gifts are right here in this very spot. You cannot get any closer.

Many people said to me, they could not imagine what it was like for me. 
I am not afraid to be with you in it.
I don't need you to budge an inch.
You are everything you will ever be or have right now.

One of the things I really got at my lowest point was that no one else
could ever say or do anything that would make me feel better.
And after that a miracle occurred and I really experienced for myself
that I am not the black hole that is empty,
but the black hole that is full, infinitely full--
Mysteriously overflowing and I'm not doing it.
It's just what I am.

I am truly and deeply grateful as I continue to open and be undone.

There's something about this painting that so moves me. I don't have the words.
Let me thank the Universe publicly again.
Children never die.
As Byron Katie says, "No one can ever leave me. It is not possible." Amen.

All that's left when the lies are undone, is gratitude.
Tearful, heartful, from the depth of my soul, Gratitude.

Please share this with anyone you know who you think might benefit.

Blessings and gratitude,

Radiance (Pastel and watercolor)

Sunday, September 8, 2013


weather report:

crumpled tangled wire

meteor shower

damned if you do,
damned it you don't...

can you just watch it?

as the partials spiral through
catching but a glimpse of each shiny edge

flashing red sign,
 alarm squealing



can you just stand there

and watch it?


 this morning
in the shower
 i can.

i see it's just a sign
i see it's so ancient
i see it's just telling me to repeat the past!

i see it can't even think
i see it's just mechanical
i see it has a very limited vocabulary
and repertoire

the alarm grows quieter
the flashing lights are just that

i see this instruction
has never brought me

Do this and this and this...
and it doesn't even care if it contradicts

that's where the tangle
the crankiness
the shouldn't have stay up so late...
can't do it all....
loss is guaranteed thick sticky humidity feels

sticky is Sticky
until a

slow down

brings it to a

Stand. Still.

watching a lightning bolt
is really quite amazing

it's all really just trying to do its best,
its job

All that Power in just one instant!

that's You

"all power in Heaven and earth is you" (acim)

ALL of it.

isn't it really quiet amazing
there's a "meteor shower" in your mind?

aren't you just a bit curious?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

where are you?

circus performers!

watch them leap!

high wire trapezius

swings throuuuuughhh
right into the clear space

steals the show!

ring leader
of the fire and hoops

grabbing your attention
pounding your heart

all the while

you are just sitting still

on a bench
made of a beautiful tree

or aluminum someone dug out of the earth
and made
just for you, this day, this hour, this moment

under the shelter
of a tent

surrounded by 50,000 hearts,
100,000 hands
for holding
for hugging

in the moment of the flashing siren...

You don't exist

"How easily are guilt and God confused
by those who know not
what their thoughts can do." (acim L197, p.377.2 wb)

Friday, September 6, 2013


it's an attitude



not closed

mind is a holder
a boxer
it can't conceive of now

never before (zero past--to hold)

What is so much bigger than it
what is continually increasing in scope

what is un done

 so much bigger than the mind--
here to do little tasks,

not run the show
not the Inspiration
not the LifeForcePowerWaveUnstoppableUnstartable
Magnitude inous

servant of It,
but NOT the whole Banana

earwax is part of the whole, too,
but i don't worship it

it's the baby,
not the Father

attitude of baby

without all the encyclopedic

to acquiring

prior to
beliefs...pasting them on, dividing up what cannot be divided

i am not separate from my Father,
nor my brother,
nor the earth that breathes and waters green juicy soft squishy harmonicas (just try to find that one in the dictionary!)

What is not in the dictionary is there!

the unseen, Love, 

from the inside out

attitude of baby
still crawling

be in no hurry to leave the support of the floor!

all things
to the earth


all things
come to you
on the floor

no need to strain,

to pluck a star
from the sky...

stars fall too!

seeds fall
and sprout

water runs down the hill
to you

lay lowest, brother baby
let all things
 roll to you

perhaps it was confusion
that told us to reach up,
climb the mountain,
at a place we were not

laying right
in the puddle

in the soft dimple,
the cupped hand,
our natural resting place

of the mind--

only ever
this position
is true:

You do not know.


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