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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


what are you waiting for?

are you in terror/denial of your Infinite Beauty?

what if you just put it out there? 


all of it

everywhere you could

in everyway?

no blocks
no excuses
no story

just express the Infinite Beauty!!!

no more drama
let the ego die

let the Beauty  reign!

let the terror happen
go for it anyway

Give only this:

and Everything 
is yours


Saturday, May 30, 2009

my biggest mistake

my biggest mistake 
is that most of the time
i think i know something

i think 
i am 
a woman
Joy Schultz
at one

am i kidding myself????!

i know nothing!

i am absolutely blind
and unaware of it most of the time!!!

here is the end of the road

i come to the place of drop off...

 everything i thought

i place one toe
into the unknown

the unimagined

the nowhere

wholly empty (of the ego and everything)

carrying nothing

the only way


the unseen

is everything of value

everything i ever truly wanted

and more....

Face of God

How could I know?

while anything else
was in my sight...

Come, give God a Hug

only the insane with guilt
would choose specialness
instead of the Love of God

in terror of punishment
they seek but a tiny illusion
of reprieve
that only binds them tighter
to the mistaken illusion of guilt

the terrorized are not thinking rationally

stop running
you ran with that idea of guilt

stop now, child
be still

so long ago
we go back in time...

 put your dear head/thoughts on My Shoulder
i would comfort you


just  rest

you have been running a very long time
you are tired

i will give you drink

is the clearest of water

he leadeth me beside
the perfectly still 
water--without anything else

he restoreth my soul

i will dwell
in this house

only insanity could 
think the Source of Life Itself
is  destructive  by nature

Extension is not contraction

Joy ever wills to bloom
in technicolor!

a smile is not
a sign of grief



the Holy Spirit is impartial:
sees the whole picture
your Holiness

the Innocence in us 
cannot see anything else

Joy can't waste time
on nothing

Joy sees value
only in Joy

who would choose to mope
instead of dance to that fabulous music?

who would bind up his body like a mummy
instead of ride a bike or swim in the ocean
or fly like a bird?

who would die up his own happiness--
bind her to a tree
when she could put her hands
on her daughter's face
and dry her tears?

Oh Joy!
we but rejoice
and give thanks
that our true nature
is to dance!

Friday, May 29, 2009


to promise
to love someone
is a denial of what love is
and keeps us distracted from the real thing

love is not an act
that can be started and stopped
and it must include everyone and everything

it's not a doing
but a being
it's what we are
forever and ever

we  did not create it
we cannot destroy it

we all remain forever
what we are

here is all peace


it is not possible for anything in the world
 to ever satisfy a mind that believes in lack.

the concept of lack remains what it is.

a concept cannot be filled

the only answer
 is a brand new
 very different concept: wholeness

before your sister's wholeness 
the world disappears beneath your feet

before your sister's wholeness
 the world disappears from your desire

there is nothing else to want

who could want a temporary thing that is soon to fall apart
in place of the endless Joy we truly are?

who would possibly choose anything 
over complete release from guilt and self attack?

who would not choose ecstasy over the denial of it?

who would choose isolation over Reality--that we love to laugh,
we love to hug
we love to see God in our brother?

there is no one on the face of this earth
who would choose to be betrayed
rather than be loved truly

today we give true Love to ourself
we joyfully give
our true Identity back to our Self
and see  truly the concept of betrayal/lack/loss
is a joke.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i simply mirror your dance step

stepping away
we move apart

more space between us

open space

space opens up 
inside me

i follow your lead
i agree with you
give you
exactly what you desire
to see

it is the only possibility

as i see you wander off
i am standing here
completely free to be
to sing
to remain
exactly all i am

one with the world
one with myself

the ice cream truck drives away
the popsicle was delicious
now i run to play at the creek
for all the good in the world

the devil

the "devil"
is the thought that we need 
to get something

here is the cause of all war
all hatred
all greed
all scarcity
all self hatred

it is not true

it is only a thought
an untrue thought

we do not need to get

we need  only to let go of this thought

be still a moment

Here is all peace
here is the answer to every problem

there is nothing to get
only something to let go of

i let go of the thought i need to get something
and i let God be

it is an illusion we have believed:
we upset ourselves
by screaming it at ourselves 
and crying and moaning

it is a lie

we need nothing
we are enthusiasm
we are light
and joy
and peace

it's what we ARE

there is nothing we need to get
i loose the world of all i thought it was
i loose myself of all i thought i was


