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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

no mistake

there are no accidents

no mistakes

it is impossible that we could have done a single thing differently

given our belief
our behavior is inevitable

one with our thought

a mind identified as body must do body things
a mind identified as Love must be happy

behavior is a distraction

all Freedom, Joy, Peace

we own the Universe

no mistake
about it

Monday, June 29, 2009


we don't take the ego thought system seriously
it's a pre-recorded message

it reacts the same way to everything....

it's never enough

in the end, god damn it!

it's not alive

it's not concious

there's no real thought in it

nothing new can ever come of it

would you really believe
listen to
and react to
a talking doll?

next time you are tempted....
it's a pre-recorded message

all you did was push the button again

safe or happy?

do you want to be safe
or happy?

i had a very vivid dream last night

right at the edge of a beautiful golden cliff

overlooking incredibly beautiful sparkling water
far far below

there's a glider or something that i can hang onto
and fly out into the sky

away from the cliff

into an experience of freedom and beauty and height and breadth

and i know this is a choice

between holding onto fear (safety/the ground)


letting go of fear (happiness)

i am certain that if i fear
i will sink
i will drop

if i am without fear
i will remain completely capable
of soaring freely
solidly upheld

filled with wonder and joy
in this ecstatic moment

a gift far beyond the ordinary (safety)

is ancient "safety"
really more fabulous
than present joy?

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Love is Source

we reSource ourself

giving back
what we denied

to remember
is to reSource

ever re-Source-full
we are always able
to fully recover Source

our natural reSources are infinite (not finite! not finished.....never ending.....ever increasing....expanding...extending....

we need not clearcut anyone or anything

we need never take or get

still part of Source
our nature is infinitely Joyfull
cannot possibly be contained
or detained
even for an instant

it is unrealistic
to think we could ever get
anything by taking

it is but a statement of lack
that can produce nothing but more of itself

it is unrealistic to think
a thought of lack
could bring happiness and fullness

it is unrealistic to think
anyone could ever give you more
than you already have

here is all freedom!

i am
that i am

my life is what i am

no one
no thing
can ever

we are
as Love created us

Love is Source

of everything!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


what would Joy do?

what would a mind do
that was completely without fear?!

oh, honey!
she would dance dance dance!!!
and sing!

all around the room
lighting fires everywhere she went!

effervescent news!

stop everything for just a minute!

do you realize this is a day of and for Paradise!

absolutely no more waiting

not one second

now is here

the moment we have all been waiting for

you can have anything you want

what would you give yourself today?!
right now?

Go wild!
How much God are you willing to accept?
how much happiness will you give yourself?
how much love will you give to yourself today?

heap it on!
way over the top
go completely far and beyond what you ever considered

see it
feel it
it is real
it is what we are

it is true

i love this!!!
i love sharing this!!!!
i love
that all power in Heaven and earth is us
for our eternal Joy!!!!

i give all of us happiness beyond our wildest
imagination right now!

we are free

and so it is

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


today i watch my concepts

is it true?

am i hurt?
am i a body?
am i lacking?

all the same concept

who am i without that concept?



i am not a body

there are not two "mes"

i am the watcher
completely whole and at peace

let me stay Home today
and remember i am simply watching a movie

let me remember
i am Joy

let me laugh

at any other idea

let me laugh at my ideas of
bank robbers
good guys and bad
and superheros
and "damsels in distress" :-)

oh, most Loving God of All that IS
my deepest truest desire is to
there is


we see only the past
all past learning
past associations

all relationships...

we know nothing of them

everything is brand new in this moment

nothing has gone before

we would open our eyes/mind today

for the first time

and see
what really is

truly Infinity is everywhere

depth and meaning

grace and beauty

so vast

we need not look far and wide

indeed, don't

we but place our eyes
our love
and attention
to but the one tiniest thing
closest to us

and see
how it holds
all we really need

all God is

when we give it our Love
it is complete

and we see
that all we ever thought
was lacking
was but so patiently
and innocently waiting
to receive our love


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stairway to Heaven

do you ever think you are going nowhere?
up and down?
around in circles?
back and forth?
making no real progress at all?

do you ever feel like you are losing ground?
starting over after many years of work?
having setbacks and delays?
like you will never get it?

little child,
it is not so

there is only upward
your experience is truly but a stairway to Heaven

every step
every thought
every trial
good or bad
happy, sad
intense with rage or fear

but brings you closer
to the Face of God
judge not where you are on the path
if you judge anything as but upward,
it is not true

God's Love is too intense
to let a child wander alone in the dark
without His Help

For time does stand still
and only waits for us
to get off the elevator
and see
that it
is so.

