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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


only brilliance
can lead

what else could?

only Brilliance
can actually see
what is,

the luminous color
of stained glass
is not seen in blackness

without light,
no color

no color

without light
no vision

without light,
no thing to see

light is my heartshine
wanting nothing,
it sees all

complete revelation
without pinching

um duleelah
simply relax a bit, kiddo

lone ranger is a game we play
the kids in the fort are safe and sound,
adored by their parents,
neighbors and friends
and the cause of much laughter,

the eternal fountain of youth
is laughter, herself

only brilliance can lead,
anything else is a joke

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



let me crawl into your arms,
because you are me,
right inside your heart,
in your pocketbook
while you sew
the curtains for this window
of lifefilled...

let me,
yes, be the "cloud"
of misty formless
rising vanishing!

ho ho,

prior to eyes?
yes, without eyes,
eyes not necessary--
that should be proof enough
of the oneness,
the closeness

i close my eyes
and it all is there
for me to see,
or asleep,

dis appearing

ears not needed,
even light...not needed

all but imagined

it seems

even all of "science" is
but in this dream

all "masters"
all money...

what a magical mystery
this is

it can't get any closer,
taking up no space at all,
nor any other time
but this

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

i have trained myself
to believe the impossible

that i am
what i am not,
a slave of thoughts,
the follower, not the leader
separate from all i see

if i taught myself this
i am capable of anything,
capable of undoing it,
of letting it go,
of seeing the truth

i fell
for it
and have been scraping my knee
ever since,
abrading my body
against the imagined
of the Universal Open Skies

days gone sour--
is it possible
even to have a "day"?
what is this?
surely it is imagination
of other than what is
(in this moment)

what do you really know
about yourself in this moment,
without any past
or future?
in just this

is there even time to think about it?
is there anything to know?

is there any time
to make you separate
from all that is?

without a label on "you",
any label at all,
without any label on anything,
what are you?

do you exist
without any word of any kind
to reference you?

just like prior to  language...

every word/concept
crucifies "you"
to make you just that
and causes "you"
to be separate from the rest,
(not that)

i would get off the cross today
and let the world resurrect as the whole it is,
by not chopping it up into little pieces
with labels
that make you
separate from me
and separate hearts that are just dying
to be one

Saturday, April 19, 2014

the squirrels still skitter

telling myself
how well i am doing
is just a cover
for a deficiency story

are you really a woman?
are you the one who is not provided for,
or the one who is provided for?

no concept can contain this

feels like life to me

no stick to,
vanished...into thin air,
no location

dis appearance of "you",
of the you-niverse

hungry for this free-ness,
having tasted the scrumptious flavor
of invisibility,
of crumbling cement,
clearing out the closet,
a clean scrape

the squirrels are still wrestling, chattering
in the background,
not in the microphone

untouched is,
kids will be kids
and a grown up does not fight this

her calm and quiet eyes remain
among the pranks
and recitation of ancient scrolls

but those eyes
are so vast

they encompass
every thing
that ever was
or is to be,
the farthest reaches,
the boundless empires
and chariots,
and not one finger is lifted
or needed
to change
one hoof beat

the stillness is impenetrable
by bullet,
or shield

no thing
has ever moved

the colors of God
are mine,
the coat of many colors
is not a shackle to my heart,
freer, bigger and clearer
than any wind
that has ever swept
this earth

oh yes,
the squirrels
do still skitter
every morning
at the break of day

and my fast remains constant,
no need to feed
what has no hunger

Friday, April 18, 2014

growing up

i want me to give my attention to me

what am i telling myself

where am i lying to myself,
calling for clarity,

i am the only one
who can do this,
who can give this to me

at my feelings

Oh, to be seen!
how powerful is that!

to be seen
is not to be hiding anymore
in denial
out of touch

there is no better feeling in the world
than to be clear
aware and awake
to reality,
what is true for you
in this moment

there just isn't

everything else hurts

is what love is

simply looking
straight at what is

this is the lover
i would be to myself

to be completely naked,
no shred of me
left unseen
by me

growing up:
i want me
to give my attention
to me

oh, to be seen
by the loving mother

Thursday, April 17, 2014

just joking :-)))

"let your thoughts fly;
love will blaze a pathway of itself" (acim)

what am i
without a single worry?

a puppy dog's tail,
and pouncing on sunbeams,

practical jokes
are the only reason to go to the "office"

to wear the striped tie your daughter gave you,
and play racquetball at lunch

isn't that the real nourishment,
the play of it?

is there really another reason,
another sane way
to receive cash?
it can't possibly be for sacrifice/loss

who in their right  mind would want
to get paid for that?

hi, i'd like you to hire me
so i can sacrifice my entire life to you!
ha ha ha ha

who's the crazy one here?

no, it's more like
hi, i want to play with you all day
and have fun,
to make merry, laugh and joke

how about if i come visit
every day
and we clown around
and spend the afternoon on the floor
cracking jokes
and maybe singing a few songs?

wow! that sounds great,
i'll give you all i've got!
what a great investment:
my happiness

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
life is but a dream

which channel are you watching?