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

true joy


i absolutely don't want to think/believe i  ever  want  to change anyone or anything

help me wake up from that dream/illusion

i just want to remember


this is truly Everything i want

what could possibly be better than this?

here is all Happiness/all Freedom now

I love Joy with all my Heart :-))))))

this is my only function!!

i love Reality!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Power Full Joy

Joy is the Power of the Universe--
the only Power of the Universe

when you deny it not

All Power is

All Joy is your experience

we are here 
only to be truly

Joy need not worry
what to say
where to go
what to say 
or to whom

Joy will tell you exactly
what to do
where to go
what to say and to whom

Joy simply bursts forth
with Joy and beauty and grace

up in the trees
down at the creek
in the middle of I-25
or Park Meadows mall

Joy is shining with all Her might!!!!


today we continue
tending to the garden
the soil (the natural resource)
of our mind...
from which all grows

we lovingly approach it
take in the earthy aroma
the rich texture

we gently hold a clump of soil
in our hands
and check in with its consistency--
is it moist enough to hold together,
or is more more water/flow/flexibility called for?
perhaps more air, more light, more space...?
a loosing up of "clods"?

are there tiny rocks and debris from old projects
calling to be removed?
so  cour tenderest new thoughts can 
easily grow
without any gap of nourishment?

Oh happiness!
oh garden of happy thoughts!
every morning
would i come to you
to appreciate the life here
the nourishment
 all the scents
and tastes
of Joy

without loving attention
my Self-awareness dies away--
a barren parking lot
when i return

no place of joy
to hang out in
to soak up 
under the trellis

no haven
in my heart

today i tend to my Self
with the most loving care

all that i give
is truly given to myself

and all that i don't give
is everything
that i seem to be missing

"shower the people you love with love,
yes, and show them the way that you feel...
things are gonna be much better...
if you only will..." (James Taylor....:-)))

and we always
start with ourself :-)

growing up

growing up

saying good-bye to childish thoughts

they let go of us

we can't make them leave

(fighting with our children
only brings on a tantrum)

they grow up
simply and naturally
and see things differently

childish toys/idols are left behind

the blanket that held so much security,
so much approval
and security
is simply forgotten
it no longer holds any attraction

the pacifier loses its luster

 we realize 
that peace 
is of the  mind--
only of the mind,
and not of the body

we see no thing in this world
could possibly pacify
our  mind

growing up
we remember
Pure Joy
is already given

Saturday, May 23, 2009

joy is bigger

Joy is bigger than me :-)))))

Joy doesn't care 
what your story is

how long you have suffered

or how special, difficult and convinced
you are that you are right

Joy sees none of it
Joy sees no obstacles
She is only Herself

Bigger than this world
bigger than me
bigger than you
bigger than anyone

Joy rises to every occasion
she dances literally on every gravestone
as death is seen to be the nothingness it is

Joy shines through the heaviest of fog
brighter than She's ever been
and I love Her with all  of my Heart

"there is one thought in particular that
should be remembered throughout the day.
It is a  thought of pure joy;...a thought of limitless
release, limitless because all things are freed in it." (p41m)

Friday, May 22, 2009

not in a million years!

Truth is Absolute.
there are no conditions

there are no ""ifs"
Truth simply remains

You: "you remain radiant as a star,
pure as light,
innocent as love itself" (p?)

Infinite Joy
is what you are

nothing else is possible

"if" is a nap
"if" is a sign you are nodding off....
if....God weren't God....
we think....and I was....
the snoring has begun

"if only"...we hypothesize about a million tiny things....
not in a million years!!!!

save yourself a million years  of heartache right now

it will never work

God is Absolute

 We are Infinite Joy right now

Thursday, May 21, 2009

if only

"if only"
are fighting words
a fighting thought
an attack up reality/yourself

if x was different, reality/life would be better

we are seeing through illusions eyes
whenever we think the word/thought "if"

reality is wholly perfect
from the viewpoint inside God
perfect peace, joy, love, laughter
there is no thought of "better"
we are so happy now
so full
so undenied

to be totally happy
is  to be totally undenied

the thought "if" is a neon sign
we are in denial of what we are

when we are truly in love
there are no ifs
there is only ecstatic love

thinking "if" comes from a very small viewpoint

it only has so much
a small set amount
and can't afford to lose

it counts its change carefully
and says it will pay,
i will trade you this small thing
if you will give me that small thing

and we all remain tiny

God knows no "ifs"
God is everywhere all the time
Love is always maximal
more than we can imagine
rushing to us
gushing in our hearts

no one in the world really hates ecstasy
and that's what we believe every time we think "if"

we have denied the infinite ecstasy we are

instead of "if"
we are overflowing with gratitude
crystal clarity sees only itself

there is nothing here that doesn't sparkle
and nothing we would desire to change

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

you better start kissing me!

