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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Sunday, March 27, 2016


i am
everyone i see,
everyone i think about.

i am the 99%
i am the 1%
and the 1/10th of 1%.

I am every political party.

Can i understand?

What would i have to be believing
to show up that way?

What would i have to be believing
to go to war?

What kind of camouflage do i wear?

If you "win",
you also "lose".
Every side is yours.

You can only defeat yourself.

You can never defeat your Self.

"If Christ appeared to you in all His glory,
asking you but this:

Choose once again
if you would take your place
among the saviors of the world,
or would remain in hell,
and hold your brothers there."

What would you be?

"For He has come,
and He is asking this."

There is no one who is not you.
How would you treat your very Self?

Friday, March 25, 2016



i am a freeloader. is it true?


everything is given (and I do nothing for it)

awareness, given
inspiration, given
nature, given
love, given
laughter, given
stillness, given--can't be bought,
no matter how much money you have or pay
or anyone gives you

people and experiences are given
thoughts, given
breath, given
air, given
sound, sensation, imagination, given

"life", given
"death", given

grace, every single bit of it

even "money"--I have never actually "made" any.

it is given
and i give it


with freedom...

i am a freeloader.
is it true?

(freeloader: "a person who takes advantage of other's generosity
without giving anything in return")

It is not possible to take advantage of another's "generosity".
The universe is generous.
If someone gives, they give. Generosity is not a bargain to get.
The giving is FOR the giver.

It is not possible that I don't give in return.
Simply being is giving.
I am a mirror for everyone to see themselves. This is a priceless gift.
As I breathe in, I always breathe out.
Consciousness cannot be separate. Everything it is, is shared.
Inspiration is lived. It is shared in infinite and unseen ways.
The simple presence of awareness is the greatest gift for all.
Out of this all wisdom arises...the kindest, sanest and most loving action.
Awareness welcomes, invites, notices.
Receiving is a gift. It allows others the opportunity to give.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

wait no more

all you are waiting for
is what you are not giving

you are waiting for

is what you
are not giving


withhold nothing

reserve nothing

herein lies the peace of God

all regrets
are about what you did not give

giving is receiving

you are only waiting for you
blame no one

there is no mountain
when you look down
from the top

you can only know
if it's a mountain
or a valley
as you take your first step

you can not know
if it's effort
or ease and grace
and joy!
until you do it

mind isn't there.
it cannot know;
it has no intimacy with a nonexistent future

it is pure nothingness,
disguised as something

just notice
as you are present,
giving all you are
how it feels to you

isn't that truly heaven?

wait no more,
simply give
all you are

give all
you are

Thursday, March 17, 2016


I never want the thing itself,
but only what I think it can give me--
what I think I can get.


oh my Heart cries
for this desolate one,
who sees no one or no thing
but for "getting",

to ravish
and plunder

oh those delicate babies,
their skin so soft,
but a target

oh how very much compassion
this one calls for

walk softly
with this one

talk softly
with this one

this one in mortal danger
is out of his  mind
with fear

he needs
your love

he needs
your peace

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


"The ingeniousness of the ego to preserve itself is enormous, 
but it stems from the very power of the mind the ego denies. 
This means that the ego attacks what is preserving it, 
which must result in extreme anxiety. That is why the ego never 
realizes what it is doing. It is perfectly logical but clearly insane."
ACIM Chap 7 VI.3

who's sleeping in my bed?

it can only ever be me

before you shoot the intruder,
before you shoot the baby,

who is giving it life?

consider it's source

where did the idea of "you"
come from?

before you shoot "you"

consider the source.

what are images made of?

what is thought made of?

what is the source of thought?

before you pull the trigger

just consider

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

you don't need to worry

you don't need to worry if they cut the rope,
'cuz you are not sewn together

reality cannot be
cut apart,
and you cannot be broken

scissors in the perfect time,
sculpt the terrain
you walk upon

and what is "cut away"
is never loss,

only space
for the light to shine

as one dream goes
and another arrives,
the light always remains
in which to see

and Love
to sprout

people should

People should project on to "me".

It's like a painting,
so they can see clearly
every detail.''

Just notice how many different people
"you" get to be.
Oh my goodness,
and you don't even have to do anything.
In fact, it doesn't really matter at all what you do.
(Just take a look at Jesus--and Katie :-))

People will only see themselves.

What am I?

your mirror,
a mirror,
pure and simple,
not personal

just consider,
what if that's all you are

a mirror,
reflections that come and go,
but never stay,
and never are actually you

what is a mirror
with no reflections?

is it even a mirror?

isn't it exciting?

look! here comes one now,
a reflection!

I can never be the image
in the mirror.

Just watch
the show,
here it is...

