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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Monday, February 29, 2016


is the door that refuses to close...
it cannot BE shut

you can't stop anything or anyone from coming to you
or from leaving

grace is the open door
that can never hold anything out

feel the grace,
watch the flow,

to come

to go

Source is what matters

Source never comes,
Source never goes

not this,
not that

yes, this,
yes, that,

Only the Love,
all shapes,
no shape

what if you opened up the coffee pot
and sunbeams jumped out?!

there never was a time
that you were not this

you are not what you THINK you are,
no image,
no picture
can hold you

no one would freeze a fountain,
the nature of a fountain is to express,
to fount...

to casually throw her sweater across her shoulder,
cross her legs and uncross,
to toss the sofa pillow on the floor,
to spill the pretzels and coke

Radiant in the sun!

holy eyes are gifted
by the splash,
the crackle,
and fizzle

so soft you can barely hear the whisper of the breeze,
melting ice cream running down the stick
on to hands and cheeks...

where did we ever get the idea that
this should all stand still?

no photo breathes.

Gratitude needs nothing else,
gratitude licks the sunlight on the branch,
gratitude is graced by the tiniest remnant
of an ant's leg

there are hefty fees to pay
without gratitude,

the fee of life itself,
consider the price--everything
is missed

only gratitude gives you everything
and everyone,
the food on your plate,
the taste of a berry

without gratitude my wallet is empty
even though it is full,
my arms, empty, even when they hold,
without gratitude I miss the sun in the sky,

my very Heart,
for nothing


grace is the door
that cannot be shut

road to nowhere

the road to nowhere,
been around this block a few times!

grab that milkshake,
grab those fries,
Quick, fast food, fast!

has it solved your loneliness yet?

the air IS your brother,
but she can not give you back
what you have never lost

that swell of war
against what is
is your only weapon

it is only this
that causes the pain
that seeks relief

no milkshake,
no kiss,
no idol,
however slight
or hynotizing

can ever take away the pain
of that needle in your foot,
the log in your eye

be still now,
see clearly,
all you need,
all you truly desire
is to kindly
remove the needle

Saturday, February 27, 2016


"I need to get it over with."
Is it true?
No. It's not about getting it over with.
It's about be-ing.
right here now.

without the thought I need to get it over with...
there are violins,
and angels resting on clouds, literally--
without that thought, I am an angel-- no guilt.
Softness, where hard edges prevailed--
razor sharp blades,
barbed wire
to catch on every move.

barbs: damned if you do,
damned if you don't

without the barb,
notice the ease and grace and movement,
natural, given

the miracle,
the harmlessness of every possibility

without the thought "i need to get it over with"...
without time,
my chest rises easily
of its own accord,
zero effort on my part,
oh how lovely,
how very very lovely
to notice

a trillion cells working for me,
a trillion more,
a gazillion more,
far beyond measure,

i love the curves,
the shape, the color, texture,
about one branch,
for me

who would push
one speck away--
hell: pushing away

my mother, All
my father, All
my provider, All
my mirror, All

thank you
thank you
thank you

joy in the looking glass,
crystal clear

no more direct path,
no closer can i get
to myself
than when i look at you
and you
and you

TA: I don't need to get it over with.
I need to not get it over with.
I need to stay here
and glean everything.
I need to look closely,
to notice,
to feel,
to consider,
to breathe

I cannot get it over with
(the pressure that accompanies that thought).
It will only go when I no longer believe
the thought that causes it.

Leave no stone unturned.
This moment IS my home.
There IS no other.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Light of day

Silence is the light of day,
It never left Itself.

It doesn't matter how many boxes
of chocolates you put in front of her,
how creamy and pure,
how rich and dark,

She is already full,

there is no craving.

She is not moved by it.

Silence has no body,
no mouth.

She is so much bigger than the chocolate.
She is lasting.

This is the end of hell,
nothing to kill over.

Bigger than all the universes
as far as you can imagine,

the war on (chocolate)
is over,
her innocence returned.

No one
has ever hurt you.