(today a guest speaker: our dearest self, Hafiz)

you better start kissing me

throw away 
all your begging bowls at God's door,

for i have heard the Beloved
prefers sweet threatening shouts,

something on the order of:

"hey, Beloved,
my heart is a raging volcano 
of love for you!

you better start kissing me--
or else!"


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

unconstrict it

Love is not personal

it gives itself 
to everyone and everything

sees itself in everyone
and everything

there is nowhere possible
that Love doesn't see itself

if you don't see Love somewhere
take the constriction off your own mind

let Love circulate again
to every part of you
--your thinking

take off the bandage...
it's way too tight!
for Love

Let Love be
what it is...

Monday, May 18, 2009

button pushing

where do you stab yourself?

what is it that gets your most
emotional gut reaction--
where you want to kill?

now, see it for what it is

isn't it the best strongest defense
to try to convince you that you are a body?

be glad now
that we can see it for what it is

not truth,
but a trick of the mind
we've been playing
on ourself
to convince us we are not
what we are

thank God for Light
thank God for Grace!

the God in us is never hurt
never touched
never changes

God in us remains unmoved
stillness never moves

light is always light

Joy is a state of mind
not a condition of the body--any kind of form

 mind is always mind

think not you are a body!
no matter how blissful
or savage 
is the seeming evidence

only Joy will ever satisfy

i don't know how

Help me, Father
i don't know how
nor what to do

take this from me,
 this constant aching 
for something outside myself
to fill me

i don't want it
i would be done with it

and immediately the Answer is given
this Joy you seek
 is in you already
it is you

the relationship you seek 
is in you

it is a very valid desire
to seek for this ecstatic Joy

we instinctively know
 from our  deepest core
it exists
and we would return to it

it is simply a mistake
to search for it
our Self

there is no problem
there is nothing to fear
I am pure Joy
and incredibly grateful

without self doubt...

who would i be if i was incapable of self doubt?

i would be a flower
so delicate
so gentle
so beautiful

just being what it is

no need to go anywhere
do anything
get anything


having no purpose
but to be fully what it is

more than enough

and no possibility
ever crossing my  mind
that I'm not
what I am...

Friday, May 15, 2009

God Dance

this is the God dance

every thought a movement
flowing one to another

all thoughts of God

our thinking dances



and so gently taps in rhythm with all thoughts of Love

we would no more be frozen
 in one position of the body

than we would freeze/attach ourselves 
to one specific form of anything in this world

every possibility in time and space is a blessing!

let go 
let go 
let go
let go
let go!

hold on to nothing!

question your version of Reality/reality

we remain the dancer, not the dance
forever whole
whether leaping on the mountain top
or crawling on our hands and knees in the gutter

what i am is invisible
always the same
and always here

nothing is "mine"
it's all the dance

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i say Yes! to me
and i am surrounded by mirrors
doing exactly the same thing!

they face toward me, not away
with a big smile in their mind
fully engaged
fully interested
fully willing
wholly happy

and we all say YES!
One Voice
and we laugh

without a moment's 

God is our Source
Everything starts and ends here

we cannot see apart from our mind

Monday, May 11, 2009


just watch it
don't fight it

is it true?

even that sick feeling is doing it's job

is helpful

it loves you
it is communication
of you
with you

just stop
and be with it!

hold the child on your lap

just be
just embrace her

no where to go
no thing to do

look at her
look deep in her eyes
see her pain
and hold her

accept her
up on your lap

let her lay her head 
on your heart
but a moment

all she wants  is a smile
a moment of your time
your attention

feel it

feel the LOVE

Sunday, May 10, 2009


stress is always a lie!

and it's always about

not giving love

to  myself

or someone else

Love is our nature
denial of our nature hurts

it doesn't matter what anyone else does
or what the situation is

there is nothing anyone else
can ever do 
to make me happy 
or unhappy

to love myself 
or not
is strictly
between me
and myself

and here is where ALL happiness exists

happy mother's day to all of us!
let us celebrate  
and cherish
the holy innocence we all are

