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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

war MUST go on

the war
MUST go on

until all differences
are resolved--

until the Universe
is uni

the university of stanford,
the university of standards,
can't teach it

its the UN-learning
that must be done,
the cleaning of the slate,
the emptying of the books

the blank page,
the empty mind,


where there is room
for All

until i let go
of my very last belief

the war
MUST go on



how slow
can you
t    h      i             n                     k         ?

can you      s     t     .   .    .
before you finish,
before you jump into the
never ending
river taking you downstream
to the waterfall,
the       O      C      E         A        N

Big ness

it IS
without your
control, Honey,

all air traffic controllers can resign now...
the crashes are scheduled,
must happen--
error must fail,
error must fall

there's not one thing you can do about it

happiness is on its way

all ways

making House calls,
to let you know
you are at Home

there is no danger
and you are only asleep

how slow
can you go?

before you reach,
start walking
the door...?

open throat...

open throat

do you see all the people
coming through?

the brownies
and warriors,
popes and priests,
teachers and lawyers,
George Washington and the cherry tree...

isn't it funny,
this salad
of lettuce and tomatoes
and even Taco John,
the Outsider,
the Moroccan vendor,
the old bratwurst with mustard
in Salzburg,

is there really a "me"
apart from all this?!

how could it be
that what lives here,
and untellable to anyone else
is not "me"?

what crazy mind
could claim to pull the seagull
flying through my mind right now
and put it in the sky
as a totally separate creature
with a totally separate life?

and the same magician,
would grab hold
of that image of my old boyfriend
and set him "in another town"--
give him an existence
completely apart from the dreamer

how funny it is

can you imagine
everyone's hallucinations
made into cardboard cutouts
and placed around town,
around the world,
on big billboards
for all to see...?

oh my goodness what a world...!

i guess

multiply everyone
by all others
so for each original
there are 7 billion versions!

what a wild and wacky world!

Enjoy the ride, sister!!!

i love you

at least we can see it is
the Greatest Show on Earth!

The Family Brothers and Sisters
Queen of Hearts Circus...

it's really amazing

we all get along so well...




a curse,

something should be different!

i kill you.
i damn you.
i dispel YOU

jump now into my brew
let me stir
the natural juices you are 
into something else

let me boil
out your spirit,
your natural sinew,
tendency of love,
of generosity,
of eternally leaving stardust
in your wake

no, dear creature,
it is I that know best for you...
hee hee hee

let your mother
turn in her grave

you are here to serve me,
and i will use all my power
to make it so...

all magic i can conjure up...

there IS no one on this planet
that is not here to serve me...

and so it is...

either way
all things serve...

you can't fool
your True Nature

remember the Sabbath

the Sabbath,
a day of rest,
a whole day of rest,

can you imagine?

rest: no pressure on yourself
to go, do, be, prove, accomplish,
a plan...

interesting words--
 a plan--

get it done,
kill it

we even say that:
he "killed" it
(meaning something "good")

a whole day,
a moment,
this lifetime...
without one tyrannous
the only tyrannous thought:
"something should be different!"
the Universe is damned.
this moment,
Reality is cursed.

remember the Sabbath,
and keep it holy.
This Moment...
Let It Be.
Let It Be.
Speaking words of wisdom,
Let It Be.

this day,
this moment,
i give thanks--
love, approval, and appreciaton,
for Everything


Saturday, September 27, 2014

without the ego

who or what would i be
without the thought the ego exists?

without the ego
I am you,
no need to be different, special

no need
to barb your heart,
to harpoon it
and bring it over here

demanding "LOOK at me!"
listen to me!
bubble for me!
dance for me!
beat for "ME"!

this flimsy image--
in your beholding make it strong,
supply the reality it isn't,
tell me it is real and valuable--what isn't

why oh why would God/Reality/your lover
"break your heart"?
but for this...
that the wall you now hold up
as your Self,
can fall at last,
crumble to the dust it is,
be seen for the nothing it is,
that you are blinded no more
to your Radiance,
your Eternal Invulnerability,
that you are no longer an addict,
a vampire,
feeding on your brothers and sisters,
children and infants,
sucking their every breath
for your own survival--
the survival
of the wall.

oh yes, dear One,
this breaking,
this breaking heart you curse God for,
you curse the world
for the war that stole your child,

it is but the greatest gift,
the highest gift,
the most loving gift,
the only gift
there is:

are not
and have never been
the thing
you think
you are

here is the home
of all your pain
and your greatest joy--

you are not
what you think

who or what would i be
without the thought
the ego exists?