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i want me

i want me.

i can have that

(as i already do).

i want what i am.

i love what i am.

The Love of God is shining in me now.

Stay Home, young man,
there is no finer place to be,
there is no greener grass,
nor a more beautiful view,
no greater gold,
no deeper mine,
no more radiant sun,
no greater loveliness,
no bigger mountain,
no fame that can compare,
no amount of dollars that can come close,
no greater invention,
nor peace

Stay Home, young man,
and offer the world
but the light
that shines from your windows

Stay Home, young man,
connected and clear

Stay Home, young man,
where no temptation even exists

I am.

The Love of God is shining in me now.

Stay Home

in Love

All i've ever wanted is me,
and i have never ever been without it.

Stay Home and enjoy this effortless running water,

the creek never goes to sleep, not for one instant,

you are eternity

completely invulnerable
and formless

completely without want of any kind

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


investing in cocaine
is a certain way
to have a low

high prices don't mean value

perhaps the opposite is true

prior to the thought of money
aren't you just fine?

just sitting there
with a grateful heart
is priceless

no low possible

just a steady overflow

isn't that all you really ever want?
that grateful feeling

that's what everything in the world is for

have you thanked it yet?

here is the answer to every problem,
every lack,
you have ever perceived

that thank you
you say to another
is your happiness

and every thank you
is but your own happiness
just waiting for you
to give it

that is how the distance is no longer distant,
but dissolves (in the giving)
to be closer than close,
to be your very own "Self"

as you give
there is no separation

right now, every moment,
the end of separation is yours
to give

so fine

that's why taking drugs
or anything (or any one)
doesn't work

Saturday, April 12, 2014

the gift of not being present

The Gift of not being present

"I see only the past."
'til they be smoothed over

this is a re view

mind will keep ringing your bell
as long as any thing remains
un re solved

it cannot,
will not

resist not
the painful show,

it's coming to you
for your
cleansing water

no thing
ever occurred

not once

no evil people
in your life,
any where,
at any time,
in the world

you have never been a victim

gmo's are not the problem
military industrial complex
greedy politicians
are not the problem

i am not a victim of the world i see

no thing but my own thinking
has ever upset me

now it's time to look
without your thinking

amazing grace

without this thinking machine
this greedy politician
this child abuser

 perfect stillness

your generosity is quite apparent!
your open-mindedness
your devotion

he's not supposed to be a ballerina, dear,
he's a truck driver

and when a painful image comes
there's nothing to do but thank it

what better game in town is there
than to free yourself
from self deception?

Look, Jane, look!

allow the twister to enter,
the house with the roof torn off,
the ravaged mind,
the lifeless,
the goner,
the bewitched,
the user,
they are looking for your lap--
a home
an inn
a welcome (mat)
an invite

honor these castaways
they have long been walking the world
and are so weary

just waiting for your ancient judgment
to be repealed

let the teenager enter
without a test of her virginity

she has long paid the price
for a sin that wasn't

but your personal
ordained minister,
for your redemption
and the only part of you
that has been missing all these years!

the only deprivation you
have ever experienced

wants to enter


Right Now

the past is begging
to be redeemed
by you
that your Joy
and the world
are one

the gift of not being present
to include the entire truth of
the past

not just your microscopic point of view


Friday, April 11, 2014





sound is "directive"
or so it seems

these vibrational ripples
to the pulse of the beat

the relaxation of Ahhhhhh.....

what is the sound
you are listening to?

is it the screeech of car tires,
the swerve of uncontrollability,
doing a 180...or 360...
without your so-called

the earth
hurtling you
round and round
day after day...

and you 'thinking'
you've got some kind of
commandeering positon...

piloting this roundness
to have sharp !
that hurt and devour
and spike your heart
up on a peg



are just sounds

what scalawags
are you making of them?

what sound can possibly be

a plague?

come on, children,
at the playground

don't you see
it is but make believe
that a word
like "unworthy"
can harm you?

sticks and stones
can break my bones,
but names
can never hurt me

or jerky

feel what you are doing

there is no other

you hear only
and ever
the voice
in your own head


it's all music...
to the rhythm
of the beat,
just swaying
to the rhythm
of the beat...


