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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Friday, October 30, 2015

loving my children

isaac newton
stirred the pot
of gravity and apples,
pull and pushing,
pedal pushers,
drug pushers,
pushers of strollers
down alleys
of dark graffiti

it's all me

do not pretend
this is another person's mind
you see

how could it be?

your thoughts
are the prodigal son

they ask for
your table--
a sitting with

the dove
brings them
to your doorstep

the dove
carries these words

the paper they are written on
is your heart

they want to come Home,
dear Parent

won't you let your child
have her voice?

do you really need to lock
a two-year-old out of the House?

for you

green pastures
are not external

fertility is receptivity

would you be open
to everything?

then how else could
you conceive
with a full deck?

would you birth
without the entire will
of the universe,
your Heart?

how can exclusion
possibly birth?

where are your doors
whose knocking
are you not opening
your Heart to?

open fields
do not send away
one drop of rain,
not one tear

are you so open?
the dung is for you...

all of it

the Whole

the whole of the ocean moves you
or you don't move at all,
even the slightest,
is the Whole

it is but the Universe

there is no separate "you"
there is nothing you do on your own

no credit

simply give thanks,

that every word
you hear,
the sunglasses,
the hairstyle,
the rock band,
everyone you meet
or think about
is the whole ocean

splashing onto your face now

there is no distant star
apart from this one
in front of you,
nor you,

the Same Ocean,


no divorce possible

the only sane thing to say,
thank you
i love you

Monday, October 26, 2015


organizes herself,

micrometer, beauty
micrometer, beauty
micrometer, beauty

the crack

oh precious floating leaf,
just now
just now
just now

unfailing perfection

laughter isn't owned,
sadness isn't owned,
who told you
that you owned anything?
the you of a moment ago
is no more,
how could you possibly
own a fallacy?

is but a hiding game
within beauty's wings

i tuck my head
snugly under her arm,
and close my eyes,

and while being held
in perfection,

dream of a far off land
without a mother

i dream i am alone
while held so lovingly,
so securely
in the emerald garden

this beauty of my own

eyes closed,
safe asleep
in my mother's arms

nothing more beautiful than a table,
for it is I

I love this beauty
i sleep

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

the devil

no one ever shakes hands with the devil
out of passion,
but only from confusion

i think fear is love,
death is life,
and separation is union

i act in my best interests
as perceived in this
confused state

i mistake "me"
for reality

i slice blocks
into dominoes
in hopes that they will fall,
but i don't see
that i manufacture danger/fear
in this
state of no thing,
no where,
no happening

"i" am always doing
the best that i can,
and "i" can never BE right,
beCause "it" doesn't exist.

a partial view
of the whole
can never be all inclusive,
wise, unlimited

that is the great
"he needs to do"
"i need to do, something"
is it true?

is it truer
i need to Undo?
the doer,
the thought of DO?
doo doo?

isn't it time
to get the joke?

no one ever shakes hands
with the devil,
beCause there isn't one.

Monday, October 12, 2015

an empty filing cabinet

erotica dawned on her thigh one day,
like a moth
hitting the screen
and darting off

and then it was gone
and there was no proof
it ever happened

there was nothing in the case
she carried around,
an empty filing cabinet

when the judge came to look,
there was nothing there

no documents
for documentation

outside the realm of "possibilities":
No names are true.




God's jewels

without "you"

it is all elegance

no place apart
no place not It

take "your" name off it
and all is well

do you see how the cover of "you"
is but
a dark blanket
laid over Heaven?

there is no name, no word,
no thought,
that can separate Reality

Monday, October 5, 2015

oozing from the ceiling

there was nectar oozing from the ceiling
long gooey strands hanging down all around
even as she got out of the steamy tub
day after night
after morning


only some times

on rare occasions

did she tangle her self in it.

otherwise she thought.

she was without the sweetness,

she longed for rain and honey

while the bathroom marinated in it.

there was.
she could ever escape

such goo,

the very umbilical juice

had never left her dry....

but she rang day after day at the door,

waiting for the juice to come

while it covered the floor, ran down the stairs even

and filled every single cup!

what a funny story to tell your grandchildren...

you mean it was there all the time, grandma?

oh Heavens, yes, chilin'
thick as smoke comin' out the back bar-be-que

pouring through the cracks in every slat,
ain't it crazy
we was hungry?


when terror
strikes your heart

it cannot be true

your heart still lives

not one moment of
anger, hurt or sadness
has made one dent

this is the meaning
of Christmas

this is the reason
for thanksgiving

this is the reality
of HolyDay

this is the light
that cannot be


It is that simple.

test it


all things float
on the surface
of this see
of Love

there is no waste,
no refuse

re-spect it
and its light is visible

only dis-respect (not looking)
is an attempt to see love
as it is not

only an attempt
of the impossible

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I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1986. It has helped me tremendously to be a happier person by helping me change my perception of everything. I have found writing to be very helpful in the process of practicing, experiencing, and living the ideas in the Course. In 2006 I started sharing inspiration from the Course with a friend. Now it is a joy to share it with everyone. In 2009, The Work of Byron Katie found me at a woman's group. The Work is a way to identify and question your stressfuI beliefs. I dove right in and in April 2013 became a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. I work with people privately and offer online classes. Please visit for more information. I also still occasionally lead the 11am Sunday Gathering at the Rocky Mountain Miracles Center in Denver. For more information


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