Friday, September 19, 2014


without the concept of "hurry"


i have all the time in the world

scope opens

be still and know

no where to go (future)
no one (to become)
no reason (to find)
no way (to leave)
no way (out)

no destination
everything right here,
not missing anything

everything i've ever wanted

the music
of the "fly"--song of Self...without a name
ratatating of the "fridge"
humming faraway "trucks"...
melodies floating...

not in a hurry,
to label
to story
to conceptualize
to "know"
to compete,
to survive
to professionalize
to acquire

without "hurry"

with the nameless,
no rush to chop Reality into boxes

imagine a whole world where the concept of "hurry" didn't exist...
slow motion as molassssssssssssssssessss....
feel the blood pressure drop,
the weight,
the wait
of tomorrow,
the breath...

the sunset eternally burning
no car accidents,
enjoying...actually tasting

missing nothing,

the wordless infinite

slow to speak
slow to praise
slow to think...

so slow...
no more

just "this"...
the infinitely Unknowable...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

no proof

yeah though i walk through the valley
of the shadow of death
i will fear no evil
for i hold the secret now,
the revelation,
of all death,
all pain,
all suffering

in the very moment
i believe the sword (s word)
"i need to use my time well"
or any such similar nonsense

i am but denying
i am using my time well

i am denying Heaven,

"my" time?
no, of course not,
how absurd
that i invented clocks and sun and planets
and rotations
and megalulations...
seconds, eons, millenia...
this small body?
what a crock...

and that time:
future...not here either,
and "now" already gone, too
how can "it" be used?

and "well"?

who can possibly say...
omg, such a label,
such a weapon!
be a good little girl
and do what all the people around you say,
teachers, preachers, moms, dad, friends, liars, bad boys,
babysitters...make us all happy, and be good!
or else...
get good grades,
work hard in school, graduate,
and work hard some more and more and more
endlessly work hard and earn and become...
never stop...others will get ahead of you and you
might lose something...
you might lose the race,
your face,
God's grace,
wedding lace...

without a trace

if you are not good!

today i awake
to this secret
of the valley of death

i am not here
to prove


Sunday, September 7, 2014

breathing in the entire sky


this breath


i am sustained by something
i can never do,
make air,
(and yet i do
as i breathe out
the CO2...)

this breath,
that is just here,
every breath
am i freely fed,
freely provided for

every breath
is completely

you are supported,
life support

you and the air
are NOT separate

the entire atmosphere/you,
one organism

one organism,
life support

the idea of "alone"
is an absolute
and complete lie

One Organism,
soil, trees, air, wind, sun
sky, clouds, voice, poop,
garden, rock, bacteria, fungi...

this breath
the Universe

there is no place
a "me"
starts or stops

no border,
no boundary

breathing in the entire sky,
breathing out the forest

just notice

Thursday, September 4, 2014

not put upon

in full sunlight
the dishes gleaming

light bouncing every where,
'saucer' to 'plate'
the white porcelain

holy matrimony
the wedding dress

nothing is hid

take me,
take you

this brightness

forever new

cleaned out rack
where all is
forever clean

no beginning
no end

all this
in my "sink"(?)
this morning (it wasn't)

no dirt
to wash off


"family, it is done"

there is nothing
you ever have to do
for me

and nothing
i'm not

furnace filter
ticker tape
wormy soil stream
capsizing capricorn cpa
wall street beach
and succulent derivatives
knee deep in oh my goodness

isn't it luscious?!

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