Thursday, April 10, 2014


to make the abstract
a "thing"
is to end it,
to limit it,
to conclude,
the mind

a thought is an end

concrete: that is what "that" is.

move on...
that's what "that" is.


paving over nature!

the parking lot of your mind!

Love, spirit, birds, angelic harmonies...


the lid of the coffin
shut case.

the song of joy
insulated against

nailed out of bounds of hearing

make no "thing" of the Abstract

Abstraction is All

Love is abstract,
there is no way
you can seal it into a mold

so you
are not 
an ice cube,

are flowing river rain steam mist invisible visible clouds sweat juicy grass...droplets on windshield bathwater...

all of it

or you have killed
the whole
of you

to make the abstract
a thing
to end it


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"in lightness and in laughter
will sin's absurdity be seen at last" (acim)

flames of love
simply burn away
everything else

and all that ever is
or ever was remains

the warmth melts
the heart

there is no resistance
to the gentlest of kisses

the lifting of the veil,
the release of all pain,
guilt and torment

the gentlest touch

it just leaves you drooling
down your chin

what could possibly be better
than holding hands,
lifting up your voice,
 laughing til you cry,
and falling on to the floor
completely limp
and exonerated

that's the invitation

that's all the wind
ever whispers...

military hoedown

without a flag
for or against
my arms reach forever and ever

there is no fence
to divide
without a flag
for this or that

without a denomination
of Origin

Origin remains
forever fruitful and multiplying

there is no subtraction
in this game

without a flag
all are welcome,
this land is your land

whoever lands there,
is ground to walk upon

soil is not yours to own,
no more than the sun,
air or water,
nor even your "own" body

what say have you
on when you fall asleep
or wake up in the morning,
or how tall or short
old or young
male or female
round or lean
how many fingers or toes
or vision or hearing...?

without a flag
for or against

the Song
simply arises
and arises
and arises

oh how very holy
it is

without a flag
for this
or that...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

light doesn't care

light doesn't care
what it shines on

it's all free
it glows
everything shines and reflects the light
back to its source

there is nothing light can't or doesn't illumine

so love

there is nothing loving eyes can't look upon
and see love
reflected back

there's nothing innocence
can look upon
and find guilt

just as the sun
can not experience darkness

i look with love
or i don't see at all

just as without light
i see nothing

light does not care
if it's a "garbage dump",
a diamond ring,
a baby's face
or a smile.
All are the same to it.

no order of difficulty

each is seen exactly as it is,
whole perfect composting
mold fungus
"rotten flesh"

we name it

and Light has no name
but one
for it

no name
but one

light does not care
what it shines on

it's all free

Friday, April 4, 2014

the futile system


"crossing the line"
overstepping your boundary
pushing my limits
or to the limit...
above and beyond the call of duty
"for his/her age"

discrepancy abounds!
from past protocol

dinosaurs on parade
every time i judge,
feel angry,
or juxtapose
to reality

the feudal system,
the futile system,
keep making marks (lines)
on a piece of paper
and fight over them
and move them
and bomb them
and vote on them
and discuss them!!!

all the while, kids
the paper is the paper is the paper!

no matter how many ways
or times
you try to slice it

the simple truth:
paper is paper

paper is still paper
paper will always be paper

that's the entire metaphysical truth

to realize

what is
will always remain
what it is

(there is no matter)
no matter what you think

you can not cross over


eventually the conditioned mind/student
comes to look forward
to stillness,
to rest

just like a dog
obeying his master,
a servant,
it feels right

no more assuming
a function
it cannot perform:

joy, even

it comes to rest
at the feet of its master
which is all
it ever really wanted

to rest

there is no more fear
giving up what it realizes hurts

now it follows
rather than directing,

it enjoys
not being responsible
for the whole (damn) world,
for anything

without a finger to lift
it can receive,
take in
the miraculous,
the beauty,
the love
the joy
the wholeness
the laughter
the goodness
the music

so glad not to have that heavy burden

it rejoices

it notices
what is

notices what a fine way it is
to be


in this wordless space
she notices what she was missing
so subtle
so sublime
so soft
without labels
without labeling

how can but a quiet ear
the clicks
the hums
the whooshing...

without words
how do you write this?

so it is...

a completely new

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