Monday, March 14, 2016


i am the river of the city Nigh,
when you pull into the harbor
there is nothing to see

this is the city
that can never be laid low,
can never be "found out",
can never be estranged,
nor destroyed

what has no form
is beyond destruction

danger can never wipe
her hands on this apron

there are no slippery fish
to jump out of your hands

the mayor's arms
have no reach
for there is no where else
to go

there is no contest

this is the mortuary
of all concepts

i loose the world
of ALL i thought
it was

without thinking,
ravens are so free
to fly!


the goose is flying on her appointed route,
even the "lost" one

isn't the "lost" sheep
a call for the Shepherd?

lay claim to nothing

it is
as it is

can it BE more clear
or simple?

what is,
is your friend,
your very Self

the fearful one
wants nothing but release
from fear

the trembling one
does not ask for death,
but for Love,
for truth,
for safety

can you just hear him?
let him speak?

nothing to fear,
this little child:

it's not as
you think it is

Oh Savannah!
the goose is flying
on her appointed route,
everything in perfect order

the world,
every detail,
a perfect reflection
of your mind

just watch
your shadow,
and see
she always goes
where you go

the trumpeting is you,
the whisper
is you

here is the end
of all suffering

it only takes one
to have a war

i'm the one

so very very good to know

now peace
is possible

Saturday, March 12, 2016


When you say "green peas" or "yellow star"
some people hear "blue triangles".
(Just good to know.)

Friday, March 11, 2016

Nothing to lose

Meditation on Trump

Meditation on Trump:

no substance,
a joke,
thinks he's doing good,
thinks he has the answers,
thinks he understands,
thinks the problem is out there,
in someone else.

sound familiar?

image of Tulsi Gabbard:
"Aloha": means open heart, we are all on equal ground.
I will not leave my mission: I will not leave my fallen brother.

me: Where am I not living fully?

Trump: fear,
"the people are fed up with politicians--
the bureaucracy"

sounds exactly like Bernie Sanders,

I understand.

image of blacks being escorted out of rally,
one being punched by a Trump supporter,
the police holding the man who was hit
on the ground...(letting the other man return to his seat).

Is this any harsher than how I treat myself?
the self hatred,
of myself

just consider
as you watch the cops
remove those who disagree--
as you beat you up
isn't that what you do internally
to your feelings?
damning them,
shooting them,
telling them you never want to see them again--
believing the thought, "attack works"

if only...
"Trump"(or whoever...)
would go away...
life would be fine...

and as you sit alone in your room
at night,
no one else there,
isn't it ALL you,
your thoughts,
your feelings,

where is the Love now
for this?

are you united with you?

or are you still trying to
throw out,

Let Mr. Trump be what he is,
the mirror,

the Motivation
to own and investigate
the attack within,
against myself,

and the Motivation
to give the Love
to me
and to everyone else
that I want to see "out there".

Can I love me?

oh how much compassion
for us all

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's just me

Can you really know
you'll be punished?

that the universe won't support you?
that you provide for yourself?
that you have anything at all to do with it?
that you don't have enough?
that you need anything?

I tried to draw it
and found I couldn't even
make an ugly color.

you are not in danger;
there is no evil power

no one is looking to hurt me,
no one is even thinking about me,
no one is focused on me,

no one wants to kill me
just for existing

on the contrary,
there is A LOT of support,

Look! See!
There is no hammer
over my head.

It's just me

and lots of wide open space

why would anyone want to eat me for dinner
when there are fresh ripe peas?


the cry of bloody murder
at full tilt,

wholly expressed
without reservation,
put on the page


now the bits of light
are seen,
the cracks
where it isn't,

the petals begin to fall,
the seed, the birthplace
of laughter

the background


life support

give it to me head on,
every drop of blood/fear,
the whole flood

just try to be afraid/angry/in terror
without stopping
for an instant

SEE how much effort it takes;
is it even possible?

how long can you really believe it/hold that,
the lie that you are not connected to all that is?
everything your mirror,
your mind--
you put the meaning on it

Is it true?
Don't you want to know?
Isn't all of it
a call for truth?

Hasn't this experience
helped you understand
and SEE more clearly?

Life support,
it MUST be expressed,
before it can go

Isn't that what You

Saturday, March 5, 2016

All You

What if you were clear
that every single man you saw
was you?

every single woman,
every cat
and every dog,

every purse,
and every ice cream cone
was you?

what if there was no other
side of the street,
no other political party,
no other sex,
no other organism?

what if there was no line
between male and female,
round and square,
human and plant,
old and young,
solid and liquid,
cat and dog,
front and back...?

what if
it was ALL

Is there a fetus
in you now?
Have you listened,
sung her a lullaby
and welcomed her into the world?

What seedlings are growing?

Mother of All,
Have you hugged your Child
this day?
Every child...
Every single child...


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


isn't it amazing?!

free red spots!
free green plants,
free circles,
and sunlight

free motion,
and spins

free color
and birds
and strawberries
and girls!

you can even have
blue arms and hands
if you want

free light,
free dark

free fragrance!
and fragrance,
and fragrance,
oh myyyy!

isn't it amazing?!


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Wise men are here

the wise men are here,
every thought
who comes
knocking on your door,
but comes
for your blessing

the stars have all aligned
for just this moment,
there is no accident,

from distant lands,
foreign soil,
the hidden parts of yourself,
arrive now
to meet you in the starlight
and know Their Innocence

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