it's over


ego identification
the past


today we celebrate to see it's just a painted curtain!

what a trick!

how amazing we could do this to ourselves

our own mind could devise a way to fool us

to put up a scene
"out there"
for us to look upon

and glue our attention to it

like an incredibly powerful

under the power of our own hypnosis

we couldn't take our eyes/mind
off the body
the world
the fear
for more than an instant

we thank God that's all that's needed
for us to see the whole game
from a different perspective

we thank God
from the depths of our soul
and unto Eternity
that Reality is not this trick
and that we are on to it.

today we would remember
as we look around
we are not bodies
we are free

we are the dreamer

we are behind the curtain

All Power in Heaven and earth is Us
for our Eternal Joy

Monday, June 22, 2009

enough already!

would really leave your happiness up to someone else!!@#$

have you been hoping and praying all your life for an apple in your life to turn into an orange
and start producing orange juice?

oh sugarbaby!
you come down here right now!
you must be higher than a kite
thinking such things!

would you really let go of the leash of that darling
amazing luscious new puppy
you welcomed into your heart?

would you just let her run
lost in the dark?!

would you not
care for her?

would you not care
for you
as much as a puppy?

take hold of the reins!

one more time....
because we cannot hear this too much...


take possession of/responsibility for
your Happiness!!!!

no one will or can ever give it to you

the apple will continue to produce apple juice forever!!!!!

your job

yours alone

(absolutely no one else's)

is to so tenderly care for your Child,
your Beloved Joy,
with all your Heart

and you will be amazed
when you look again at that apple
how wonderful apple juice tastes....
for the very first time....


no idea!

i am not a body


there is no past....


that just wiped out everything!

what am i?

i have no idea!!!!

i would be open

what am i, Father?

i clearly have no idea!!!

deficit or surplus?

the search for the special relationship is the textbook sign
of emotional immaturity

it's a bumper sticker
that says
"i am lacking!"

i (body) need you (body) to tell me i am not.
i need your approval
i need your thanks
i need this specific condition
this very rigid microscopic view

this job
this body
this money
this attention and interest

instead of God

infinite Joy

here is the bumper sticker that says
"i am overflowing... overjoyed..."

hey, you lovely happy angel
flying all about
and lighting up my mind,
would you like to play with me?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

looking FOR

do you conveniently "forget"
certain facts?

leave out all the evidence to the contrary?

when you want to be depressed?

God conveniently remembers--

holds all the facts
pressed and clean for you
in the cupboard
just as soon as you are ready:

Your Identity never changes

Are you looking for loving kindness in you?

then you are sure to find it

Are you looking for/at emptiness?

then you have conveniently forgotten
everything you know


the question you pose

already has the answer in it

asking from fear will always be answered with fear

asking from Joy will always be answered with Joy!!!!

you are the decision maker
you even


it is me, my Defenselessness,
i want to date

to spend time with

to court

to look for and
seek out

to get to know intimately

to be wholly in love with


and to invite to share my life with

i would not have one speck of my True Identity be unknown
from me

what a gift of freedom
and joy
to know this!

Reality is always better!

Friday, June 19, 2009

just a suggestion

everything that has seemed to happen to you was just a suggestion/possibility--

the mind thought,
"what if we play it out/think of it this way?"

"what if we think of God this way?"

just like playing house....

oh....what if she was really "afraid"? (laughing wildly)
what if she was really "petty"?.....

what if God were afraid?

how could
All Power/Creator be afraid--not what it is?

it is a nonsensical question--impossible to figure out

this is the state of oblivion we(our thinking) find ourselves in now--
still trying to figure out what can never be figured out

lost in analyzation
and trying to fit God into the ego's paradigm
this is the "enchanted forest trance"

and watching all this...
Joy says, "Wake Up!!!!"
don't waste your time on this!

don't you see what you are doing?

God isn't fear, she laughs, and never will be!
Reality is wholly kind!! you silly geese

Let's dance! now
listen to that music!
we're free and joyous right now!

