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The Healing Power of Writing

Hi! Welcome to the Joy of Miracles.

To write is to uncover, to unhide, to bring to light, and express what is within. To share is the end of all private thoughts, all shame, all guilt, all pain and separation. Here is all Joy found at last! Writing helps us to repeat, focus, choose, and remember ideas. The purpose of this writing is healing for all of us.

This blog is inspired by "A Course in Miracles"and The Work of Byron Katie. You are invited to share your comments by clicking on the word "comment" at the end of each post. If you scroll way down there's a little info about me and also an archive of past writing you can view by clicking on the title. Thanks so much for visiting...

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sugar, oh honey honey!

Sugar is

and sugar does as sugar is

cain't be no salt 
nor pepper
nor honey
nor butter, darlin'

seems like common sense, don' it?

even to the most common folk

back Home

funny how when ya git to the  big city
ya can forgit all grammy ever taught ya
soon as ya git off the bus...

and fall right down in that damn dark well
just a screamin' at the top o' yo lungs for some one to come and fetch ya out!

while all the time

back pocket still holds

suga' do 
as suga' is

cain't never be nothin' but sweet

and ever one do love
that gooooood cookin'

safety ain't no difficult thang
when the common sense stays common

ain't really no sitiation

where Love don't SHINE!

a shinin'
on that precious chil' o mine


just big ol'  daddy Love

yes, sugar

BIG ol' (older than all the stars an' planets, an' even for' the very first tiniest baby ever born on this earth...)  Grandaddy of All that ever was, is and ever will be,

sugar do
as sugar is

and don't you go believin' 
anyone who tries to tell you different!

here's a deep heartfelt thanks to all yo' suga's
 fo' all yo' sweetness 
in this here suga' shack!

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I have been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1986. It has helped me tremendously to be a happier person by helping me change my perception of everything. I have found writing to be very helpful in the process of practicing, experiencing, and living the ideas in the Course. In 2006 I started sharing inspiration from the Course with a friend. Now it is a joy to share it with everyone. In 2009, The Work of Byron Katie found me at a woman's group. The Work is a way to identify and question your stressfuI beliefs. I dove right in and in April 2013 became a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. I work with people privately and offer online classes. Please visit for more information. I also still occasionally lead the 11am Sunday Gathering at the Rocky Mountain Miracles Center in Denver. For more information


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