Silence remains.
True Friendship,
Silence needs nothing,
She only gives and gives and gives...
all that is...

who wants the chocolate?

who wants the chocolate?

does Silence want the chocolate?

no, Stillness does not want the chocolate

it's just like the wizard of Oz,
behind the screen,
the little old man,
with no power at all,
no wisdom,
no knowledge,
just a big charade,
pretending to be big
and powerful

it's just
this little, itty bitty worm
who happens to be passing through,
singing his only tune
as he has so many times before...

and this time
i ask,
who is it
that wants the chocolate?

and i see no one really does...

knock knock,
who's there?

no one,
thoughts on the wind,
passing through...
that's all


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day

do you know
the voice
of a tree?

of what we "label" a "tree"?
have you ever even seen an entire tree--
every branch, every leave, every curve, bump,
node, crevice, root, scar, heart...

and can you hear
what you don't even see
is there?

what wisdom does the "lowly" earthworm hold,
the life beneath our very feet?

can you praise,
can you sing its praises
in your parade for hell--
your stories of war
against the universe,
the terrible damnation
of evil ones,
cold hearted murderers?

but notice
the stars that carry you,
that warms your every breath,
heat your house,
light your day

the earthworm, my friends,
endlessly tilling the soil
for your breakfast,
even snacks...

have you even a worm
of gratitude,
a tiny worm of gratitude
for this one?

even while you sleep
the soil teems
with life support

take a break from your tantrums
and dreams of control
for just a moment
to notice


Happy Valentines Day, Earthworm.
From the bottom of my heart,
Thank you.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


the ignorant
are not guilty

a blind man
is not guilty
of bumping into you
or stepping on your foot

forgive them
for the Love of Reality

they know not
what they do

no one
can see
what he does not see...
in the moment he does not see it

no one is guilty

a blind eye
is not guilty
of blindness

oh how very very sweet
this child is

Love sees all,
love embraces all

wisdom embraces
all ignorance
and is never threatened
for an instant

only love
for the one
who cannot see love...

how else will he ever see it?

Friday, February 12, 2016


is HOW
i keep it all going

being right.

be willing to
(and look forward to...)

being wrong,
not knowing,
losing everything,
getting nothing.

and just watch

how free is that

just watch
how you still have Everything
there is to have

some things you just can't lose.

this little light of mine...

not mine

can never lose
what isn't "mine"

Monday, February 8, 2016


calf white curtains

the window is open,
the air crystal clear

it can never be held

no concept can possibly

you can read every book in the world,
in every language,
in all of time,
and it is not there

you can only feel it,
experience it,

you are It

one who travels
as the wind,
never knows
a windy day,
nor a windless day

so there is no extra loving day,
nor a loveless day

you are it

transparent calf white curtains
the window is open,
the air crystal clear

i am that,
I can never be "that"

No concept
can hold

the window is open

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Forgiveness offers everything I want.

I would spend time with you.
Come, Love,

so long pushed away thought,
discriminated against,
held in a lower class,
in the dungeon

oh dear innocent child,

let this divisiveness be no more

this lynching,
this segregation,
and separation of
of good
and bad

welcome home,
my dear sweet "me",

every thought
of "me"

I want to spend time with you.

chase nothing

chase nothing,
receive everything

chase no smile,
no attention,
no response,
no  look from another

chase not to be seen,
nor heard
nor even laughter

but receive everything,
receive the blue of the sky,
the brilliance of  sunlight on snow,
the curve of a branch,
the squeak of a floorboard

boundless are the gifts
of this moment
if you but receive


now another
and  another
and another

simply notice
and receive

sweep the floor no more
until you have given thanks
for the crumbs upon it

chase nothing,
receive everything

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


all thoughts have wings
and are sped on their way
in perfect time

they needn't travel over land
by road,
by someone else's preset path

the children run about,
the bees buzz

and there is so much Space for All of It

thank you bees,
thank you bug,
thank you child,

have you thanked your visitors today?

thank you internet
("internest"just showed up
and I love
that we are "inter-nested")
thank you, Bernie

to Grandmother's House
we go...

in the blink of an eye
they come,

in the blink of an eye
they go

no thought
comes to stay

all thoughts
have wings

Monday, February 1, 2016

the universe doesn't care

the universe doesn't care
what you've done,
no matter how "wonderful"
nor how "horrific"

it doesn't care what you are
thinking or believing

fresh water is falling
right out of the sky
right now
completely free
for all,
without one bit of effort
from anyone
on the planet

how much kinder can it get?

no matter how cruel
you've been,
have you noticed
it still rains
and snows
and springs up right out of the ground!?

isn't thank you
just the only
appropriate response?

if you've been waiting
to be punished,
just notice...

there is fresh water falling
right out of the sky!

and trees giving off oxygen!

and even thick cement sidewalks
can't stop a tiny seed from sprouting
and growing up to give off oxygen for you...

what a lovely place to live!!

no matter what you've done...
no matter what you think...

just notice
fresh water still falls right out of the sky!!
without one bit of effort
from anyone
on the planet

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