Saturday, May 9, 2009

cancer free!

the cancer is gone!!!

but we don't believe it!

it's already done for us!!!

and we  don't believe it

it's not true
we see only the past
we're still telling ourselves we're guilty
we're looking back on it

from the End
wholly forgiven
from Sanity
from Clarity

I still am
Sanity looks upon it and sees it is not so, not true....

we are acting and thinking like we are really separate from God
we lose the weight, but still think like we used to...
we learn a new skill, but still perceive ourselves the way we used to...

because of  an old image
old thought patterns
the mind keeps replaying
the mind hasn't changed...
even though it has been proved to the contrary!

something doesn't believe it
something desires to suffer

this something
needs educating!!!!

so we teach this self, it is not so,
and that self cannot help but come along
when it sees such joy!!!!

we connect the two parts
in experience

we let new images
new experiences
new actions
new thoughts

we cherish them
we give them our time
and attention

we LOVE ON THEM!!!!!!
 we sit  with them on the sofa
and open completely 
to this total bliss

we massage them....:-))))

we let peace and trust
and quiet 
and oneness
and enthusiasm

be one with us

where it already IS

our thinking is cancer free

Only Joy is our deepest Love

Only this is true

speed limit

writing helps to educate the mind

it gives it a new experience

it slows it down
so it can really look
at one thing

we love to open the window
on one thing--

 one thought at a time

without writing
thoughts shoot by
literally faster than bullets

they whiz
out of our awareness
and produce form and actions
that seem to have no connection to us

electrons are very hard to see

thoughts are even faster!!!

if you are really really really seeking an answer
try writing  down your question...

...i do not know what this pencil is really for....:-)))

still wagging

"we travel light and journey lightly" (p?)

we light upon thoughts, ideas

they sit quietly
and patiently
like a cat or dog
on the hearth
waiting for her owner
to come home

we open the door of our mind
and there they are
gladly welcoming us
wagging their tails
rubbing our leg
purring with deep contentment  

we see them
we touch them
embrace them
our heart warms and melts 
we relax
and appreciation happens
without effort on our part

we did not create these warm loving ideas
nor ourselves 

they simply are

love is

the Love we are just loves
we were born that way

and the Universe 
being the same as us
does the same

It rushes out to greet us!
"welcomes us,
sings our praises,
and rejoices
that we came" ...p?

there is no where we can go to escape 
our true nature

we've all tried a 1000 million different ways,
but it hasn't worked :-)))))))!

God's tail is still us :-)
He doesn't care what story you tell....

He loves You!!!!

and so do I!

"Open the Holy place that you closed off
by valuing "something else" 
and what was never lost
will quietly return. 
It has been saved for you." t441

Friday, May 8, 2009

free fall

"Father, I do not know the way to you,
but you do know the way to me...."(p?)

go ahead!!!!


off the cliff!!!!!!

free fall!

with God




free fall!
into the idea of Love :-)

let everything else go

hold onto no thing!

and complete trust is yours

only this will ever fully satisfy
only this will ever hold you up
only this will ever fully fill your heart to overflowing

here is the end of all doubt

no possibility of turning back

of leaning on some old illusion of security

free fall!
falling freely away from the old old old illusions of life


we don't do it!

we simply jump!

like a kid
into our Daddy's Arms!

beyond rich

no one who loves
can judge (t441)

i am so incredibly rich

everything is mine

i own it!!!!

everything is me

what a mind!
what a heart!

everything is for me
has a very very loving purpose

it would show me only love

this is the purpose of the world!!!


it's all
 just a thought
acted out

everywhere we look
we see our very own heart

is this what we would be?

our desire held before us speaks

oh me!
what wonder is this
to meet myself
in this way

oh my
what abundance you are
how very many images can show me myself
can show me love and beauty 
or lack and scarcity

oh my my  my MY!
mountains and rivers
women and men
insects and sky
paychecks and blankets
and cans of soup!!!
all show me my heart!

thank you dear world

how intimate is this...
we sleep with cans of soup :-)

everything is our love
they do indeed show us 
the very deepest part of ourself

being nothing of themselves
they simply whisper
over and over and over to us
the innersmost stirrings of our heart

here is true intimacy

nothing between me 
and myself

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