Joy doesn't think
Joy just is!

if the mind must pose a question...
let's give it this...
what if
only Love
was possible?

enchanted forest

i am not the thing i suggested

i tried it out
but it didn't feel right

i never could get peace with it

something else must be going on

it didn't make sense that the nature of life
would be suffering

no, actually "happily ever after"
IS not the fairy tale
as the ego would have us believe--

it is the timeless
story of ourselves loving/find our true Selves,
coming home, waking up to REALITY
from the enchanted forest--

where we were banished
to repeat something over and over and over
in a trance-like state
until we are awakened

the clock has struck twelve--
the birth of time
contains also it's end

as we look around today
we remember this is the enchanted forest!!!
and our only real job
is to
wake up!

being right

being right keeps us blind

it's a concept of separation

there is no benefit to being right

i would let go of all hidden desire to be right
about anything

all dusty pockets of thinking that this holds
something of value

to be right
about wrongness

to be right
that an illusion is true

to be right
tha i am not what i really am
and neither is anyone else

Help me today from falling asleep

Help me to stay awake and remember
that i know absolutely nothing at all

that Truth is far beyond what i can now conceive of

that in Truth only constant Joy is possible
and i am wrong about everything else

Thursday, June 18, 2009

drop it

i love holding on to nothing
how light it feels at the end of a day of backpacking
to drop your baggage to the ground

so in every moment
what Joy!
what feeling of flight and freedom does not leap up
when we lay everything down?

just for a moment






today i sit in a perfectly clean house
a perfectly clean and clear state of mind
the past is gone
no future yet

just brand new in this moment
exactly as it is
all walls freshly painted
floors sparkling new

not a bit of clutter
there's no call
to move here or there

boxes of stuff
sit totally still
they are silent

deep peace

i am Home in the deep sense of the word
i don't really live here
i don't really need any of this

i see but the reflection of
internal stillness
internal being

calling for nothing
simply shining
in all its glory
exactly as it is

there is nothing to do
but give thanks

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


maturity is when we recognize we don't have to act on our thoughts

we question them instead....

we question
i have to
i need to
i want to
i can't
i can't stop
i always...

they are all defenses
ego stories
they are not the Voice for God

they are just guesses
hypotheses about reality

it is true?
i really need that in this moment?

God wants us to have more

immaturity is unwillingness

immaturity thinks it knows
and believes this thought

the immature person has no choice about their behavior
because they don't question their thoughts

they don't question their perspective

they believe themselves
instead of God!

in defenselessness (without my thoughts and beliefs)
lies all safety, joy and truth

i do not know the thing i am
what i am doing
or where i am going...

am i free
to learn

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


rain doesn't hurt....ever...
not even a hurricane....

nothing hurts

if we don't fight it

Monday, June 15, 2009


i found my heart again
just the other day

she was
laying in the mud
slightly bruised
under a huge old cottowood
in the middle of thunder and lightning

at first i thought that she
should have been somewhere else

but then i remembered that
she always did like the rain
she always did have a thing for mud

so i saw

she was really quite comfortable

and i got down on my knees
and lay down beside her
and put my arm around her

just like old friends

and we lay there together
looking up into the rain

it was pinging!


we jumped up!

and then we looked at each other

and laughed
and laughed

just like kids who get goofy...

and then she said
that this is what resilience is

one day
after a long hard night
you find yourself laying on the ground
in the mud

and instead of getting up
and cleaning off all the debri

you just lie there
in it

you feel it

you take it in

everything !

you just get soaked in it

and after you have soaked up everything
you could possibly get out of it....

you watch

the story


and always
at some point after that...

a moment of laughter

jumps into existence!

just right

i love being "messy"
not "cleaning up" after myself
not "putting things away"
hiding them
getting them out of sight!--out of mind!

i love having my things/thoughts
in front of me
in my face
to remind me
what's important

who i am
and what i LOVE!

i love being surrounded by me
my papers
my ideas
my writing
my books....
God's books
God's thoughts
God's Joy
and creativity and flow
and regeneration

all over the place!

not confined
to one specific drawer
or cabinet

i love that my life spills all over the place
i love that it all merges--
being the One that It Is

no artifical separation
of Art from Life
drawing from music
writing from dancing
joy from tears
helpfulness from danger and risk
falling from rising

i love the all directioness
of Everything

the inability to judge

that when it seems
like i am rising
i am really falling

and falling,

and gaining,
but losing

and in losing,
gaining Everything

i love
that my perspective
is skewed

and that only by
and twirling about

and loving this
Heavenly Mess

will i ever

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i love you

a million glances
and all of them blind

how many times have i looked in the mirror
and not seen what is there?

i never just sat there
being present
seeing the beauty before me

for the first time
i looked in the mirror
and saw


so beautiful
so innocent

just being
what it is

i saw something i didn't make
i saw creation
i saw extension
i saw purity

just being

i sat there
just looking
and saw
only Love

i saw the Peace
i offer to the world
while being blind to it myself

i saw the dichotomy
of looking at me from the outside
and looking at me from within

and i saw
how blind
i have been

today we would see ourselves
as God sees us

when we look in the mirror
all we can see is God

God is the only one there

because God
only One here

God looking out
sees only God
and all She can say is
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you
i love you.................

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